When You’re Stuck at Home, Cooking is Therapy

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100 thoughts on “When You’re Stuck at Home, Cooking is Therapy

  1. Great vlog! I love seeing Penelope’s hair in braids! Please tell her she is beautiful! My husband is working from home. We do a lot of reading and watching our Mass being performed on the internet. 😍❤️🙏🏻

  2. My family and I love doing puzzles, watching movies, and jamming out with all our instruments to pass the time! Stay safe guys❤️

  3. Would settled for fried tators and gravy and biscuit and eggs and cooked apples .. adapting to foriegn foods be hard for me .Would make for them but have to have Covenant food the lost tribes taught us to cook .

  4. Wow! I’m sooo impressed at Linky’s progress and how well he can walk now. It’s all from the love and unconditional support he has from his loving family and of course self determination and hard work he puts at therapy! Warms my ❤️! Go Linky! God Bless your family and stay safe!

  5. Hey, a bunch of videos ago you talked about an eye cream you use that takes away puffiness. I was wondering what did you say that was. I need some desperately and wanted to try it out.

  6. Gosh, this video was the therapy I needed after this emotional week😭schools in the uk have shut and my friends and I didn’t get to say a proper goodbyeeee 😭😭😭hope your family keep safe💜also at the end I love singing along to Stephens song, it’s so calming 😊😊

  7. Hi from the Philippines! I hope you are all doing well.

    I would like to make a request… could you please allot one or a couple of vlogs for playing the piano, singing? Thanks!

  8. The memes have been hysterical! Being a teacher, I still have to teach remotely. So my music students get their assignments for the week, High School Business classes 2 times a week, Homeschooling my son already so nothing new there…and my daughter is learning remotely as well. Then I am still running my middle school craft club on Wednesdays but we are doing it via Google Hangouts. And I am teaching a 4th-grade class on how to make maple syrup. Before things got shut down, the kids had tapped trees around the school. We were going to build a boiling operation right on the playground and everything. Now, I have the sap at my farm and I am doing everything via videos. Not the best way but at least we can continue learning! Then I pass out face-first into bed at the end of the day! HAHA!

  9. I stopped watching YouTube for 2 months and I come back to their channel and Lincoln is walking, I am cryinggg😭😭😭😭😭🤍

  10. Lincoln progress is great. Wonder if Penny, had Steamed Minced PorkPatty… It is my childhood fav. Of course you can modified to taste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMPjkIMpNEk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT7w8HH5o6o

  11. one of the things I love doing it coloring while listening to music; it really just helps to reflect on myself and breathe and bring more peace. also reading & watching new things on tv (: hopefully all is well in your family!! 💛

  12. I just thought has Penelope kept in touch with anyone in China? The people she grew up with and if there safe or healthy?

  13. Hey! One of my favourite things I have been doing during my time is making origami!!! There’s some easy origami’s and they can make for rlly fun toys

  14. Watching your videos while I have to stay at home, always makes my day brighter. Your family are so lovely! Stay safe. Praying for a breakthrough. Stay positive and hopeful everyone 😊

  15. "Every party has a pooper that's why we invited you, party pooper, party pooper. Every party has a pooper that's why we invited you, George Banks, that's who!" lol I LOOOOOVE both Father of the Bride and Father of the Bride 2!!!

  16. Art for Kids Hub on YouTube. Super cool, easy, step by step directions for drawing. You guys could have a drawing contest and vote. Both kid and adult friendly 🙂

  17. Love your family so much! I have been watching your videos for half year. Giving me a lot of positive energy. Hugs from Hong Kong! Stay strong and healthy!

  18. You guys are so wonderful:) thank-you for sharing a piece of your day with us. I am an artist and a poet so I am always creating and always from home.
    Hope the Movie was great! thats one to watch over and over ha!

  19. Pororo chopsticks! We're using the same ones here 🙂 The world is a small world now. Hope the good spreads and the disease ends!!! Chinese cuisine looks extremely delicious!!!!! My sons are making houses out of boxes today!

  20. Every time when I think about how Linky would have become if he had to grow up in an orphanage in China, I couldn't stop thinking America is great because there are people like you two!

  21. Eh..i never put dislikes for your videos, but this time i have no choice since you started "promoting" pork..uhh please don't promote meat with how "great and healthy it is".

  22. Not trying to judge or be offensive but you really shouldn’t let Lincoln clap with his wrist bent down because he might hurt his wrist and he might get into this habit with will hurt him when he’s older again not trying to judge or be offensive

  23. Hi, I‘m in Shanghai. I watched your video for several years. Seeing the coronavirus spread and few people wear masks in the United States , I immediately rushed to leave a message . Try not to go out, you must wear masks when going out. Many Americans ignore the seriousness of the coronavirus. This coronavirus is not a cold, it is very dangerous.
    PS:Regarding masks, the cultural differences between Americans and Asians make many Americans feel that wearing masks is useless, but in reality, masks have been proven useful in preventing infection in China!!!Coronaviruss is very very dangerous! Please be carefull!!!I love your family!

  24. First of all yay Lincoln on such good walking. Second quarantine is boring for me. I’ve had to work some from home and my office. I was the only one in the office so still safe. While not working I’ve read some, watched a bunch or random videos and my normal vlogs, I’ve started a crocheting project. My next task be organizing my books and movies. I’ve also got to spend some time with my mom. Since I’ve moved out we only see each other like once a week but I went over today (Saturday) and helped her get ready to watch her church service on the computer. She is not a tech person. I love watching y’all’s vlogs. It brightens my days. Y’all give a lot of positivity which is really what this world needs right now. Thank you.

  25. Lincoln walking so much more now, you can see he is more comfortable and focused, (some time 🤪) as soon as you mentioned Father of the Bride, I immediately thought of Phil and Alex, as Kinsley and Callie are mad about that film. Is the recipe up on your ig stories?

  26. You guys are the family I want to have some day! I love that you all eat together and spend time as a family instead of everybody being in their rooms on their phones. I pray for a united and beautiful family like yours! Much love ♥️

  27. You might already know this but there’s a good keto glass noodle!! It’s called mung bean noodles/mung bean thread! It’s just like the sweet potato noodles! If you want to try they sell it on amazon! https://www.amazon.com/Kaset-Thread-Glass-Noodle-Grams/dp/B00DELKEBW/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?keywords=mung+bean+noodles&qid=1584859564&sprefix=mung+bean+n&sr=8-6

  28. Hello family 😁 Linky is getting taller loving it… maybe u guys can start a project somehow like a 4000 pieces puzzles like Ellen lol. Be safe everyone 🙏

  29. With all due respect, wow Stephen you are looking Great !! You're going to need a new wardrobe soon 🤗 God bless

  30. I pass the time watching you guys because I can't be with my family. So please make more videos 😘😘

  31. Wishing your family happiness love and health! May we have more cooking videos? I really appreciate all your vids 😊

  32. WoW! This family is true amazing, my uncle and me have a similary family here in Spain. So, hope that all in your life became very good, because you deserve it.

  33. it would be better to mix the veggie and pork, put some water into the mix, and then put the glass noodles in it to absorb all the flavours;)

  34. I watching your videos to pass the time of course!! It makes me happy ❤️ the only thing is that there is a time difference between where you guys are living and where I live (NL) so I am not able to watch the video immediately, but I watch it when I can and I love ittt!!!!!!!❣️❣️❣️ Oh yeah and I also do other stuff, don"t you worry😊😅 love you guys and stay safe🙏💪

  35. I think in a few months more Linky will absolutely can walk by his own without help. He is improving so fast. Proud of him yess yess yesss

  36. Привет дружная семья, приятного аппетита😘❤👍⚘!!!!

  37. I love to see how you and family spend time, I miss my family..
    How my housemate and I spend our time at our rent house:
    1. Playing card(UNO)
    2. Watching movie
    3. Reading book
    4. Laughing and laughing and laughing(3rd day of lockdown. 😂)
    5. Eating and eating and eating
    6. Daydreaming
    7. Doing nothing.. Hahahaha

  38. All the kids were very curiously waited for there delicious recipes….

    And enjoyed a lot…
    It was an amazing and lovable video..

  39. glad y'all are happy and linkys progress made me wanna cry 😍😍 god bless your family , love from Indonesia ❤❤

  40. Stay safe stay healthy ❤️❤️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧you r blessed with beautiful kids…God bless u guys…..kids yll got the best parents in the world…

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