Toro® SmartStow® Recycler® Lawn Mowers – 2018

Get your garage back with the only mowers on the market that can do this. The Toro Recycler mowers with SmartStow. Now you can store your mower upright taking up to 70% less floor space in your garage. At the heart of Toro’s innovative SmartStow system is a Briggs & Stratton engine that was engineered to prevent oil and fuel leaks so the mower can be stored upright. And it’s designed to never need an oil change. Just check the level and add more oil if it gets low. Folding this mower is as easy as 1-2-3 so you can tuck it away in the smallest of spaces and easily access the underside of the deck. Toro’s SmartStow Recycler mowers are available with push, variable-speed, Personal Pace and PoweReverse drive systems. They all boast a large 22-inch steel deck with Toro’s superior Recycling System which turns your clippings into fine mulch for an environmentally-friendly healthy, and lush-looking lawn. And with a flip of a quick-change lever you can easily switch from mulching to bagging. Rear high wheels make it easy to maneuver through uneven terrain and the intuitive Personal Pace drive system moves at your own walking speed. So if you’re looking for big performance and versatility that fits in a small space it’s time to get your garage back with Toro’s Recycler mowers with SmartStow. Toro Count on it.

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