The Tree (True Story!) – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #76

Simon’s Cat in ‘The Tree’ Meow (2 times) mew (Simon carefully climbing the ladder to the tree) purred (Simon frightens of heights) (clawing the tree) (missed) (Simon’s scared) Simon – heeeyyy (cat – nope) (Simon climb to the next branch as the cat jump to the opposite branch) (Simon and the cat confused) (Simon hurt himself) (cat jump on Simon) meow (purring and clawing on Simon) (Simon sliding and – BONK!!! Come here! Come on! meow (Simon trying to get up as the cat jumped on him and bounce to the branch) meow (Simon switch and turn around) (cat clawing the tree again) Down! Get down! meow (cat reach to claw Simon, but he missed, as Simon fell and broke his d*** and knock the his lovely ladder) Simon – NOOOO (ladder fell) (Simon disappointed as was like “god help me”) Simon – mound purred cat (FEED ME) (cat slide down the tree with it’s claws and purred) (Simon looking for a way down) sigh (“this is why you need to call the firetruck or a friend”) (“Simon, slide down the tree like Lara croft in ‘tomb raider’) bye

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100 thoughts on “The Tree (True Story!) – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #76

  1. KKK adoro o gato Simon,gosto quando fazem animações da América dublando o título para Brasileiros 😍😘😘

  2. This reminds me of one sunny afternoon when I was a kid. My mum and I were watching tv in the front room when suddenly out the window we could both see this powerful jet stream of water being shot up a tree.

    First, we panicked thinking the tree might be on fire so we both ran out to find out what was going on.

    Well, it WAS the fire brigade who were squirting the tree but thankfully it wasn't because the tree was ablaze.

    Instead they'd been called to get a kitten out of the tree and when their ladders didn't reach high enough, someone decided to attempt to coax the kitten down by squirting it with water.

    Needless to say… this bright idea DIDN'T work and sent the kitten even higher in the tree.

    Ended up having to call in a professional tree lopper to rescue the kitten.

    The kitten was fairly terrified and rather looked like a drowned rat as opposed to a baby cat but otherwise ok.

    I'm laughing as I type this because even to this day I still remember the look on the tree lopper's face as he exclaimed to the CFS bloke "Whose bright idea was it to squirt the cat?" 🤣🤣🤣 The kitten had gone at least 15ft above the ground BEFORE they started hosing the tree with water. The water had pushed the kitten a further 3ft up.

    Why not just call the tree lopper in the first place when the CFS ladders didn't reach? 🤦‍♀️

  3. Many years ago our beloved girl went up a tree and was "stuck", we didn't have a way to help her, only me and my mom at home and we didn't have a ladder, so my mom got an idea, she used the hose to sprinkle some water over the tree and the ball of fluff climbed down in an instant, on her own and the same way she went up! Problem solved and no harm done.

  4. Its hilarious now but it could have gone so wrong. Teddy was gone for a couple of days! I know you used hugh in the cartoon but im pretty sure its actually teddy in real life & he was just a baby back then. He the old cat now!

  5. You videos are great! I was having a generally bad day for certain reasons, but your video helped a lot.

  6. Years ago, I fostered a little kitten named Fiyero who was just like the Kitten. He was always getting into trouble, annoying my own cat (Minnie) and just being an obnoxious and sweet little pest.

    One morning, I was getting ready for work in my bathroom when I heard a loud thump from the cabinet just above the toilet (the top of said cabinet was maybe ten feet high). I look up and see Fiyero sitting up there. He looked at me and meowed like "I did it! Look at me!" I was impressed, praised him and went right back to brushing my teeth.

    After about a minute of surveying his domain, Fiyero decided that he had enough fun and decided to try jumping back down. So he was trying to brace himself for the jump, didn't have enough confidence and looked at me. He meowed pitifully as if to say "A little help?!"

    I laughed and said "You got your furry little butt up there by yourself. You can get back down by yourself". But I stayed nearby in case he needed help getting down. He eventually figured out how to aim for the laundry basket and was unharmed.

    Meanwhile, Minnie was sitting in the doorway, looking at Fiyero with an amused look on her face. I'm still convinced that she convinced him to jump to the top of the cabinet.

  7. Today I had the sad duty to accompany a friend with her cat to the vet to say goodbye. Broke my heart. I watch Simon because he always brings a smile to my face even when profoundly sad.

  8. My cat got stuck in a tree the other day. He ended up slipping off a branch and falling down. I think he learned his lesson

  9. Oh yeah, Simon told this story in Simon's cat Logic: Cats go missing

    It's got comedic effect added to it, but it's pretty similar

  10. I do so love your films. They really do mean so much to me. I share them whenever I am grateful for all
    you draw & share with us, your fans!! Cheers to you and all your
    artistic comrades. Ta ta for now.!

  11. Just too funny. Cats really know more than we think they do. And really outsmart us. As the cat goes down the human is stuck lol.. tysm

  12. It's normal for our cats to get in trees. A lot of people think that they MUST rescue them. No, not unless they are for some odd reason in a dangerous situation, which is rare.
    No need to call the fire department or the cops just waiting their time.
    Nine times out of ten when they want to, they come down on their own. Just check on them off and on, they will come down.

    Oh, I failed to mention about cats that scratch you, that you can carefully trim their claws. There is a claw cutter you can buy at most larger grocery stores to do the job, be careful not to cut too deep. If you are scared to do it, take them to the Vet.
    But if you do, it needs to be a two-person job unless you have gotten your kitty use to it. Make it pleasant for them. Don't force them. Let them go and pet them, and you can have a go at it later.

  13. That's pretty much me whenever I'm on a ladder. Every time I have to use one, no matter the precautions I take I always climb with zero faith in the thing's stability.

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