What is a Harrod Horticultural Slot & Lock® Connector

than the RHS Award winning slot land lock connector system allows you to make frameworks in the garden with a
wide range of connectors available for a two-way all the way up to five
way which allows you to make all sorts of
structures in the garden including an angle connector to allow you to cover
irregular shape beds there’s also a range of braces available
to help you strengthen structures once you’ve finished building especially if you live in
an area where there’s a lot of wind or on in this case we have a porter cage which means that
you can move the frame around without damaging it the three components of the slot lock
system are aluminium tuning with a sixty millimetre
diameter available in unpainted aluminium finish or in black powder
coated finish you then have connectors which are
available in a wide range of different shapes for different jobs and also a
range of prices as well for strengthening structures the aluminium tubing comes in a wide range
of standard lengths and it’s very easy to come down with a hacksaw it’s absolute child’s play to fit
together it simply slots in and then locks with the stainless steel
locking screw and if you want to take it apart at the end of the season simply undo the screw and there you go

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One thought on “What is a Harrod Horticultural Slot & Lock® Connector

  1. Hello, how do the screws secure the tubing when both are smooth metal surfaces? The end of the screw is a flat smooth surface and the tubing is also smooth metal. I wonder if both could be easily pulled apart even after screwing.

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