We Found an ALIEN BABY in Our Yard!

Daddy I’m really worried why what’s
wrong Addie they said on the news a meteor was coming this way
it might even land on our neighborhood oh you don’t need to worry about that
Addie they said the meteors just gonna break
up when it hits the atmosphere we’ll be lucky if even a few pebbles make it to
the ground you think we might even be able to find some of those pebbles Daddy
well it couldn’t hurt to look around if you find something let me know
scientists would be really interested in that all right Daddy hey Jillian what Addie? I’m gonna go out
looking for meteor pebbles I think those are called meteorites once they’re on
earth anyway whatever they’re called do you want to help me look for them did
that meteor even fall yet the news said it would be any minute now I guess we
could look but I don’t think we’re gonna find anything come on you could use some fresh air anyway you’re starting to sound like Daddy but alright Jillian do you think that this is a
meteor pebble that just looks like one of our decorative garden stones Julian
look is that a doll it’s just made a sound come on it’s an alien baby whoa
don’t touch that Addie oh look at him he’s got a little blanket he must be cold I
wonder if he has something to do with that meteor we need to take him inside
join he could eye from exposure maybe we should get daddy first
no the scientists will take him away from us well I guess it can’t hurt to
take him inside to keep him warm come here little guy I gotta admit he is
pretty cute don’t worry alien baby we’re gonna take care of you Jillian I think daddy’s right around the
corner I don’t think he’ll hear us he usually has his headphones on good point come on we need a minute Addie let’s go in here
instead I think he likes it in here Jillian yeah
and hardly anyone comes into the guest room I think he’s a lot safer in here
what should we do next Jillian he probably came a long way he might be hungry wait
a minute what do aliens eat maybe we should just get him some water first I
think all living things need water well I’ll keep him company you go get the
water are you still cold I better lend you my coat whew you feel
warm maybe you don’t need this coat after all I hope you don’t have a fever well we don’t have a baby bottle but
this should do the job Jillian I’m worried about the baby he
feels really warm I think he might have a fever
he might just naturally feel warm all the time or maybe he needs this water
well I guess we’ll just start him out with a little bit it sounds like he’s
drinking it he is drinking it all right Addie you better not give him too much we don’t know if his system can even take water well I guess we’ll just keep an
eye on him Addie did you notice that he only has three toes on each foot well he
is an alien oh look he has three little fingers and a thumb this blanket
material doesn’t feel like anything on earth it was probably made from some
advanced alien technology even though he feels warm the blanket feels really cool
it must be used to regulate his temperature what are we gonna do with
him giant we can’t just leave him on this bed where everyone can see him I
have an idea don’t worry baby alien will take good care of you
Hey Addie I think he’ll like this ooh that’s a perfect bed for a little alien
there we go okay Addie bring him over already on it he looks nice and comfortable there
Jillian I think you might be sleeping it’s weird because his eyes are still
open he might not have eyes like us those might be some sort of protective
lenses he’s so still but I can still hear him breathing I wonder if he’ll
snore I think he’s all tired out from that long journey through space I think
daddy’s coming come on are you two up to nothing daddy
what are you up to hey you don’t turn around the questioning on me I saw you
guys come out of there in a hurry what’s going on we just wanted to clean up a
little clean up now I know you’re making up stories hey wait a minute Addie is that your coat? hmm oh sorry daddy so why this sudden urge
to clean up the guest room because Addie left her coat in there and you know how mad
you get when Addie leaves our coat on the floor all right all cleaned up in there
good job let’s go wait a minute what are you doing in there with your coat on to
begin with come on Addie we better tell him the truth
No Jillian what truth daddy daddy and I were jumping up and down on the bed
yep that’s what happened daddy I knew you guys were hiding something can’t get
one past old dad sorry daddy we won’t do it again well I guess we’re
done here then all right guys you know that rule it’s no more jumping on the
bed oh wait a minute why were you using the coat the coat
oh we just came in from the outside you know it was a spontaneous thing
yep perfectly spontaneous are you hiding something under that coat ah my hand
what’s in the other hand just my other hand
whatever just stay out of that room we really do need to stay out of this room
for a little bit daddy’s already suspicious okay but I want to check on
the baby one last time all right but let’s hurry oh he look so
peaceful he should be okay in here for a while
Jillian how long can we keep him well he can’t stay here forever Addie I know but
I’m already getting attached to him you’ve always wanted a little brother or
sister sleep tight little guy did you like this video do you like
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thanks for watching bye alien babies so cute though

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