The MR. KRABS Family Tree 🦀💰 #SpongeBobSaturdays

Today we look
at the history of Mr. Krabs. Am I really gonna
defile this grave for money? Of course I am! To understand the rich history
of the Krabs family, we must go back millions and millions
of years to where it all began. Meet prehistoric Krabs, the earliest known members
of the Krabs family. Although miniature, they share
the same eye shape as Mr. Krabs, but have big, black, bushy eyebrows. – They also share his…
– Big, meaty claws! It is here where the Krabs family
begins to develop language, with one important word that will be
passed down for generations to come! Money, money, money, money! That’s right, money. Fast forward millions of years
to medieval times, where we find the next recorded member
of the Krabs family, King Krabs. Hey, Mr. Krabs! How dare you bark at me
in that tone, knave? I am the feared ruler of this kingdom
and will be addressed as such! Sorry. As you can see, this Krab
closely resembles Mr. Krabs. He wears a light blue shirt,
dark blue pants, a king’s mantle and a crown. King Krabs has a whale daughter,
Princess Pearl. She is almost identical
to Mr. Krabs’ daughter, Pearl. They both have whale daughters,
what are the chances? Alright, y’all! Now we heading to the Wild West, for the next ancestor
in the Krabs family, William Krabs! Owner of the Krusty Kantina. William wears western style overalls
with yellow buttons, a blue, long-sleeved shirt, a green tie,
and dark blue pants without a belt. Unlike his ancestors, William Krabs
was a rare member of the family, who was broke! That was until SpongeBuck SquarePants
came to town and helped him get his money back. Step right up, everyone! Just a dollar to stomp
on old Dead Eye Plankton! Many generations of Krabs down the line,
we get to great, great grandpa Krabs. Great great grandpa Krabs! Return to us, I beseech thee! Ha, you’re older than they are,
kick ’em out! The oldest living member
of Mr. Krabs’ family is great gran-pappy Krabs. Now, out with the old
and in with the even older! [smashing] Right, great gran-pappy Krabs? He is a very elderly Krab
with light pink skin and the same clothes
as his great grandson, Eugene. His right eye has a white pupil, and he has to use
a wheelchair to move around. And if you were thinking
that wheelchair looked familiar, it’s because it does! It’s the same chair Mary’s mother uses
when she buys chocolate. Chocolate. I remember when
they first invented chocolate. I always hated it! Great gran-pappy and his wife
had two kids. A daughter, Sally, who we have
no photo evidence of but we know her
because of the Flying Dutchman. Your aunt Sally
doesn’t wear false teeth! How do you know? Because I dated her in high school! No! And they had a son,
Mr. Krabs’ grandfather, Redbeard Krabs. [laughing] Grandpa Redbeard is an old pirate
with a large grey beard and an eye patch over his right eye. Ya done good, boyo! Thanks, granddad! Redbeard marries Mr. Krabs’ grandmother,
whose picture is in Mr. Krabs’ wallet. Ah, relax… that’s what my grandma’s
dentures are made of. Together they have a son, Victor Krabs,
Mr. Krabs’ father. This here is me father. And he is older than you! So you best respect what he has to say! He has a large, bushy, grey moustache
and wears a turtleneck sweater, a white shirt and dark blue pants
without a belt. Victor married Betsy. Well, hello there! And together they became parents
to Eugene H. Krabs, more commonly known as Mr. Krabs. Be-boo-boo-ba. Boo-boo-be-bop? Mr. Krabs dresses in his iconic
light blue shirt and slacks with a black belt. He’s obsessed with his money. I’ll give you $100,000 in cash
for said hat! [groaning] And making his daughter Pearl happy. Daddy, guess what? As long as it doesn’t involve his money. I have no idea, Pearly. Pearl is somehow a whale,
but that’s for another video. Mr. Krabs has a sister
who we have yet to see, but after deductive reasoning, we can assume she would look
something like this. [laughing] Mr. Krabs’ sister has triplets. I even turned down
me own three adorable nephews! – But, uncle…
– Krabs! All three of them look
exactly like their uncle, Mr. Krabs, except they are much younger and smaller. Having shorter noses
and don’t have an undershirt and a belt. So, there you have it, folks! All known members of the Krabs family. Join us next time as we discover
the interesting ancestry in yet another chapter
of Nickelodeon’s history on Nick Family Tree!

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