Throwback Thursday | THOMAS at the TIMBER YARD by TOMY Toy Review with ENJE and ENBE | CC

We are KIDS PLAYING LEARNING! (Happy music playing) Hey YouTube! I’m Enje
from KIDS PLAYING LEARNING Guess what??? Today, we’ll be playing with and learning about the classic set Thomas at the Timber Yard by Tomy. Alright, let’s check out Tomy Thomas at the Timber Yard in action. (Happy music playing) Thomas chuffs around the track. He stops at the loading platform and waits for Terence to load logs onto his special feight car for timber. (Happy music playing) Then he puffs to the logging station, as he passes through the station he drops off his log load. (Happy music playing) Terence drives on the road and picks up logs at the logging station and loads them onto Thomas’s freight car at the loading platform. (Happy music playing) When Terence picks up logs at the logging station, the Cargo Crane moves crates of logs back and forth. (Happy music playing) Then at the loading platform while Terence waits for Thomas to arrive, Harold moves his propeller. (Happy music playing) And there you have it. The THOMAS AT THE TIMBER YARD SET by Tomy. Thanks for joining us today. If you like this video, please hit the LIKE button. And if you want to see more videos like this please hit the SUBSCRIBE button. Remember…Keep playing, keep learning. This is Enje from
KIDS PLAYING LEARNING Signing out! Fist bump! Pssh! See yah later. (Happy music playing)

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