Young Horticulturist Competition Finalists 2019

(gentle music) (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Simon Gourley. I’m the 2019 Bayer Young
Viticulturist of the Year. I work for Domaine Thomson Wines in Central Otago as a Viticulturist. Here at Domaine Thomson
we’re certified organic and we’re practicing biodynamic. We have three Highland cows
on site that we collect their manure and use as
the base of our compost. Which is the main source
of our vine nutrients that we put onto the vineyard. So at shoot thinning time. We go through and we take double buds off. So we’ve got two shoots coming out here, so we take that one off. Day to day my job involves anything from managing the cows and
chickens, tending to the vines, fixing the irrigation or trellising. I’m also involved with
decisions in the winery and basically anything
involved with the vineyard. (gentle music) – Hi, my name is Anika and I work for Delta Utility Services as
the Gardening Team Leader and I’m representing Amenity Horticulture. The thing I love most about
my job is the variety, the interactions with the public and the ability to make a difference. So we’ve dug the bed over yesterday and now we’re putting the compost down and we’re gonna leave it ’til next week. And then we’ll be putting
the rotary hoe through it and raking it flat and then
preparing it for planting. And I think we have about
20,000 plants going in. I love the seasonal diversity of my job. One day I might be designing a garden and then the next day I might
be planting or pruning. People think that we have an off season, but we never have an off season. (gentle music) – Hi, my name is Rico Mannall,
I’m the Business Development and Marketing Manager here
at Southern Woods Nursery down in Christchurch. I’m also the NZPPI
Young Achiever for 2019. My job at the moment involves
trying to both source and procure and grow tender plants for large scale commercial projects. I’m also responsible for
the day-to-day marketing here at Southern Woods. We grow a whole different variety of native and exotic tree species. As well as, deal with a
whole lot of wholesale and commercial suppliers that will help us supply entire projects. That’s one option or the
other option is get that depth put the mixed native planting, it looks a little bit more natural. What I love about my job
is no day is ever the same. There’s a whole lot of
really exciting opportunities and plant supply projects
across the south island that I get to be involved with. You know dealing with clients,
it’s landscape architects, it’s dealing with landscapers. You sort of get to experience
the entire industry actually in my role. (gentle music) – I’m George Trower. I work for Goom Landscapes
here in Christchurch as a Landscape Foreman and I am the 2019 Young Landscaper of the year. (machine scraping ground) Here at Goom Landscapes
I’m a Landscape Foreman. And predominately I’m a hard landscaper and then towards to the back
end of the job we get into the soft landscaping side of things. Which involves the planting,
lawn areas and mulching. I’m planting a mixture of natives. We got the Kowhai trees with some dieties mixed over the back there
and some Libertia Formosas. I love my job because I
get a real satisfaction of seeing the end product. And not just seeing the
end product but seeing the satisfaction the client
gets out of the job. And implementing something
that they’re gonna enjoy for future times to come. (gentle music) – Hi, my name is Jessie
Wakeling and I work here at Soul Flower in Karaka, Auckland and I am representing the Floristry sector. There’s more to floristry
than just pretty flowers. There’s a lot of processes
that go into place before getting flowers,
right from the grower, all the way through to
getting up at 5 a.m. in the morning to go to the auction, to processing the flowers, to making sure they last for the customer. There’s quite a lot
involved in Floristry and it’s really nice for other
people to see how much work is involved to
putting in one bouquet. Today I’m gonna be making
a hand tied bouquet out of soft pinks and creams. For the end consumer it’s
more than just having a nice bunch of flowers on the table, it enlightens the room
and makes everyone’s mood improve with flowers around the house. People that live in
apartments it can really improve their lives bringing
flowers into their house. as there’s a lot of
developments going on around the area, it brings a sense of environment and nature into your living room. Putting it in the vase. Making sure we have a clean
vase and now it’s ready to sell. – Hi, I’m Jono and I am the
2019 Young Grower of the Year. We’re here in Nelson
on our family owned and operated orchard called,
Eden’s Road Fruit Limited. Where we grow really high
quality apples and boysenberries. I do all sorts of things
from physical tasks like pruning, I do a bit of excavator driving, staff supervision and
just day to day management of business life as well. Agrichemical application,
some project management things like that. So yeah I’m very lucky in
that I can be doing different things throughout the day and day to day. We’re just connecting up a sub main. So we’ve got a main that
runs through the center of the orchard, goes through a solenoid, comes down here through
some four inch pipe and then vee’s off into this sub main here. I’m just connecting up those. Eden’s Road Ffruit
is about 65 hectares located on the Waimea Plains where we grow apples and boysenberries. We have about 30 hectares
of each and we aim to produce something like
50,000 cartons of apples and four to 500 tons of boysenberries. (gentle music)

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