Yard Signs- #7 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Hi. Welcome back to BizDev Weekly I’,m Kersten Kloss. With us here today as Chris Hamilton from Sales Tip A Day. And today we’re gonna talk about yard
signs. Chris uh… not too many people do this and why is
it important to think about this way of marketing? You know Kersten, it’s interesting because uh… I, I talk about yard signs, yard sigs can be at a persons house or think about just signs outside of
retail stores or stores as you go along and even per se for sale signs on homes this is just of branding mechanism
people can use and one thing that we see with this is, it is done in an absolutely atrocious way there’s so
much better ways to do this. I’ll give you an example home contractors who people to be roofer siders doing
driveways doing lawn maintenance doing anything, especially this time of year in Calgary putting up christmas lights or whatever it
is your some of the stuff that they should
be doing is putting a yard sign up every job that they do the stats behind this we learned this
from Jeff Slutsky (author) is uh… the no bs marketing seventy percent of all home contractors
leads typically come from yard signs which is very intriguing the other thing
that i noticed is as you walk along to retell environments, down streets you’ll see signs up outside problem is that a lot of these times these signs do not
have a call to action so you walked by and you see another project by or
whatever or this store offering yoga whatever it doesn’t have a call to action, which is go into the store and book an
appointment for fifty percent off contact us to find out how this can
happen and your yard do this do that you know and that’s the biggest thing
that people do Kersten, do you see anything wrong with that?and and you know the other thing that’s probably the the easiest bang for the buck for you is put out the any text message call to action uh… you know that uh… text messaging
is up to ten times more effective as far as a call to action uh… some implement something like that
on your on your on your sign as well so would you say something like text
whatever the key word is to 313131 for a special deal? yeah and you’ll get a much higher uh… keep it simple but uh… keeping keep
getting so that they can pull up the phone and they can actually make that
called actions because no one is going to look up a website when you’re driving by on nobody’s going to be yet you know
necessary making a phone call cuz you’re not sure if they can get pitched to they’re not ready to handle that they’ll do a quick text message to get
some information back that’s because they are in exploratory phase. absolutely so Chris… thanks again for
joining us a a great idea for contractors or anybody who uh… you
know who can kind of put a sign out in front of uh… their jobs and everyone
thanks again for joining us here on Biz Dev Weekly. click on the links below
the broadcast here if you wants more information or just follow the credits
and give us a call or contact us thanks everyone for joining

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