Why Dogs Eat Grass and 33 Jaw-Dropping Facts

Hey there! Look around – you ever get to wondering? Why’s that ostrich hiding its head underground? Why are rainbows so rare? Why’s my dog eating grass??? Hey, I’ve got all the little-known facts
you’ll ever need! 1. Like the fact that mosquitos have teeth! Well, not pearly whites like you or me, but
47 sharp teeth-like edges on the tips of their proboscises. That’s the straw-like mouth they stick into
your skin! These so-called “teeth” are needed to cut
through all those tissues to get to their lunch! Um boy! 2. When opossums “play possum,” they’re not
playing at all – they DO pass out from extreme fear. 3. It’s impossible to sneeze in your sleep. Your brain simply shuts down this reflex. That’s why your sweet dreams are never interrupted
by a powerful “achoo!” 4. Old mattresses are notably heavier than new
ones because of the stuff they collect during their lifetime. This debris is flaked-off skin, dust mites,
human and animal hair, sand, soil, pollen, and many more things you probably don’t
want to hear about. 5. 6. Seahorses pair up for life and often travel
around together holding each other’s tails. By the way, it’s the male that carries the
couple’s eggs! 7. You know about albinism, but what about its
opposite – melanism. Melanistic animals have too much dark pigment
in their skin, feathers, or hair, and unlike their light-colored counterparts, they look
almost black. 8. The word “facetious” has 5 vowels in alphabetical
order. If you consider “y” a vowel, then the word
“facetiously” has all 6! And in case you’re wondering, “almost” is
the longest English word with all its letters in alphabetical order. 9. The cougar is a Guinness record-holder because
it has more names than any other animal. It’s known as the panther, mountain lion,
puma, and 40 other English, 25 native North American, and 18 native South American names! Here kitty! 10. Niagara Falls has moved back about 7 miles
in the past 12,000 years due to erosion at the base. Luckily, the rate of this process has reduced
over the past few decades, and the waterfall might eventually stop moving and stay where
it is now. 11. The first watermelons were extremely bitter
or simply bland. They were originally cultivated in Africa
just for their water content. 12. If you recycle a single glass jar, you’ll
have enough energy to keep your TV running for 4 hours. 13. Astronauts claim that space smells like searing
steak or BBQ. Exactly this odor hangs around after someone
finishes a spacewalk. Other astronauts say space smells like heated
metal. 14. A “jiffy” isn’t just a figure of speech. It’s a real time unit used in physics! If we talk about the alternating current cycle
in electric, one jiffy equals one-fiftieth or one-sixtieth of a second. But jiffy can also be used to speak about
the time light needs to travel a distance the size of a neutron. Then one second is 300,000 billion billion
(yes, 2 “billions”) jiffies. 15. You can see rainbows mostly in the morning
or late afternoon. They occur only when there are water droplets
in the air, and the sun is shining from behind your back. The sun also has to be less than 40° above
the horizon. 16. Wanna save money on a wedding ring? Go to Jupiter or Saturn – it rains diamonds
there! During a storm, a bolt of lightning makes
the methane in the planets’ atmospheres decompose. This process creates elemental carbon and
hydrogen. While the carbon is falling from the sky,
it often bonds together and forms graphite. Then, closer to the planet’s core, the pressure
builds up, and the graphite gets compressed into diamonds! 17. The Kea – a large New Zealand birdie from
the parrot family – likes prying apart rubber strips from around car windows. Hey, everyone needs a hobby! 18. Your dog keeps eating grass even though you
feed it plenty of food, so whyyy? No worries – it’s normal canine behavior! Your pooch either doesn’t have enough fiber
in its diet or simply likes the taste of grass! Some dogs munch on grass when they have an
upset stomach. In this case, they swallow it quickly, barely
chewing it. Long unchewed stems tickle their throat and
help them barf up whatever’s upsetting their belly! 19. If you ever travel to Mars, you’ll be pleasantly
surprised by the sunsets! The Red Planet’s atmosphere is full of fine
dust. This dust scatters red light and lets blue
light through. The result: cool-toned blueish sunsets! 20. There are cat breeds called “puppy cats.” And it’s exactly what it sounds like: they
behave more like young rambunctious dogs than the more usual “dignified” felines. 21. There are way more living organisms on your
skin than there are people in the whole world. Good luck forgetting about that! 22. The length of all the blood vessels in your
body, including all the arteries, capillaries, and veins, is over 60,000 miles. That’s more than twice the distance around
the Earth! Even more amazing, capillaries – the tiniest
of all the vessels – make up almost 80% of that length! 23. The top of the Eiffel Tower tries to get out
of the sun on hot days! The metal construction gets heated by the
sun and expands. It can make the tower lean away by as much
as 7 inches! 24. When watermelons are baked or grilled, they
lose their watery, granular texture and become rather tough. There’s even a recipe called “watermelon steak,”
where watermelon does taste a bit like meat. 25. Just like people, dogs and cats can be right-
or left-handed (or should I say right- and left-pawed?). Several studies claim that these animals usually
favor one of their paws over the other. They can also be ambidextrous. If they pitch for a baseball team, a left
hander becomes a south paw. 26. Although penguins can’t fly, they’re awesome
jumpers! Depending on the species, some penguins can
jump up to 6 ft in the air. These birds need such a skill to leap from
the water up onto the ice. 27. Ostriches do NOT hide their heads in the sand. Come to think of it, they wouldn’t be able
to breathe! One study observed 200,000 ostriches for over
80 years, and not a single one was seen burying its head in the sand! Why this myth appeared in the first place
is because ostriches dig holes in the ground and use them as nests. After laying eggs, a bird regularly sticks
its head in the hole and turns the eggs. Admittedly, it DOES look like it’s hiding
in the sand! 28. Nearly 1,000 feet underground, in Mexico’s
Giant Crystal Cave, you can see exactly what the name promises: Ostrich heads coming out
of holes in the ceiling — no no no — enormous crystals! The biggest ones can weigh 55 tons, about
8 times more than an elephant! And the champion in length is 39 ft long – just
a bit taller than a telephone pole! 29. Indiana University’s main library sinks into
the ground at a rate of 1 inch per year. When it was constructed, the engineers forgot
to take into consideration the weight of all the books inside the building. Oops…That’s some heavy reading! 30. There are only two seasons on Uranus, and
they repeat twice a year. It means the planet has two summers and two
winters. What’s more, each of these seasons lasts 21
earthly years, and one full year on Uranus equals 84 here on Earth! 31. Some people have a mysterious extra bone in
their knees. It’s called the fabella, and no one knows
its purpose. Just one century ago, it was fading away. But nowadays, the bone’s become surprisingly
common again, with 39% of people having a fabella. 32. Hot and cold water make different sounds when
you pour each into a cup. Heat makes water less thick, which lowers
its pitch. Cold water is thicker and sounds more high-pitched. 33. The Bee Hummingbird is the world’s smallest
bird that’s often mistaken for an insect. Female birds are a bit bigger than males,
but even they don’t weigh more than a dime and aren’t much longer than 2 inches. 34. Newborn babies are pretty amazing: their heads
make up a quarter of their entire body weight, they have around 300 bones, and their mouths
are full of almost 10,000 taste buds. As they grow, those 300 bones will fuse into
206, and the taste buds that aren’t on the tongue itself eventually disappear. Hey bud, where’re ya goin’? 35. Gorillas, chimpanzees, and koalas all have
fingerprints, but a koala’s look very similar to human ones. So now you know! If you learned something new today, then give
the video a like and share it with a friend! Here are some other cool videos I know you’ll
enjoy. Just click to the left or right – they load
up in a jiffie – or a little longer , and remember: stay on the Bright Side of life!

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  1. Female seahorses deposit eggs in the Male then go off to find another Male to impregnate , they don't mate for life .
    And that's why I want to be a female seahorse if I'm able to reincarnate.?

  2. You talk to much and not going straight to the topic. You're very annoying and going around the bush before going to the main topic. Crazy & annoying!

  3. Two more facts about sneezes:

    1. It's also impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.
    2. When you sneeze, your heart skips a beat.

  4. "You can see exactly what is promised! Ostrich heads coming out of holes is the ceiling!"
    Me: What?! Really?!
    "nah, nah, nah"
    Me: O…?

  5. Just like Earth's, Uranus seasons are caused by its tilt, but in fact its equator is nearly at a right angle to its orbit, so although you showed correctly the hemispheres going through winter and summer, the equator and the rings run vertically in that drawing. In other words while the sun never sets in the planet's equivalent of Miami for about 21 years, Uranus' Sydney lies in the dark for the same amount of time. Spring, fall/autumn or more appropriately tormentum means that the equator faces the sun and the 2nd (after Neptune's) most violent storms in the solar system take place, with winds of more than 900 Kms (520 Mi)/hour.

  6. 4:53 same scatterings also occur on earth same way but how it's possible that longer wavelength scattered more than shorter on mars according to scatterings theory red ligh has less scatterings effect then blue so how ?

  7. guy from broghtside: JIFFY isn't just a figure of speech.
    Me: yeah I KNOW! it's a type of peanut butter KAREN!

    *Says other meaning

    Me: oh.

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