My name’s Jeb and I grew some flowers in this trash can Neato! I know for some folks Growing a plant in secret Sounds unseemly Mostly I’m just intrigued by the Engineering challenges But I do believe in freedom too I’ve selected the thickest Toughest trash can I can find The exhaust port needs to be offset So the grow light doesn’t interfere with it Got to leave enough space above the light for the power cord And for air flow These wide washers should help strengthen the junction Between the bolt and the lid I was considering using these “S” hooks to hang the light These clips that came with the light will probably work better though I’m using computer fans to reduce the noise of this Contraption I got to figure out how to get a carbon filter On short notice Hello Hi welcome to Grow Works Look at all the cool bottles How quiet are these? Depends on how much ducting is on each end Oh OK There’s also duct silencers too They can go on and have acoustic foam built into them Alright thanks! Bye Jeb Checking the light’s wattage will give me an idea for How much heat I need to be ready for Switching off the bloom diodes will reduce heat But just in case I’m going to use a temperature controller I can’t have air escaping through these holes Duct tape saves the day! These tulips are nice because they won’t grow too tall I need a good way to secure this carbon filter Now we find out if these three computer fans Can move enough air through the filter I can feel it The probe for the temperature controller goes in the canopy Day 1 Now all I got to do is keep this thing watered and Watch it grow That’s not going to work Sometimes it pays to think small Day 2 That’s water? Yeah Water for the plant? Exactly Time to hit the bloom booster Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 – I’m showing them the trash can The trash can that’s good Ok we are going to see the brightness of the light Day 7 Tulips smell great but They don’t quite have the stink Fish fertilizer should do the trick Day 8 The room smells fine so far but Let’s see what’s happening inside the can (sniff sniff) ooh! I love the smell of success Click the link in the description for details on this grow light Share with Friends! Or watch another video