The Importance of Forests | How to protect Forests

Forests. They are home to 80% of life on earth. From the deepest of their layers,
to the top of trees’ crowns – Forests are the heroes
keeping our planet healthy, and us alive. All of us. Forests are a barrier against
erosion, landslides and avalanches. They give us fresh air, clean the drinking water in our rivers and they attract the rain we need to grow food. And yet, we are not treating them well. In only a couple of thousand years, humans have wiped out 80% of the planet’s original forest cover. For every vanishing forest, we lose the most important buffer against climate warming. But not only that. About 2 billion rural people
depend on forests to survive. It’s where they find shelter, food
and water. It’s their home. And by taking care of it,
they protect them – and they take care of us, too. This is not a forest. This is. There are more than 800 definitions of forest. Deciding what exactly we call forest is vitally important to protect the environment. In a forest, each individual tree has a role to play. As does every animal, every plant, every living being. Big and small. Microscopically small. Trees breathe, taking in
the excess CO2 humans produce. Then, hiding some of it away and using the rest to create healthy branches, nutritious fruits, nuts and beautiful landscapes. The roots of trees give the soil the structure it needs to absorb and retain water when it rains. Avoiding floods that would otherwise wash away perfectly fertile soil, which we need to grow food. Food for us, but also for them. Together, as an ecosystem, forests provide the exact balance life needs to thrive. And that’s why this isn’t a forest. The balance is completely disturbed. Like in any monoculture , the air feels very sticky
and if you listen – it’s completely silent. And now let’s tune into a primary forest. Animals can’t thrive there because the presence of one only tree or plant species simply doesn’t provide the necessary range of food, shelter and nutrients for life to thrive. The soil also suffers in monocultures. Like here on the left,
versus on the right – in a healthy forest. Take palm oil plantations, for example. With no other species to compete with, they suck all the water and nutrients they need, giving nothing back to the soil,
which quickly loses its fertility. And by disturbing the soil, tree monocultures not only can’t absorb CO2 efficiently, they actually emit carbon, as they are now standing where ancient forests once stood, storing carbon they captured over thousands of years. So if we were to call both of these a forest, we would be neglecting the importance of forests beyond human needs. And yet every second, the world loses about one football pitch worth of forest area. Here’s the simple reason we’re losing forests at an alarming rate: We have disconnected
our everyday life from the reality of nature. We finance unsustainable, legal logging to plant monocultures of crops we want more of, all the time – like palm oil or soy beans. And 80% of that soy we harvest is not even for us. It’s fed to the many cattle for whom we clear most of the world’s forests to satisfy our demand for meat. The people that used to live in those forests, rarely get to share the profits in whose name the forests were wiped off in the first place. On the contrary. They are pushed into unbearable situations in which they see no other option but to clear out forests entirely. Their soils are now depleted, and they need more space to keep satisfying our demand, often their only source of income. But we can turn things around. We’ve seen it with our own eyes in Ecosia’s tree planting projects across continents, and endless studies confirm it: When you empower local communities, forests are guaranteed to survive. Protecting our forests can start with you, but it’s not your responsibility alone. This is how, together, we can make the structural changes
we need to protect our forests: Support indigenous groups or associations that help them defend themselves against outside pressures. Consume less meat
or consider following a plant-based diet: give the industry less reasons to clear new forests Inform yourself about reforestation
and deforestation laws in your country: Is your government counting monocultures as “forests” in their national count? How are they protecting forests and are they planning to restore depleted areas? Hi, I’m Fatima and I documented Ecosia’s tree-planting projects in Latin America, Spain and Southeast Asia Ecosia is a search engine the plans trees. Ecosia works like any other search engine, but we use your money to plant trees all over the world. If you’d like to see more of our videos make sure to subscribe to Ecosia’s Youtube channel. For more background info on this episode, make sure to read the description of this video – we’ll link to useful resources on the topic. And download Ecosia to help us plant more trees.
Thank you.

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100 thoughts on “The Importance of Forests | How to protect Forests

  1. More people NEED to see this. They have to realize that nature is keeping us alive. They need to FEEL it. This video gives the chance to do so.

  2. Good job, I have been thinking if we keep chopping down forests, there will be no clean air left in about 50-100 years. I like this, Ecosia. Way to go.


  4. Hi ecosia! I really appreciate your work but I also want to suggest you to use part of the money you give away for planting trees to build new solar plants or other types of renewable energy, because I think that would be a better investment. Thank you

  5. I have planted 45.2222222 trees on my computer and 22.4666667 trees on my phone! Let's keep planting trees and spread the word! (not palm oil!)

  6. The good thing about people staying at home from Coronavirus is how much cleaner the air and land water is getting!! Airplanes, cars, buses are not running in certain countries or the amount has decreased dramatically! So much co2 emissions are not put out in the atmosphere and ruining the environment as well as many animals. This is so healthy for the world and thank you Ecosia for encouraging living in a healthy natural world even more!!

  7. I Am raw vegan and pranic. Love nature, love life, love forests, LOVE OUR EARTH GAIA, LOVE WATER, LOVE AIR, LOVE FIRE , LOVE AETHER, LOVELIGHT, LOVE PLASMA, PHOTON LIGHT, QUARK LIGHT, LOVE HIGHER PURE LIGHT ENERGY ! Love you all, thanks for your work! INFINITE BLESSINGS TO ALL!

  8. I have tried using other websites that claim to help the environment, but this is really legit. Thank you for doing what you're doing and keep it up!

  9. It was very good! I fight everyday for these reasons.
    But at 5:43 there is a bug in the french translation it is writen: protèg instead of protège

  10. Thanks a lot for that video full of useful informations and tips. I love to see how your videos improve everytime you upload a new one.
    Are you planning on making a documentary about all your projects from day one footage until now? That might be wonderful to look at.

  11. Every child should plant a tree, bush or flower with their parents.
    It would help connect the child to nature and they can watch it grow as they grow.

  12. Jedoch setzen bäume wenn sie sterben oder im herbst die blätter fallen lassen wieder viel co2 frei

  13. while you're on your phone and computer all day, search with ecosia! and bonus points – tab for a cause extension to raise money by opening new tabs

  14. Ecosia, you say we loose 1 football pitch area of forest a second. Is that tropical forest, or forest anywhere? A lot of forest on the planet is pine and northern hemisphere hardwood. Is that number for tropical forest destruction only?

  15. Dear Ecosia-Team,
    Can you put ads atleast to the end of the video? I am sure a lot of people would be happy to support you a little bit more. Thanks for your fantastic job

  16. Anybody who disliked this video doesn't know the true meaning of saving the Earth. Thank you, Ecosia, for everything that you do, I hope that you are successful with your goals.

  17. Be well everyone wherever you are. Brothers and Sisters of mine 🙂 We got this, keep it up and take it easy 🙂

  18. Uk here and I have potencially persuaded up to al least one person. Maybe more but I can't check of those people anymore. I have also planted at least 8 trees at over 400 and counting. The massive increase of Ecosia users year on year gives me alot of hope. It also looks like you are not letting the corona virus get in the way of your work which is also very reassuring. Keep up the amazing work 1000%!

  19. I just got Ecosia and planted three trees. I hope people search more so it adds up. With Ecosia, team trees, and the virus making us go inside, we can save our planet!

  20. I currently live in a rehabilitation centre, because of my mental illness and I got the facility to install ecosia as their search engine on every intern computer. If we not only use ecosia for ourselves but try to get workplaces, schools and other facilities to use it too, it can have a much bigger impact on this planet's well being. Encourage people to use it and we can make steps in the right direction.

  21. .. thank you ecosia for saving our beautiful planet with your projects!

    and thanks to all users, and of course helping hands around the planet!

    lets give something back to mother earth <3

    ..keep sharing, eat healtier, evade using plastic – and enjoy life & nature 🙂

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    Les forêts rasées : 😭😭😭
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  23. The importance of the forest is so obvious. And it’s so sad to have to repeat it again and again to convince people.

  24. Hope Ecosia grows even stronger.
    Why dont u take down or merge with Google?
    That company has loads of money.
    Ecosia could do even more if it gets Google's support or merge with it.

  25. wait, so does that mean the trees that ecosia plants are varied so that they continue the variety seen in naturally occurring forests?

  26. Ecosia est formidable car c'est une entité qui agit directement sur le terrain. Le problème c'est qu'Ecosia tire aujourd'hui son revenu d'un système dépassé et qui nous mène dans le mur, à savoir le système capitaliste et numérique dans lequel nous vivons qui nous mène à une planète à +7 degré d'ici la fin de ce siècle! Comme on peut l'entrevoir avec la pandémie en cours, il est illusoire de penser que ce système capitaliste et le secteur numérique (qui en fait partie) puisse continuer. Et c'est d'ailleurs une nécessité, un devoir pour chaque humain sur cette Terre de dire stop à ce système et de le délaisser. Si nous ne détruisons pas ce système, et le secteur numérique dont Ecosia dépend, nous ne pourrons pas lutter contre le réchauffement climatique. Le secteur du numérique c'est actuellement quasiment 5 pourcents des émissions mondial de gaz à effet de serre et les émissions de gaz à effet de serre du secteur augmente de 10 pourcents chaque année!!! (cf Ecosia tire ses revenus de l'ancien système et tombera avec l'ancien système, il faut que les utilisateurs le comprenne. Le mieux que vous puissiez faire pour les forets c'est de ne pas avoir d'appareil numérique ou du moins le moins possible. Le mieux que vous puissiez faire pour les forets, c'est de ne pas utiliser internet, et si vous devez vraiment faire une recherche, faites le bien sûr avec Ecosia.
    Ce que je veux dire, c'est qu'il ne faut pas oublier ce qui est bon pour notre planète: ce n'est pas d'utiliser beaucoup Ecosia, c'est de dé-numériser le monde, en revenir aux plantes qui sont les meilleurs "technologies" qui soient.

  27. OH! i just realized that we're gonna lose alot more trees these days… ppl seemingly try to build "air-breathing but virae-blocking paper mache bunkers" out of all the dissappearing toiletpaper… ._.

  28. Where I live the zoo was next to a small park and one side was destroyed because of people making more places for new animals 🙁

  29. Did anyone stop to think maybe COVID-19 I the planets' cure for our war against nature? It seems to be working. CO2 emission are remarkably down. Probably less than half of normal. People aren't seen all over the surface of the planet anymore, they are hiding out inside. People made nature un in fear; now people are in fear of nature. Nature's striking back at ou overpopulation, over-use, arrogance, and utter contempt fo the other life-forms on this planet which deseve more respect than us for they conduct no wars against other species, don't carry out cruel experiments on other species nor take away the homes and environment of other species. Humans—whom should know far better than to do this—still commit much genocide again life of themselves and countless helpless others. We must stop waring with nature and pretending the we are the only important species that mattes….If we disappeared completely by tomorrow, other 'alien' cultures who have been watching us for some time would label us the "most destructive species ever." Nowonder they don't want a formal face to face with us. We make ourselves through our actions and ego make ourselves so unfit and unworthy of such a formal meeting. The Army would probably try to shoot at them without any real provocation.

  30. Regenerative Agriculture Revolution, NOW! Go check out Elaine Ingham's Soil food web video series and learn! 🌱🌻🌱🌻🌱🌻

  31. I have planted over 76 trees, so ecosia matters, especially seeing as how when your stuck inside you search more. The more searches, the more trees. Tell everyone about ecosia and you save your planet.

  32. Cattle pasture equals a clearcut and is even far worse than oil palm or timber monocultures… especially because timber and oil palm are far more productive and therefore, make up a lot less of the worldwide agricultural area. Whiles pastures make up more than 2/3 of all the worlds agricultural land, oil palm in part of what the FAO calls "permanent crops", making up only 3.1% of the global space used for agriculture. Note that "permanent crops" also include apples, peaches, nuts, pears, mangos, lemons, berries, coconuts and a lot more. So yes, eat less meat guys!!!

  33. BTW it is not true that oil palm agriculures harm the soil in a way that it loses its fertility. Actually, oil palm monocultures – when managed correctly – can maintain soil fertility surprisingly well!

  34. Dear Ecosia, OceanHero is a search engine that cleans up plastic in the sea, as you search the internet; it is a great idea. But we can't have two search engines. I want to use OceanHero as well, but I don't want to stop using ecosia. But most people only want to use 1 search engine. I only want to use 1. Could you consider teaming up with OceanHero, and spliting the profits, maybe 30:70 or 50:50 or 10:90? That way, as people do searches, they can plant tropical trees and clean up ocean plastic simultaneously. I have suggested this to OceanHero as well. Sincerely Mr FW Hooton

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