Young Horticulturist Competition – Celebrating 15 Years

– Over the next, sort of, 15 to 20 years, I think, one of the biggest challenges the industry’s going to
face is climate change, and I believe you’ll see
more facilities like this, be the backbone of
horticultural production. You know, protected cropping
is the way of the future, in my opinion. We’re already starting to see that in the strawberry or the berry fruit industry, with a lot more production
being built in tunnel houses, and, also, I think you’ll
see things like hail netting, being, just in terms
of outdoor production, more prevalent across the industry. – A major thing we’re gonna
be focusing on is food waste. So, a grower puts his heart and
soul into growing a product, so we’re gonna be focusing
on the cool chain, what varieties the
growers actually growing, and how we handle the product in store, to ensure we get as much
product out to the consumer, in perfect condition, as humanly possible. – Over the next 15 years, we see continuing strong
demand for our wine, in key export markets. Our consumers are going
to continue to demand the very best wines. How we go about producing
those wines, in the future, is going to change. Technology, the way we
work in our vineyards, and in our wineries. That’s going to undergo
some dramatic changes, over the next few years. – We’re learning very quickly, you can’t treat your
soils with disrespect. You can’t treat your
property, not as a whole. People want to know where
their produce is from, how it’s treated, you know, how we treat our people and our place. – Within our industry, we
do use a lot of chemicals, with glysphosate spraying, and that. It would be nice to be able to move away from some of that, and our areas, and how we do this, and how that evolves over the next period,
will be very interesting. And, as a company, we’re looking to any options that are available. – People are starting, really understand the value of landscaping for
their homes and living outside. Making the most of the outdoor areas, and trying to make it
as valuable as possible, throughout the year. – We’re not just about cultivating plants, its’ what we do, its’ what we love, but it’s how people
relate to these plants, and to those spaces that’s important. I mean, really, in many ways, we’re in the wellness business. People need respite, I mean,
sections are getting smaller, peoples’ lives are busier, and we’re just a great opportunity for them to unwind, to
reconnect with nature. – We see that innovation
is gonna play a huge role in the future of horticulture, not just with new genetics
and plant material, but better ways of producing plants, and this offers a fantastic career for anyone looking to enter our industry. – As we look to the future, precision agriculture and technology will be key parts of
our growers’ business. Precision agriculture allows growers to utilize new information and technology, to ensure crops and soils
receive exactly what they need, to optimize crop health and productivity. – Over the next 15 years, we’re gonna see a massive
increase in horticulture. Why? Number one, because we are a
mitigation for climate change, and number two, ’cause across the world, consumers are turning
to plant-based diets. That will drive an enormous increase in what has to be planted and grown. It will see a lot of our pastoral farmers become horticulturists as well, and that’ll be a real
boost for the economy, and a boost for rural New Zealand. – At Rainbow Park Nurseries, over the next 15 years, we think one of the biggest issues this industry faces is people. We want to keep our business running, and the industry running, and that’s why we support Young Horticulturist of the Year. – T&G Global’s had a
proud association with the Young Horticulturist
of the Year competition, since it started almost 15 years ago. And over that 15 years, we’ve been lucky enough
to have had four of our previous, or current employees, as winners of the overall competition. – The Young Viticulturist, and the Young Horticulturist of the Year, are all about challenging
our young people, helping them step up to the next level, and about making sure we have an even brighter future, given the fantastic contribution that we know our young people
are gonna make to that. (gentle upbeat music)

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