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7 thoughts on “Woodford Model Y34 IOWA® Yard Hydrant Repair

  1. Received kit in 3 days, had everything needed, the Vid gave good tips. Because my hydrant was in yard for 30 years, I needed two huge pipe wrenches with long cheater pipes, (the pipe side held in place with loader tractor), and me throwing my weight on the hydrant side to get it un screwed, Put everything back together with "Anti – Seize" paste, and good to go for the next 30.

  2. Very Helpful. I don't think mine is an Iowa. I tried turning it on and it won't come on. It's on the water line to my home which is on all the time. The handle and Rod move like they are supposed to. I think I'll have to dig mine up. If I order from your website what is your return policy? I always seem to have leftover parts after a job.

  3. The Woodford RK-Y34 Yard Hydrant Repair includes how-to install all the necessary parts for the yard hydrant including:

    1. 10104 – Rod Stem
    2. 10100 – Packing Nut
    3. 10101 – Packing
    4. 10102 – Support Washer
    5. 10105 – Plunger
    Howto & Style
    Standard YouTube License

  4. Is there any way to adjust volume of water output? Mine doesn't say variable flow. I think you answered my question. Thanks!

  5. You're probably watching this, like I did, thinking…."wow, that looks easy!" Well, after two pipe wrenches with 24in handles, a butane torch, and two large adults – I can tell you it isn't as easy as it it looks. I'm at the point of digging a hole and replacing the entire hydrant. We've torqued mine so much the fitting is probably busted down below.

  6. Repair kits worked well. The hardest part was getting off the corroded head and bolts. Some WD40 and a torch didnt't do the job. I used 2 three foot lengths of steel tubing (1-1/4") over the pipe wrench handles for added leverage.

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