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With the weather warming up lawn grubs are
going to become more and more of a problem. Especially if you have the
greenest lawn on the street. Previously the only products available would kill the lawn grubs currently in your lawn. But would give no ongoing protection. This left lawns open to continual lawn grub attacks. A new product called Acelepryn
GR is finally on the market. It gives unmatched season long grub
control, in just a single application. Acelepryn GR comes in a handy domestic
size packaging. Which gives year-long protection from just a couple of annual applications. Acelepryn has long been a staple of the turf farming industry as a preventative measure. The previous liquid formula
now comes in granular form. This 10 kilo bag covers up to a 1000m². When applied at the higher recommended application rate of 1.5 kilograms per 100m². It will give you up to
6 months protection from lawn grubs. The granular form of this product makes it easy to apply and creates minimal
disruptions to the community. Acelepryn is the only product currently on the market. That gives residual protection from lawn grub. It controls a wide range of
insect pests including African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab, Billbugs and several species of caterpillars including Cutworm, Sod Webworm
and Lawn Armyworm. It is very environmentally friendly as it won’t move into flowers, won’t harm native wildlife and won’t harm pets using the surfaces. The efficiency and longevity of the product, mean that your turf spaces are protected for longer. It is exempt from poison scheduling so there are no
re-entry periods and there are no PPE requirements. To apply Acelepryn GR, we first need to measure out the correct amount for the area we are treating. Here we are treating 80m²
so we need to apply 1.2kg over the area. We’ll measure that into a fertiliser spreader and
work methodically across the area to evenly
spread the product. When finished simply water
in with as little as 3mm of irrigation. Any lawn grubs currently in the lawn
will now be killed, and the lawn will remain
protected for 6 months. That will see the lawn protected
all the way through lawn grub season. So don’t wait till lawn grubs attack to protect your lawn. Protect it year-round with Acelepryn GR. Brisbane locals can even order from our online store and have it shipped direct to their door! See the Jimboomba Turf website for more tips
and advice from Brisbane’s leading
turf supplier for over 45 years. And don’t forget to like and
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