Trader Joe’s Trashes Recyclable 3 gallon Flower Pots. Got Cut Flowers? JOIN the Pot Rescue Team!

Hi, I’m Lena Mumma in this video i’m going to
show you why I never buy flowers and I never demand my husband to buy me a flowers. So come with me… we are in Trader Joe’s. You can see that the flowers are wrapped in plastic which is not compostable and you cannot easily recycle it in your curbside recycling, it looks like the flowers stand in the reuseable metal buckets But notice this black plastic bucket inside. As you can see here Trader Joe’s suggests to recycle plastic packaging. So lets go to the back of the store to see if they actually follow their own advice. What is in the recycle bin? Nothing what is inside the trash is mountains of
recyclable plastic Bags,wrappers, food in plastic packaging metal can… Almost every time I went to the back of TJ I see many flower buckets in the trash.
Are they broken? NO!! Are they damaged? NO!! Are they dirty NO!! I am not sure why they throw
them away, but this is HUGE AMOUNT OF
absolutely unnecessary waste. They could easily reuse these buckets probably
hundreds of times or they could donate them to
local gardeners. How to make GREED and IGNORANCE go
away? Simply share the TRUTH about the cut
flower industry and wasteful and destructive company practices! And support companies with eco friendly practices and grow your own food. Here I have about 60 buckets that I collected from Trader Joe’s every time I went there on the back I see about
10-12 buckets And every location of course can be different I
cannot guarantee you that sometimes they’re
just on top sometimes you need to dig a little bit to get them If you are shy you might be able to ask employes that they will collect or set aside for you to pick up I have an experence talking with employes once, not in Trader Joe’, in a different store I saw that they’re putting a little bit bruised fruits and vegetables in the trash and I said what are you going to do with this can I take them? And they said to me “No we are not allowed to do that” so for me it’s just
much easier go to the back and see what is there. For me its like having fun its not like im hungry and im going to eat out of trash. Just you never know what you can get there and it’s kind of quite; because I don’t like shopping and buying crap, but I like to do stuff that is eco friendly and saving buckets from the trash for me is like saving all this plastic From the landfill, I feel good doing that because I rather give it somebody else who will use it in
gardening then they just being buried in a landfill and poisoning water. Its not just this kind of buckets, they throw away they throw away also this kind of pots and also live flowers edible like mint oregano, thyme, a lot of basil I picked up but I
already ate them all This kind of fancy buckets, so im planning to garden soon so all these buckets I will be using, right now im already using them to collect food scraps in the kitchen, also to collect liquid from the tumbler compost I looked at the buckets, some come from
Thailand, some from Holland, This one is a fancy one from Holland you can set them against your wall. So from all the way across the globe just to go to Trader Joe’s to hold flowers for a little while and then dump them in to the trash.
When I saw this first time I nearly cried It was so disturbing. and I didn’t even need the buckets and I still
took them anyways I thought im going to take
them and give to somebody who maybe grow a garden and use for any other purpose, soon I will grow a garden, so I will use them. If you like my video please
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Thank you for watching! Bye! Sorry, I cut your head off a bit Really? Is it good? Do I talk good?
Yea its good, its good, its great. very good im gona keep recording…
Im very good? very yea..
Thank you. Am I like John Kohler?
uhh… John Kohler speaks a bit better than you but yea.. Is it understandable?
Yes its understandable.

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4 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Trashes Recyclable 3 gallon Flower Pots. Got Cut Flowers? JOIN the Pot Rescue Team!

  1. Maybe after watching the Plastic Planet documentery you only recycle clay and glas pots?
    As those black and brown plastic ones leach harmfull chemicals into your potting soil and into your plants.

  2. Nice John Kohler reference and I love the hat! I will keep an eye out for buckets in the trader Joe's dumpsters. I subscribed!

  3. Thank you so much for bringing attention to this. I'm going to check my local trader joes and possibly confront them if see the same situation. Subscribed.

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