Vertical Onion farming/ পাইপে পেঁয়াজ চাষ(With English Subtitle)

Hello! this is a PVC pipe its wide is 6inch and the height is 5 feet. I am preparing this pipe for vertical farming here the soil I am using that is the mixture of 50% rotten leaves 30% normal garden soil and 20% compost here you can use cow dunk fertilizer instead of compost I am using this 2.5-liter size bottle to give water here I have made two holes in the bottom part of this bottle one hole is at the bottom and another one is 1 inch above from the bottom hole’s so that when I will set this bottle on the top portion of the pipe. the water will be exploited by the soil and it will continue for long time these are small onions here notice one thing the upper portion onion plants of this pipe are very healthy but in this down portion, onion seedlings come out at first but after that, they died the reason behind this incident I think the soil of the down portion of this pipe doesn’t get dry that’s why the required oxygen can’t get added with this soil so the roots got rotten if anyone knows any reasons behinds this incident then please share it in the comment box.

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21 thoughts on “Vertical Onion farming/ পাইপে পেঁয়াজ চাষ(With English Subtitle)

  1. যে অবস্থা আমাদের বাংলাদেশের
    দাম কমেই না😑
    পেয়াজ চাষ করেই খেতে হবে😑

  2. im doing that also, i use banana tree and also vertical bamboo poles, you can check it in my channel!!

  3. I made vertical planter using 4inch pipe. Planter is in flower pot with drainage hole. Mine was working very well. I hv not seen any drainage hole in your cement base.

  4. Root rot happens when there is water clogging. Drill lot of holes few inches from the base of the tower. Gravity pushes all the water down and without drain holes , water is clogged.

  5. Добрый день! Как ловко Вы справляетесь! Мастер на все руки! Вам всех благ! КРАСОТЫ! УДАЧИ! Всех благ!

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