Dustin is like 30 feet in the jungle right now. “Oh there’s bugs?!” Bugs? “Bugs.” SOOOOUUUUWWWWWEEEEE!!!!! What up everybody?! It’s JustDustin and I’m back with another video. Quick thing guys, before we start this video Make sure you guys have entered the IPhone 7 giveaway okay! It’s still going on you guys, you got tons of time! Go to the link of my description down below! All you got to do is subscribe to me, and subscribe to the man behind the camera. (MEEEEEEE) And you could win yourself an iphone 7! The next thing you guys need to go and do is go down and SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON! Let’s get 50,000 likes on this video if you guys want me to prank somebody else. You know what, while your at it, comment who else you want me to prank. Lastly guys if you speak another language I’m talking any language. I’m talking Portuguese, Spanish, English. It doesn’t matter okay? Help me translate this videos at the link in my description [but] your name will show up in my description as one of my contributors for Everybody to see. So, my boy Ryan went up to Toronto for a few days, okay, but you guys know the rules when you live with Youtubers And you travel you have to get pranked. That’s just how it works, okay? That’s pretty logic, that’s Youtube logic. Ryan, you deserve this. Now there’s lots of ways I’m gonna prank them all right, but if I’m going to be pranking Ryan I want to do something big something Completely original. Now today’s one of those days where all you want to do is be outside. And I don’t want to be stuck inside all day pranking somebody. so today I decided I’m going to bring the outside inside and turn Ryan’s Entire room into a jungle now guys we’re going to take these pranks to the next level okay? We’re going to need a whole lot of supply So there’s [prank] in someone’s room, and then there’s making a complete disaster of their house So to limit how much dirt goes around where you get a whole bunch of plastic barrier? And why not a little bit more now? We got a couple of hooks, okay? I’ll just show you what we’re using that for get some string because you can always use string. There’s a lot of plants We can choose from different to put in his room, but we’ll make it a jungle So we’re going to eat a whole bunch of different types a little trick I like to use to tell if it’s the right plant you. Just take a little bit of leave here Just the right one I like this,this is the one You got to get yourself some a sciatic lily [I] don’t really know what this is so [we’ve] played ourselves a little bit all right we just found some blue and orange all over your nose, but Like all over your nose under your nose what were you smelling? Just amount of the laughs Alex Why’d you gotta prove athletic, okay? These look poisonous? That’s what we’re looking for let’s get it All right, so guys [now]. We are in the middle of absolute nowhere as you can see but bam We got the sod bam. [just] like that all the starters in the car My bad my bad guys my car So expensive that’s been just dirtying it up with all this dirt [you] pay for my next vid Youtube.com/wolfieent not that he cares about the shoutout or that this makes up for this all right? But it’s a little bit of a gesture, so let’s get started on the room, okay guys We’re deep in the peruvian jungle right now. This is the first time I’m actually going to use my machete for its intended purpose Jesus, I think it’s sharp I’m coming in here with my yeezys oh my God Guys, this is just forest bush. They clear this all out [anyway], so we’re kind of doing them a favor Good to go I Think we need a little bit more Dustin is like 30 feet in the jungle right now I don’t know what he is going for but he’s going for something this guy’s literally a human version of Tarzan man versus wired listen II Prefer those days and you need to go to the jungle together No, we don’t know we don’t yeah. Yeah, we do I don’t like this comment [down] below if you wanna vlog trip to like brazil or something I see a Charlie and aloud That should be good enough, okay guys So here’s Ryan’s raw all right since [I’ve] got a little bit of little marks on it from Folks from somebody now you have to keep this room pretty clean But we’re gonna have to clean it up a little bit to keep it clean we’re going to put a nice protective plastic coating barrier over the entire room but first What are you doing? Let’s do that spam Just like that the entire room is clean let’s get the [tarp] got our big top here if you got our little tuck as well Watch this right here ready Let’s tarp it off Guys, it’s all about the details. We’re actually duct taping the plastic to the bed frame because we don’t want this thing sliding around The entire room is talked right now. This is one of those murder scenes from movies Yeah, really does so guys now it’s time [for] the best part okay now we get to turn this room into a jungle Let’s get sorry your [eyes], but you played yourself hot alert here produce Everything okay. Stop moving your foot it broke I just kidding you footloose who the deuce [alright] now this really looks like a murder room all that left is a gun, right? thud I’m feeling oh my That’s a size another one Guys, we’re tired already, okay? It’s a lot of hard work. Look at these hands, okay? These are hardworking prank hands. [well] smash that like button, okay? Now. We got to start starting the floor I’m wearing my gold ring pink shirt, Dustin. Did not tell you it’s gonna be like this look at this oh my God [oh], God watch this Justin. Oh darling Boom cries look at this I bet this has never been done [before] fit his entire Peg is covered in grass don’t worry Ryan. Okay. This was the good grass fresh cut this morning. Just for you I didn’t save my money on this one. I find it [pursue] Nice outside. It is nice. We’re not done yet. Let’s go get the rest of the plant Holly Guys will plant through the room now, holy [things] starting to get full, but you got to get the walls covered Too good as you can see we got a rope going on a bunch of hooks, okay? And then what we’re going to do is always push We got we’re going to hang it off the hook so [that] it covers the walls. I’m a thinker. This is Gonna be good [bam] guys look at that. Those are up, okay? Now. We just have to start putting these plants somewhere Let’s go ahead and do that. Okay guys. So here it is. I turned it inside of a jungle All right guys look at this [okay] his entire bed. Is covered in real grass. We got our a sciatic lilies We got our palm trees here. We got our bushes. We got the entire walls covered in grass I like it, but it survived I can just chill here my [peace] thinking Timesa should smell fresh all right ah? [not] much to do but [I] just thought why not get some reactions Hopefully, okay guys. So now it’s prank day okay, so I opened the door and boom everything still up I’m super happy about it. Okay, and their dislike this heavy Woodsy outdoor smell to it now, so it’s really really freshened up the rest of the guys haven’t actually seen this room yet, okay? [so] if you’re about to get David parodies reaction you’re not ready to [this] exhausting whoa That’s an antique think that’s as she go. [I] even got it. I cost draw a considerable amount. You’re gonna clean this all up giving it you know that neither, but You can never trust David – here comes Jeff So he [name] is no no no no no no no, how did you do this internet real grass? So this is crazy well
Do this Charlie you guys are actually in saying no Bro, Ryan is the Terracotta just loves to come home from vacation, and Hop in his bed. We can go Hop into bed closely even pitch a tent on [top] of your of your own bed desire because it’s on the grass right So you’re all good with that look [jewelry] nation you’re a one crazy guy. I say that this is insane, bro You keep taking these pranks in there so holy God Feeling on Oishi outside right now right? I hope you enjoy your [rear] [end] This is this is not. How many live in this room put on Dope I [knit] bongo, bro Yeah, it smells like dookie by the way freaking insane crazy. Hope I got some flowers man, bro. You go on you’re good You’re good. If I was right You don’t think he’s going to like the bed unless you try to camp in his room I don’t [think] he’s like in this setup good job the last thing we gotta do okay is actually go get Ryan reaction cameras set up Now guys luckily this time, okay? We don’t have to call him It’s especially asked when he’s going to be back because he called Charlie he’s asking for a ride [so] we’re going to pick them up. We’re almost there. I’m gonna call them serious. Yo [yo] are you here no? I’m not feeling [like] 10 minutes. Okay, this traffic right? Oh, yeah Hey Please nation is back with the fresh haircut No, it’s all oh my God I hate you. Oh Boy, this is real fresh. Yeah. He looks pretty good for bit this roommate grass, [right]? Hopefully, I got your flowers man. You [killed] it. I was a long truck. I like this boy. We’ve decided We want to go get food. Maybe go normal I knew about going by where we had to go hack bush with Michelle Oh, [God] like it. Everything lie down. You’re kind of pissed, but you kind of like [it] I know You can keep one if you like okey one of these I? Will help you clean it? No what no no go reince wait? Take an iG pic to the guys we’re gonna see what’s one Greg Ryan sway this by far is [the] best one Are you that I respect that easily I like that best one. What is under here? [it’s] talked. It’s all gangster everything wrong I got your flowers though, dad those are welcome back. Yeah. I like you. Okay guys so remember to smash that like button. Let’s get 50,000 like something to be okay. I gotta give him a shout-out, okay? I’m out in writing took a while [to] to.com slash Ryan Sways okay the best video by [part] Mismanaging the sound okay of a shutout to youtube.com slash [whoopie] 80, okay? He held me so much on this prank Feels good and also Sabang Diesel’s here and to chat with EJ Hey, Silly nation remember guys can’t don’t forget about to give away The link is in my description down below from every smosh 50,000 like and if you guys speak another language be sure to help me translate this video I’m probably going to take most of these plants home okay, and I’ll decorate my room with them if you gotta clean this up Okay, so three two one oh Yeah, and the rooms clean

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