Vegetable & Fruit Gardening : How to Grow Cucumbers

Hi I’m Jarrett of Stone Soup Farm and I’m
here today to tell you how to grow cucumbers. Cucumbers are often grown in raised beds such
as this one and they are also sometimes grown in mounds. If you do a raised system like
this it is good to have the soil freshly tilled nice and loose and pile it in the beds and
form the edges. If you are going to do it in mounds then you can build the mounds with
the soil that is around them. If you are going to plant in mounds then you can do about four
to five seeds per mound, space the mounds about two to three feet apart and what you
will just do is put a little hole in the top, maybe two inches deep for cucumber seeds,
pop them in, close it up and water it really well. If you are going to do it in rows then
you can make out the row and put the cucumber seeds in about an inch deep every 18 inches
or so, do two seeds every 18 inches and have those rows be about two feet apart. Cucumber
plants are not frost tolerant which means that if you plant them before a frost and
it does frost they will die so you should wait until the last frost in your area is
over to plant but do it soon after that because cucumbers take a little while so they will
start to grow and it is good to harvest the cucumbers consistently every couple of days
when they are in season and when they are getting actual cucumbers out of it. If you
leave them on the plant too long they’ll enlarge too much and they’ll become yellow and kind
of sour and the plant will stop producing new cucumbers so it is important to keep on
top of them, water them throughout the season pretty thoroughly especially when they are
producing their cucumbers on the plant and keep it weed free because that will increase
your yield as well. I’m Jarrett from Stone Soup Farm and that’s how to grow cucumbers.

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