Update: Young black bear relocated after 24 hours in a neighborhood tree

((KEVIN)) BEAWATCH…. IN SOUTHWEST LITTLE ROCK IS FINALLY OVER. AFTER 24 HOURS STUCK IN A TRE ARKANSAS GAME AND FISH SUCESSFULLLY REMOVED THE YOUNG BLACK BEAR EARLIER TODAY. ((DONNA)) OUR HAYLEE BROOKS HAS BEEN FOLLOWING THIS STORY AND KEEPING US UP TO DATE.. SHE JOINS US WITH MORE ON HOW THE BEAR WAS REMOVED. Haylee, Reporter, “All day Monday Arkansas Game and Fish waited for the bear to come halfway down the tree so she could be safely tranquilized… well this morning she finally came halfway down. We got a few pictures of the process…. AGF say they tranquilized her… she fell from the tree and was safely placed in the trap. But heres why AGF says this situation is not uncommon.” Keith Stephens, Arkansas Game and Fish, “Arkansas was actually known as the bear state at one time becuase we had so many bears.” KEITH STEPHENS WITH ARKANSAS GAME AND FISH SAYS OFFICERS HAVE HAD THEIR HANDS FULL RESPONDING TO CALLS OF BEARS IN NEIGHBORHOOD SUCH AS CABO WHITEHALL AND SOUTHWEST LITTLE ROCK. BUT STEPHEN SAYS ITS NOT UNCOMMON. Stephens, “This happens every year around this time. ” STEPHENS SAYS ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR WHERE MOMS KICK THE BEARS OUT OF THE DEN TO GO LIVE ON THEIR OW AND THATS HOW THEY SOMETIMES END UP HERE. THE UNUSUAL THIN STEPHENS SAY IS THAT THE BEAR IS A FEMALE. Stephens, “A little bit shocking, she probably just got lost. ” ARKANSAS GAME AND FISH TOLD US AROUND 10 AM THE YOUNG BACK BEAR MADE HER WAY DOWN THE TRE THEY SHOT HER WITHA TRANQUALIZING DART AND SHE FELL TO THE GROUND. STEPHENS SAYS SHE WAS CHECKED TO MAKE SURE SHE WASNT INJURED BEFORE RELOCATING HER. Stephens, “We try to make that whole experience uncomfortable, they get darted, they fall out of the tree, its painful, they dont come back and we dont have any problems with them. Now shes going to go out and hopefully live a long life out in the Ouachita mountains.” Haylee, “Becuase its that time of yea Stephens says he would not be surprised if they got a few more calls about bears in urban places. In Little Rock I’m Haylee Brooks. ”

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