this fountain is essentially the very famous
the helen’s fountain. you require 3 plastic bottles, some flexi tube, some stiff straws.
now apply glue on two lids and stick them back to back. then with the help of scissors
make a small hole in both the lids. take a long stiff straw and press fit it in this
hole. there should be no leakage of water or air from this joint. now screw on two bottles
on the two lids so that the long end of the straw is on the top bottle and short on the
bottom bottle. now cut the third bottle into half. apply glue on the base of the top bottle,
wait for a while for the glue to dry up and then stick the bottom half bottle on it. make
four holes with the help of scissors to attach the bottles with flexi tube. this is the middle
and top half bottle being attached. now attach the top half bottle with the bottom bottle
with flexi tube. now apply fevibond on all the joints. it is a kind of rubber adhesive
which seals the joints. no water will leak out from these joints. wait for a while for
the glue to dry. now this is the entire assembly in a perspective. this is the whole assembly,
two flexi tube outside. now add colored water to the cut bottle and through the right side
tube it will go to the base bottle. once the bottom bottle is filled with colored water,
upturn the apparatus. now the water from top bottle will automatically gravitate to the
middle bottle. this is kind of preparation for the experiment to start. once the middle
bottle is full, upturn the apparatus and now the real experiment starts. now if you add
some water to the cut bottle, it will go to the bottom bottle, air will be expelled from
there, come to the middle bottle and water from here will come out from the top bottle
like a fountain and this fountain will keep continuing for a considerable length of time.
this is a very simple and amazing experiment. until the middle bottle drains out, the fountain
will continue to work. see this once again. add some more water to cut bottle, water will
come to the bottom bottle, air will be expelled to the middle bottle, from here the water
will come out as a fountain in the cut bottle and this will continue until the middle bottle
is drained out. you can see children enjoy this very beautiful helen,s fountain. you
can also put the flexi tube inside the bottles and here is the small orifice from where the
fountain is coming out.

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