Zakładamy warzywnik cz.2 Cebula i czosnek.

Good morning. It’s 10th of November. Very late. Luckily, I’ve chosen a hem fir. Look. Last time you were here, it was small. Now, we’ve got in here a decent piece of ground. I don’t want to boast but I think it’s the biggest in Europe. Yes, Michalina. We’ll remove this elm tree from here. We’ll do it because of the high-tension line. I’ll replant it. And this blue spruce will stay. I planted a raspberry tree in the summer. If I were very hungry one day, I’d eat some raspbberies. A purple variation. And I’ll be able to work longer. What’s there with red fruit? It’s a spindle tree. It’s here to be rescued. I’ll give her a chance. It was big. Replanted in the middle of summer. We’ll see in spring. There is a red elderberry, which I’ve already taken two cuttings from. I have to read about its healing properties. I’ve got two new cuttings. The branch has rooted already. On that ground over there, we’re gonna plant veggies of the family Cucurbitaceae. We’ll plant one of the kind. One melon. One watermelon. One pumpkin. What else? Courgette. Marrow. They say that courgette and marrow it’s the same. And pumpkin also… But taste differently. As we wrote in our calendar… The most important works start on Saturdays. And it’s Saturday. And here I’m going to continue digging. I applied some lime and manure. At the end… rake. There’s no frost yet. So, we have to plant first veggies. I’ll sign up to some poet association. I keep creating rhymes. But only when I record with a woman. As if I was raking for the first time. Garlic and onion the best for this weather. And a bit of liqueur. When my kidneys were sick, I healed them with a small glass. Not for children. I’ve chosen a few small onions. And garlic. It’s huge. Ours won’t be this big. I won’t give it any fertilizer. I took this garlic so that you see clearly. The skin I’ll leave here. First, water the onions. They have to be wet. And here’s some wood ash. Put the onions into the ashes. Yes. The ash will stick to the onion. You may add some more water. Instead ashes, you may use seed dressing. I prefer ashes for a long term cultivation. It’s got a specific scent. It’s not pleasant for moles and voles, and other bugs. Ash provides a lot of minerals. These two vegetables we’re going to plant… It’s not sowing. I’d like to have the onion in the beginning of spring. Even in March. Put it five centimeters under the ground. Fifteen centimeters from each other. Cover it lightly. In spring, we’ll plant onion set shallower. The onion will be rooted soon. Maybe we’ll get some chives. I’ll make a line. You’ll have to make a project, how to arrange all those vegetables. Engage our subscribers. Let them be involved. Ask them what and where to plant. Can we put carrots next to the garlics? What about parsley? Let’s plant the rest of the onions. Done. It’s going to root. And let’s continue with garlic. To have 15 heads. Because I love it. Make a hole. 15 centimeters’ gaps. Deep. Enough of pitting. Look, how sticky. Plant it 8 to 10 centimeters under the ground. Garlic grows best in spring. Wild garlic grows quickly, there is no grass yet but we’ve got garlic for scrambled eggs. Do you know how delicious is garlic chives? Healthy. It’s going to bloom. You have to remove flowers. Garlic won’t freeze. It’ll get roots. In March, it’ll form new leaves. In June. It will be overgrown. With flowers to be removed. Then. You’ll have to break it. But later on. In spring, it’ll form a new bulb. June is for garlic the end of growing. Not like with other plants. You can use it in your kitchen. That’s why we plant it now. If we planted it in April, it would only have two months for vegetation. Now it’s got 6 months. You can plant it until the ground freezes. In October. In November. And even in December. Garlic likes when the days are short. Thta’s all. In one-millionth our vegetable garden is planted. See you

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