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Try and sit up straight Spreadsheets spreadsheets and flowcharts and spoiling everyone’s fun. That’s me There’s one one instance of something and now and now I’ve got a reputation as having a mucky desk And I don’t have a mucky desk what do I do that isn’t work…… I can’t think of anything, all I can think about is Fountain I don’t want to be known for the guy who has have mucky desk That’s I mean that’s nothing to be proud of and …..I have just um’d already … I do try not to M&R so much….. which I do a lot I’m really nice actually I’m not actually scary. … I can’t call my Mom and say look at our great achievements, oh and by the way, I’m the guy with the mucky desk They have a very polite way of saying you just had a Marcus grenade thrown at you which is generally I come in and fire lots of Interesting strategic ideas at them probably when they’re trying to get on with something else when we started Fountain None of the directors had a background in agencies And I think at first we thought that that was a bit of a disadvantage but I’ve come to see now that it was a huge advantage because what we’ve done is Approach marketing with what’s the best thing for the client? What’s the best thing to get the outcomes, rather than being stuck in the ways that agencies have always worked so we never ask? A client what’s your budget? And then say yes, we can spend it for you the reason that we’re able to produce such good results is because we will look at what may or may not be achieved at the Outset of the campaign and if we don’t think it’s going to work would be utterly Transparent to the client about them and that’s why really the projects that we work on we achieve great success Too many agencies Focus on activities rather than outcomes and one of our core values is being results driven and outcomes focused We want to make sure that every action that we take is driving ourselves towards our clients goals A lot of people don’t forecast up front in digital marketing. So every day, there’s millions of pounds wasted because people just Run ads and hope for the best and I call that faith-based marketing. I feel like that’s kind of it forecasting forecasting The other is working on conversion rate optimisation I think that one thing that Fountain are doing that’s not many others are getting on board with yet is conversion rate optimisation and Starting with looking at how efficient a website is working before you start sending traffic to it You can drive all the traffic in the world. But if your conversion rate isn’t high enough You’re you’re not going to achieve the result, but if you want to get you know If you want to knock it out of the ballpark So to speak you have to be constantly focusing on increasing conversion rate, and that’s what we do Yeah, you like that Okay, put it on my show real baby Sorry, I was larking around So we’ve had a chance to work with number of fame client, and that is cool But the ones I really love are the small ones that actually want to come in and disrupt an industry And it’s been really fun to help small startups full of self-doubt and nerves but like forging ahead to help them take market share Grow rapidly and become well-known names in their industry and that’s what what really excites us We’ve had three of our clients exit in the last couple of years and helping them achieve their dreams has just being wonderful Made me happy to not be sat here anymore

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