Tractor Time with Tim Puts the Ventrac Wide Area Mower to the Test

So where are we at today we are at Tim’s
house. Tractor Time with Tim. Just northwest of Indianapolis. We brought
some equipment out to play with here today if you see this channel you know
that he’s got ventrac stuff on it already
but we wanted to bring him a special new attachment that at the moment nobody has
seen yet and we’re gonna do a little bit of mowing on his property with our new
white area mower so for doing the white area mower then why is the boom mower on
the tractor but we also want to bring the boom over to use but we had to put
the white area mower on the back of our tractor on the three-point hitch to get
it over the wheel wells on this trailer that’s one of the first questions people
ask when they do see this thing cuz it’s so big how do i trailer it so if you
want your tractor if you want the deck on the front of the trailer you’re gonna
have to put it on the three-point and raise it above the wheel wells on the
front of the tractor you can load it up just on the back of the trailer you can
either have it sitting on the overhang or you can flip the deck up itself and
just have it in transport mode vertical and it will only occupy a foot or so of
the trailer so there are some options but this is one way to do it how big is
the white area mower the wide area mower is 95 inches worth of cut and its
overall width is about 96 this one looks a lot cleaner
this one looks will love yeah well used well he was useful about 8:30
yeah in a very very gusty environment I do not mean any additional weeks within
six hours we got a branch in there it was an easy six hours who knows where
this thing’s been yeah yeah
so yeah I mean basically it’s gonna be the exact same setup as you got before
yeah I’ve got three point hitch this one has a hydraulic top link hydraulic top
link that’ll be nice yeah that’s nice and you control that with these levers
over here okay we’re really sorry about it cuz it’s like I said it’s a big fast
mower right that’s the best thing it’s big and fast it should get a lot of work
done and save people a lot of times what’s your thoughts I like it this is
really nice I love how close I could trim around the electric fence and I
felt like I could see very well and I didn’t have to worry about that side
discharge that’s so much nicer I don’t have to worry about which direction I’m
going and I really like it thank you Aaron let me try that I might
try it at high speed and see if I can go a little faster yet see where the limits
are at the moment hmm don’t break it Aaron eau-de-vie if I
break it I’ll fix it I don’t think it’s breakable so Tim what’s it like to have other
people know your lawn for you well I’m doing the Tom Sawyer thing yet again no
no worries about that I it seems like most of the time I’m able to find
somebody else to do my work for me it’s pretty good position to be in
yeah I kind of like that maybe yeah maybe you and Aaron can stick around this is incredibly challenging to cut
this type of thing Pop’s tail that’s growing up here it’s
so much heavier than regular grass hard to make this it does not take long at all I mean we
just what do you mode 5 minutes here and you mode half my yard no I mean it
wasn’t half but it’s a big big big portion that that’s the thing with this
deck it’s just it’s fast Christy’s gonna love this I think you’re scoring points
with me Aaron do you think this will account for flowers or you know any
jewelry or anything we just got it you need to set it up right when we go back
in you just need to like you know you really didn’t want to bring this out
here I had to try really hard to get yeah yeah that’s what we’ll do
that’s what we’ll hear it was your idea and I had to be convinced young married
man here he’s got it down trying to be I just tried to be an old married man try
my best and you and Christy of both then soft on
this thing okay I mean I’ve seen you out here and you’re just mowing the flat
level ground you’re just kind of driving along I think you’re too timid okay I
want to try it on something tougher let’s try a hill all right do it it’s one of your predictions on this can
tell you that there’s a spot right down here that a six-foot mower even has a
little trouble with a hump the humps not very wide it’s kind of a peak and I’m
actually going to try to position this a worst case just to see if I could make
it Scout to be honest after all I don’t care if it looks bad I’m gonna try to
make it look bad now the road side of the ditch is steeper and really the
ventrac shines on that steepness but with a 72 inch deck it’s just the same
width as the duals and so I can set it right down in there and it sets fine so
I’m curious to see if the extra what foot or so on the outside makes it more
difficult to mow that’s the to test we’re going to do here so what do we see here what you don’t
actually see is probably what’s more important in this specific spot so you
see this wheel here contacting pretty close to the ridge but this would be the
top of the ridge and you would probably be ripping this all the way down if
you’re long before there’s another anti scalp wheel just like this one and the
inside of the day oh just next to the blade on the inside
that’s probably closer to this zone helping keep this deck oh so I thought I
thought I was really stressing it by trying to not to have this wheel right
on the hump like you Chris pointed out what you’re saying since there’s another
one under there that have you cheated yeah I did I haven’t showed you the
bottom of the deck yet but it’s there I mean it I thought maybe it was the rear
striping roller that helps Oh does it hold it does help yeah
but folks if we look here and we can’t see any even low cutting right it’s yeah
now of course the ends hanging up up here but that’s okay
I mean better hang up and scalping this is so far you’re passing Aaron well
thank you much as much as I hate it hey this is Tim with tractor time with
Tim check out our full review of this wide-area mo mower oh we’re on our towel

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