Vegetable Gardening : How to Harvest & Store Rosemary

Hi, I’m Jarrett from Stone Soup Farm and this
is how to harvest and store rosemary. Rosemary is a lovely little plant. It’s sort of a woody
shrub and it’s a perennial in some places but in the North it can’t really survive a
very cold in the winter. So it’s often grown indoors like a houseplant. You can bring it
outside in the summer, in the spring and in the fall, it can do fine outside too. Rosemary
is relatively woody on its stems so I use a clippers to harvest because it can be relatively
tough to get just with your fingernails. And you can harvest quite a bit of the plant itself
for your spice, but it’s good not to harvest all of it. I usually try to do about half
of it so that half of it so that half of the foliage remains and can continue to gather
sunlight and grow as a plant so that it can repopulate itself. If you harvest it too far
down, then you’re likely putting the plant back too much and it won’t have the means
to grow big and fluffy again very quickly. Once you have the rosemary sprigs you can
use them fresh. They’re very intense fresh and probably better dried or stored in some
way. The easiest way to dry them is just to bundle them and hang them somewhere like preferably
in a warm, cool, warm cool but dry place like an attic. Once they are dry, you should be
able to take the leaves off from the stems and crumble the leaves and you can put those
in a little spice jar or something like you would find from the store. Otherwise you could
freeze. If you do that I would pluck off all the leaves and put them in a zip lock bag
or something and toss them in the freezer or your could put them in a food that you’re
going to can or freeze and cook them in originally and then do that. So, I’m Jarrett from Stone
Soup Farm and that’s how to harvest and store rosemary.

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  1. assuming makes an ass out of u and me. How do you know he doesnt have allergies. Must we Judge. Is that why were watching this video to judge? Im all about the information thank you

  2. i don't care if he's high or not, answered my question. besides, i do, well everything, stoned. thanks jarrett!!

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