Tune-Yards and U.S. Girls – What’s In My Bag?

I’m Meg from U.S. Girls. I’m Merrill from Tune-Yards and this is… This is What’s In My Bag at Amoeba. This is my favorite modern singer right now, Jennifer Castle. She’s from Toronto. She’s not only a talented musician, she’s also a doula and a mother. She made a record before this one called ‘Pink City.’ This is the new one and I’ve only heard it digitally, so I’m very excited. I have only heard this in the tour van, from cruddy vinyl from the seventies. Yeah. It’s so good. Sonny Sharrock. I t hink that it should probably say Sonny and Linda or Linda and Sonny. Put Linda first. ‘Monkey-Pockie-Boo.’ I don’t actually have this one but I love them both. ‘Black Woman’ was one of the first weird records I got into, or kind of experimental. I heard her before I heard Yoko Ono. I’m excited to have this record. He also did the music for ‘Space Ghost Coast to Coast.’ And when he died, they did an episode where they just put a picture of him up with one of his guitar solos he did. It’s like a 15 minute guitar solo. Little known fact. De Dannan, one of the records my dad used to play. My dad plays the fiddle and he got super into Irish fiddling at one point. But then I noticed that this record was put out by Green Linnet Records in New Canaan, Connecticut. That’s where I grew up. Isn’t that weird? In 1987. I have to ask about the connection but I thought, for $3.99, what a bargain. I have a bargain too. $1.99. ‘Games People Play.’ Joe South wrote ‘Down in the Boondocks.’ He wrote ‘Hush.’ Hush, hush… you know that one? Deep Purple did it. Yeah. He wrote a lot of songs. He also played on some Bob Dylan stuff. This record’s great. There’s another version of it that says ‘Down in the Boondocks’ up here. I bought it and the song wasn’t actually on it. But I listened to it and every song is really great. It’s a classic record. Classic American record. ‘People put me down, ’cause that’s the kind of town I was born in.’ And he worked with Swamp Dogg. Swamp Dogg covers a bunch of his songs. And ‘These Are Not My People’ is a very good song about when you’re at a party these are not my people, and you gotta get the hell out of there. There’s gonna be some Terence Trent d’Arby. I think I probably have every format of this album. I end up DJing this a lot. Another copy for $2.99 is gonna not hurt. Another reissue I’m happy about, that’s happening. Seriously. Gal Costa. This record’s crazy. I’d never heard anything like it. There’s the first song which is a song that just builds and builds and builds to an orgasm. Amazing Brazilian music, singing. Juana Molina. She is from Argentina. She was a comedian, like a really successful actress. And then she started playing music and she’s just so inventive. We played right after her at a festival. She had so many details about how her voice was treated and she’s so particular in the way that she insists on sounds being created. She’s amazing. Swamp Dogg, we already mentioned him. I don’t know this one, but ‘I’m Not Selling Out, I’m Buying In!’ I like this back cover too. I’m into this. Swamp Dogg, if you’re watching, call me. Meridian Brothers. They’re amazing, they’re from Columbia. They’re using all these really familiar rhythms but they’re doing this incredible electronic and vocal experimentation on top of it. Amazing band. This is my last record. I don’t know anything about it, but it called to me from the wall. I looked it up and it says it’s jazz/funk fusion. I’m gonna take a chance. It’s from the 80s. It’s obviously a reissue. When I looked it up, it said the original is going for like over $300. I like this picture I trust it. Let’s see what happens. Worth $300, must be good. It’s how Discogs keeps going. Don’t they take a cut? I would assume. This is not taking a chance, I know exactly what this is. The N.E.R.D. album. I would like the CD so that I can do it in my DJ sets. But I was really surprised by this record. We got to go to Fuji Rock and they were headlining there. And that was the first time I’d… because I don’t listen to anything, it was the first time I heard that lemon track. But that’s the first track of the album and then the rest of it just gets super unexpected from there. I’m a real Pharrel fan, I gotta say. There was posters all over, like ‘No One Ever Dies’ Exactly. It was like guerilla advertising. I know, in fact I hate this cover so much because of that. So I unexpectedly like this album. That’s probably good. Thank you.

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100 thoughts on “Tune-Yards and U.S. Girls – What’s In My Bag?

  1. In a Poem Unlimited was one of my favorite albums early last year. Rosebud was great, Time a masterpiece and Incidental Boogie crazy. And those from the top off my head. Oh, Poem is beautiful too!!

  2. I had never heard of U.S. Girls before this past year, got turned onto In a Poem Unlimited by Fantano and have been hooked ever since.

  3. Behaving like you're on strong sleeping pills, shoes on the bed, weird socks, small tattoos, swimming goggles. All it's missing is a bespectacled bearded dude in a checkered shirt.

  4. What an incredible episode, two amazing musicians with completely different music tastes.

    PS. Thanks for talking about Gal Costa

  5. Pharrell is one of the best producers/influencers ever. I don’t think most people realize how many hits and great songs he’s had a hand in.

  6. Another ep full of awesome music to chase up. Thanks. Got onto that Gal Costa album after the Jason Mantzoukis ep. Great!

  7. I think I started listeing to U.S. Girls after the Power Trip episode? Was cool to find some weirder stuff from a metal band. Good stuff!

  8. Thank you all for introducing me to Juana Molina tonight! Pond was another good introduction, as they introduced me to MGMT. Always look forward to your videos. Always find the coolest stuff displayed in your videos!

  9. I realize that many artists picked Gal Costa “India”. You simply have to listen to know why. Im portuguese and I grew up listening to that

  10. One look at these two and you just knew they were gonna be picking nothing but the obscurest shit. And Terence Trent D'Arby….ha ha ha.

  11. 0:30 "shes is not only a talented musician, she is also a doula and a MOTHER" like that is significant at any level when your about to buy and album. Let's have an international day for everybody who is a MOTHER and something else! Oh wait, we already have!! Absolute hate for this people. In the mindtime, 93 % of death at work are men and noboy cares. How many of those are FATHERS? Nobody cares. I bet she difine herself as a feminist.

  12. Two really cool and interesting artists! So awesome that Merrill grabbed the N.E.R.D. album which is still super slept on.

  13. Awesome selections! Love seeing stuff I never heard! But forreal that NERD album was an underrated banger that the fans will revere forever!

  14. Whoa, I missed the part where Merrill said the artist name for Juana Molina's music and had to rewind like "WHO IS THIS" then I realized that somehow I already follow her online without ever having known she played music… awesome

  15. Watch a lot of these and get annoyed when the artists are just going with standards everybody knows and making the video a "top ten most influential artists to me" list; always a lot more exciting when the artists are telling you about who they're into RIGHT NOW, which are often acts I don't know, and the MOST exciting when they hold something up and say "i have no idea what this is, but I've decided to try it out". That's real record shopping, and that's how you learn about the artists you end loving loving for the rest of your life. This is one of the better What's In My Bags? in a good bit

  16. I respect and cant stand them for their music selections at the same time. Their whole straight from the "how to be a hipster" guide book personas on the other hand is beyond ridiculous. I kept watching this trainwreck from start to finish and I'm still not sure what pronoun I'm supposed to use when addressing ol goggles on the left. 😆😆

  17. 1:14 The man who graced with all the music for the cult classic Space Ghost Coast To Coast

  18. 3:35 When I saw his 1988 Grammy performance for the first time I instantly became a fan. It is sad the music industry screwed him over. He could have been huge, right up there with Prince and MJ.

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