The Great Gildersleeve: Marshall Bullard’s Party / Labor Day at Grass Lake / Leroy’s New Teacher

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sleeve is called for the working as she does in the back of the house always
knows what goes on our front yesterday morning for instance the
family was sitting quietly a breakfast humorously with his mind on his troubles
marjorie with her mind on her is leroy with his mind on the cinnamon bun when suddenly breaking charging for the
kitchen yes don’t scare me like that very wise across the state of the world little b distrusted we don’t usually calm way spread the end
of the many cats through it you don’t suppose i mean i wondered i wonder who i mean i
hope nobody only hero i come back here we don’t ask about things like that
saddam ok that’s cameras find out something like that everything the will look into the part
of this the party of your constant committee most obviously objects he
stopped to look that may have a look at that way that’s another way i don’t think we should all be sending
you staring out the window was that is taking up visited senators that’s all it is it rented for the party he goldmans too on capitol hill and properly it e thank you catherine him uh… yeah gordon getty activity lifetime all
what’s going on going on where across the street is something going on i have
noticed so tell me i haven’t seen the peabody terrace part of their and not my
neighbors keep judge i don’t go running to the window every time of air strikes
out from the looks of things however i
should say that the border to planning some sort of social affair u_n_ that it for you no user it can’t be much of a pact
recanted mark don’t ask me look so much again expert not are not so that’s all i did you hadn’t said anything about it are
really couldn’t say uncle and the whole thing as a matter of the greatest
difference to me actually happens last night that’s all capturing one
cannot childress it we seem to start at what’s next not and have developed usually at a time who go upstairs to our
apologize cooper and apologize to your sister hotpot a lot well i don’t know what want to see if you can’t make you feel
better might have to come back what he called goalie road pumpkin next
about highly uh… sidebars colby’s atlas levels
occur corporals upset wildwood would abolish the theory that way i suppose my nieces in good enough for
maybe they just forgot to invite the other day the was of course oversight
meiotic blurred probably decided in one his son
seeing so much work loner seems so much of him thereafter let him keep away from here
but understood what the property a doc leave you alone fish talk about it but what i was the key delmar sweetie come on down to gold leave you know i i said nothing of the
time judging never have any children allison manages but constant worry really good well i wouldn’t want to be really held
at local hero and try to be a little nice
to your sister today akdphi denies polar well she’s upset but you and i see we can’t tear up of a lime idea highland park center muje identity but would you like to do to seek what do you think of the more fun than
anything else i don’t know listening anything you’d like just late night
candidates will be quite right well having any judge would you do me a favor without
getting go away when i get not does not endorse the right off monday abuse or cad well my dear have you decided yet are we gonna do for a good time to see i don’t know anything at all anything you’d like is a little believes we could have a
good time without them what would be i don’t know don’t just sit there and say you don’t
know i tell you i don’t care cannot be
marjorie we’re trying to into wisconsin harbor well that is occupancy shelters park you mean belongs to the suits well i don’t know life camera or friday ideas so i am q penetrate are coming up we’ll see without the like com don’t look back at that time and it
might not be liable fluoride leader or do we go hai he uh… can talk going on money in kabul in miller leland don’t you ain’t no more entries all right onto my
dear yes sir rolling out the soon to spark
tonight at the time of our lives are quick then he had not gone to the volatile com are you no up i’ve decided not you too much the matter of fact i was invited but i’m glad need to resend that’s when i came over to talking i
think it’s up to patrons i mean i don’t know contend they
well that allen a standard is giving the party for young people wheeler well
great seats i may not be pots them but that doesn’t mean i don’t get
upset marjorie wasn’t invited either i watched
burn but that i thought i was inside and it’s not you
didn’t tell me you were in mind i give this all about what are we doing going
to lose part when you get stilted on cannot and what i want to tell me what i hope i
mean what would you mind leroy if you please well my dear i wouldn’t go to marshall’s party but
when the last part your honor or because when a girl in the form of the
thought was your brand turns out i think i think that up hopewell insists clothing he’s talking
about france you keep out of it at copper pipe worker ancient my best friend that issue one of
my best friend friend’s wife that and enough appointment had crisis at all no doubt
that it live wham forget frenzy that’s water over the
dam yen friendship that so but marcel what
about you i thought it was kinda funny when all i
got was a regular indication to mail that one of our religion all right you know i i think it might be just as
well if you step outside don’t you for brockman at both our i think this is
something we can talk all the benefits definitely has been well i a montana had to state that an apple only ravel all right the lonely road sleeves hahaha the written get lonely road are without power on the port by the way my for a while your estate
remember the nonsensical mostly strips it wouldn’t be viewed more the way i
said breakdown of the only way to go back hello doing what this is better for me just what to do anyway lightly i don’t like that look in your
eyes quality to will hello on-the-spot i’d like everybody out there
obviously right out of cinderella is going to the ball the i guess that needed for a little be
spending the evening all beside him personally fairy godmother to keep me company about agreement art now where r who thanks brian newton’s is well it wasn’t exactly a promise of the
road it well it was marjorie that i promise
anyway uh… might be going to party instead and besides i now i want to start crying practically dressed as fast wannabe cult-like dole out about it although i know what
to do the great builders leave will be with us
again in just a few seconds six letters p_a_ r_k_ airline spell
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with nine thousand units of important vitamin a so by this nourishing spread that taste
so good ask or park in margarine made by credit its preferred by millions to and
other brands war now let’s get back to the great gilda
sleeve with finding for taking the purple
suffered in the company of his nephew leroy since word is off the top of the three
of the board well my point this is just like camping is nick how i
got there of vesak ideas yet left to go on a camping trip on the
status of those uh… sufficiently please isobars analysis is parked someday still
ali’s lawyer decision has been reached him will stand by it lovely c ailment loyal look at my age long treks you’ll see the delaware called idea to
have really the card the decision of the issue of accidents macarthur tyrannosaurus
instead of thirty minutes hostettler here’s isn’t lately and
that’s very serious historical of also hideout however there about five months
ago c illinois you’ll be going to parties like
that pretty soon at the same to the dancing school of
these days uses that they should be it’s out of well park wants a craig fuller that’s that’s right there with a stating
that are not related uh… is it true are you going to have an
orchestra victory hanging on hi words or just use my accusers dot oppose that and that five-hour well then i went to
get five dollars my body caramandi at that time dot it’s quite quickly i didn’t have to make it to me of who did it say and i think you need to know and i find
anything out of my brother anyone down he said outbreak has had a nice thing to say
about my solicit one brother it because he’s got me there they are still cranky and it’s an interesting listening party is i want to go his part about me grainger everybody park i’ve totally release some other
time here at nine o’clock mill creek and that that that was you write hasn’t credits after it hit me up like a this is not a financial question here i and i want to go into the park without will not have the right everybody can
get out of one but many and not be the money and i’m not have used one or crane house then on top of whitewater who helped hartford hospital i watched that book out that we discussed some of the fact that
one are you trade because some nice way to
play okay aircraft that magic with four than at any given our matchbox scattered ok craig uh… pride this to be listening when you might add
dot i’m upset these use simply don’t understand why there’s
never any hot water in this house in iowa city like this might me most of the imprint
on their can’t deliver do you know i it over you know you you are don’t yet know the when you want to well well union unit dvd and the prime minister the city here in using but rather an earful pretty much practices during another
document the rankin state attracted to me know why did you ask locally that’s what were you say and their spirits a restaurant across
the street and i think it’s a transparent below out against nursing to
being angry if thank you your really try putting
your freshman here on that the remit and great it is let’s listen in them on t_v_ with utah right out front let’s are things a little if any way sounds like quite explicit if it unit you don’t enter including riffraff does that for instance that these creatures using some of those
customers referendum yeah i’ll have to have a few people
you’re pretty cheesy union unit though if you are deseo till i think this is rationing
tentative all right the that intermediates outsell arithmetic everything you’ve ever heard
of anything through the whole thing is he starts bt read everything that you know if there’s
an issue standards level and it is here you start yay like interrelated faridaja murugan the levis less than twelve it from here we go have you guys your yellow francis can para highlight pants and one you that can’t be the last access homeopathy plans sound from said slices you said in a nice night like
this profit bosnia said interact and at heineken existing data since i’ve been a
rough time that the other what’s the best part of a party is that seeking out the somebody looking
for an weed epidemic if you do it that’s at the same shot-blocking we
haven’t had the honestly now uh… that pretended you pretend you’re a lady what some call
it landlord so-and-so we have a rendezvous you’re here waiting you sitting waiting for me lanny planned can u i’m a largely well ok i’m waiting for you and pacing up and down and his family worry about what it’s all about it but said but park we’ve decided to put status of my love seat hello michael a not while mass rockwell his leroy what are you doing out of it black that’s nonsense musical put to
sleep at no time just let it kuwait golfing fact that they had leroy and go
to sleep cupcake transparency that night will work melstar com style would you like me to tell your story let that kind of story touches down through step okay let me
see once upon a time there was a handsome
water commissioner assets through start do well and once upon a time there was a lot of
coverage there and one day he had a beautiful lady
namely that’s my life she was the most beautiful lady he’d
ever see yet lines level he’s still comply and abuse white complexions and and when the water commissioner so this
beautiful creatures he forgot everything he just took her in his own earns mom england but w_r_a_l_ sold through those sweet act cammarata well hello cut work the president of the covers haha dawson wait a minute i think i know what’s the matter multi every moment young man organist i think there’s if i gave you two
dollars dvb-t liberals awfully run cad he hacks it’s kind of money you know you know i
know go to bed it dot i watched sample and ready for abhinav i i several
campbell and that’s fine clarified background grandparent i don’t like the passions meal at mile
high and low hero i don’t go out of it before i take back the two dollars
rocket out and not height landslide com plot no like the way that most of them whisperer all the you’re always just a child sizes nothing going on it either little devil hodges that family hoover buettner weaver sleep wilderness are old and martin man make us uh… with the bill will arm so uh… for the written on it law and not do with no redrawn spilled my love we love incident called you it sitting in a panic on a nice night in
june with a pretty good is easy to forget that the war the japanese are a long way from being
lit i suppose you’ve all seen the pictures
of the saratoga you know what a terrible pasting she
took from those jap suicide bombers we’ve got to realize that you have to go
to fight more and more desperately as we close in on them that’s why i’m in need every advantage
in material and equipment that we can possibly give them that means bar let’s see that no american has left
fighting with his bare hand because we didn’t dig down our pockets
for the money to buy a gun it’s not a question of how much we think
we can spare how much they need nimitz and marshals say fourteen billion
dollars let’s give it to them today war aponte monogram complete line up an appointment with dr drafted by a group of and again next
week for the for their prices are great guilty plea when someone gets there still are
american lawmakers take it sitting down no man that’s when many resourceful women are
right on their toes reaching into the pantry shelf or something egelton crab
salad mustard whether dozens of appetite rousing ways you conserved crab salad
mustard with whatever foods are available crab salad mustard blends with luscious
smoothness into team tasting brings office for hot book vegetables as
delicious flavor cheese fondue is unwell travis wilson extra tempting tang into
bread salad dressing rabies pickle relish isn’t barbecue sauce so prick up
your meals with those that spoke labor of crab salad mustard yet this other
divisions variety to craft mustard with mickey hart’s ready jetted sidewalk
times and with the whole family taskbar crap required this is the national broadcasting
company present break till this lady dvd the her the pan plan that’s the great builders liaison harold
mariana neilson is in a bond for everyone prodigal by brand records of margie margarine and a
complete line-up a most quality food products nobody really no no no problem what
cardinal that milt anything legally you said no seriously problem for pork chops doing i think he’s doing just lying there let me try use to be here on well it looks as if they were closing in
on on both fronts for them but before they call them here’s a
special message from craft got a picture of this a steaming hot
dinner roll fresh out of the album with its playground aroma tempting your
appetite but wait a moment the picture is
incomplete but until that role is covered with a delicious spray slowly melting into each floppy morsels and that’s the spot for smooth delicate
tasting parquet margarine park is fresh life paste tempting flavor
has made at the favorite spread and millions of american homes it’s fucking good on hot pools toast
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have a tasty treat waiting for you in a package of delicious economical
park aid ph r_k_o_ why market margarine natural food store tomorrow just tasted and you’ll know it’s good
because part k_-mart rem is made by crime home now every parent of a great deal report where we left him taking movies on his
report stretched out probably a moot point loyalist renewed strength until their it’s way too my grandfather irrelevant or don’t move
i want to start there was a down to down there’s plenty of room and i don’t know unsparing if i did we’d like to spill a lot had animated
it’s too hot what happens when you a little that would be there use your card the ask him what was he talking about commodity right people you want to know but it was just
cuba now listen to be able to view there’s no use getting around to it
because you’re not going to get around me alright you know what you’re up margaret
what you’re thinking about nevermind now listen to your uncle youtube i’d explain
to you killed and this is my vacation and i told you both nine million times
we are not going to dress like god i don’t know what you don’t understand i
understand perfectly what was that the bullets are going on with our panel
religion upping the social climbers if you want my opinion you may tell my said so no they’ll do that we’ll see what the board you gotta do it
anyway you’ve got you practically lived at the
balloons all summer it wouldn’t hurt you to see a little
less of a particularly at marshall there and what that’s the waiting for
your panel but not too distant surprise are not for one of the evening deprive myself act you’re all you pull much too much and yet newspapers i’m sorry if i said anything about
marshall washings alright in his way that kid brother used that create members what is it i was going to ask
you something but my acting seven dollars that’s all that that has
anything to do with grassley your assumption is correct governments throughout summer heartened so i think a bus were did grandparents proves a point in time or you are or satellite that’s where i am bought burn vacation most when libelous manner protocol that not swim pat robertson and there’s a lot of
things brought here or go find something to do don’t ask me dabble in other people
around you don’t tell me that way i could be busy every minute of i wanted
to but if they want to gold hit me that look leroy don’t sit there looking like a sixth and
you’ll go do something about buying something for you to do okay okay god’s i’ll be glad when school starts
again men were tried all year is incredible relaxation the running around all over the country grisly i’d like to see anybody get me off this
court i’d like to see anybody get me out of this week habit are are on at every other product it and colin anyway last night he thought the levee
brady yet then happened in that uh… uh…
yet and they didn’t know like week it uh… you rightly better i doubt it on the porch writing
these down that coming back to get that back to drink probably cuba who was a glass here’s how big a lot of pictures with that no way written good let’s look at their damn thing patch well uh… that is the spot avego did it again if you can see thank you so that it has
become a walnut reviewed uh… handbook you can play it ultimately we deliver i know that’s not
simply the best people regatta pictures it’s better that way you mean film you know don’t well water
out of a bucket aldo converted what’s it called cool been dripping right out of the whale no it’s not happen either that i’ve
always wanted to typically piggy undoubtedly the ones who don’t know what
it had unwanted local act he was the one blamed on the mls inaudible suddenly
heard a prowler they had to rush to the hospital in our program they took of prague and i had that big
birdie that whole story is nothing the plane superstition maybe so but it’s a fact eugene or the ladies have improved most of that more copies of the wouldn’t
move on the house he lived in that with the music she battle feet and do you want to open the within what
would you think you won’t have problems there so my advice is steep eleven needed it
over liberty thanks for the advice and thanks for the limited down
appreciably do you think it would the had in pretty hot weather for that is liberty yes if that’s what i was thinking itself hotmail immediate need to be wpm
nave needing new if he can fit the bill remind me we have no benefits that are hardly
though are the uni meaning you worked so hard all day desperately it’s quite true and you know swing all the time and grant the without light line you
have time to rest well and all but that’s the reason then it
was time to nobody manage the husband is straight big things that have big problems we
conversion and all that ways you have to think about it then you have no other think of that yeah if you have to get out of town
needs you to go to some nice place to begin you know someone placement greatly
reduced in july the with limited lab where we’re going to end the day you
get out of your party if you take that lemonade with deviated in oh wait a
minute yet and might have one last dude uh… fair you haven’t they got laid out a tobacco why can’t
you tell everybody i must during office port yet and i’m not either nobody on earth well if it is jpv victor in at hotmail quiet if if if they
did it uh… painting elected i come up all the port dot mcdevitt not them that’s not system
ought not be social landrum doing anything and it is taking
it easy p third earlier leeway to enjoy life specially on holidays drinking and making t_v_ independent
jump for the weekend mistake that is rejected it and then i’m going
on that inherently hadn’t concur and u curtain you can’t be beaten or raped man
of light of whale of a factor men can be naked men connecting really
get an early d_n_a_ databases caught on the road this week in the ninth floor
conditioning when media written in and never forget the day lauren imply before getting to work for one hundred million here in two
minutes after blvd corporation www gravity the freemen ranch to be over that integrated and uat about an
american and european of of what happened to me and then i can
remember and didn’t gonorrhea inventor and back-up band put american blacks
began a understanding it is a northern and we may be getting a concur
remembered weather if your plans for the game
indicate my plans be viewed as been labor day right here my own front yard
of my own front porch enough sterile vary widely seen correcting brand there problem united leaking roof hunting remain them from coming to work that blew it from the current evening coming like fox uh… goal okay can rely blank i guess so business to be the great you know mister
beatty i want to you on the planet and fairly arise upstairs i think you’ve got to his room and see if you
want i want him to come out and play have you actually get up early right he’s upstairs wikipedia night i’m
talking about craig so tell me when you come on look trade u will soon soon unit being young intern
will he started perhaps you don’t understand and here is
the man hancock american important unconditional not knowing about it might yoshida really tell you know i’m fifteen
years so if you just around the income were
direction anymore and don’t care what you want to go on a recommended excuse me where to go to the right thing
to have a going on about regatta blvd handling it or tonight friday in his view card of what are you looking at well don’t just stand there and stared it gives me willys who say something hotly literally alright rodeo alan at a rate down here but like seventy utilities did you pick now maybe i can get a little peace and
quiet uh… but all all and the mhm how do i get one of the war marjorie garber frightening within and
something and i didn’t know you were asleep how how do you guess what i can
see a lot of original with the violence in our and guess what any possible you know and grass like wet
that well how do it better meetings have been again columnist until monday night
but i don’t know exactly say i’m not looking and i think one thing i can go i
got all around about the runs the whole time marshalls and sleep with somebody mister
bower says that the somebody else so i don’t know but many people are not
immature and together they got it alright checkout well i don’t see why not certainly i
think that we find out quality theater outlook in life you know now video breakfast with uh… is car had nothing really nothing minded refugees wants it worked nothing whereas craig i thought you were
playing the quickly right here hiding but you’re not looking for it lulu did it with uh… that you had a definite why didn’t i figure that graft questions into one of our healing that ridiculing priced you know that after all it’s natural isn’t field that how you can’t judge other hijacked
boeing margaret clear idea that they have this a glorious day as the clients nor is beginning regard as we can
utility europe right my plans never mind what they are because they don’t think
any my plans judges then the weekend right here i a m how you always thinking
that you can stay here on labor day atmosphere that night the it’s wonderful
why don’t we all got out the translator patted competent what’s this about grassley glad
everybody got to go to dress like labor day weekend gilday you always go
somewhere in the labor day weekend liability grassley whereabouts is it a go from weld golf
tournament you know the hills and everybody i’ve given up a lot of having
played in the year not but i couldn’t beat you you will go for that donated i’m anxious you know it’s much
too late everybody in town is going to translate we couldn’t get reservations
policeman they had one double room with nine reserved it just on the jeans course there’s the problem of the
children of all you don’t worry about me i’m already going to borrow it for thank you require yet please come home tomorrow
any thoughts on that we were all there are going to have him and you know and i
don’t know what i think it will bring the faithfully reliant thing that you
have more fun than about motives matter gregg jarrett are let me make myself clear conflict and that’s why this intention of going
to graduate not everyone is ten we are not going to graduate and that’s why not xo we went to wrestling but that’s
another story before we get into it there’s something
important from our craft represented within our own yahoo spirit does the
number one seed halifax parking garage and i go to the
store the war is over and look for those sure everyone knows the war is over but
everyone doesn’t know that our american food is still helping to feed a good
part of the world accounts for temporary shortages of
sparky and food stores and today lots more people you know applying party margarines because it
tastes so good when you spread it on bread hot sausage rolls against everyone
in my family was here that anything park it’s not strictly the as though they
know what a wonderful aid party margarine is to good nutrition petition forms like food and a key yes
of course park in margarine is one of the richest energy food you consider and
it’s also a dependable source of important vitamin a_ the whole year
round it’s so economical to rights you are and the good news is that more and
more parquet margarine is becoming available in food stores throughout the
country so look for and by this delicious friend
with the find fresh flavor ask for parking the a arcadia a wise arcade margin made by crack now let’s return to the regular sleep well as i say we drove out the best way
rewriting again denying visible are dragged remitted name you know labor day
weekend have not yet and deletion and of course it’s on again friday not have the right and again dear lasted all of it a it’s uh… id high-rise the outback and that’s are set to go ahead just like to see yes the ignition level brendan offering allentown known and unknown ryan ryan where we started on i’d like to see this
point that the judge is without doubt one of the worst drivers mobile of north
america every time we came with their more stopped the car stopped the car look the the right brightness car i
cannot walk and a german right now they have it your own way traveler did get up
on my you cannot walk around with that immediately cruel to you black hats back then mile diana dragged it via their mind you got to get a lot to use in running now highland the beers that was a lovely we’ve got a bit
more luxury got there too late for suffering presented i can you couldn’t see
anything live everywhere and beautiful grassley pilot leroy leroy wake-up back there we’re there thurday judge if it’s not difficult day ok asap why don’t you take aggressive i’ll take
up judge do we have to make a whole great peeking out of the city and of
course there and all the old woman divas dynpro unit was evident in the
contract typically writers on the visual treat leroy they completed a can well they have a bellhop of broken-down
hotel well he is a matter of fact yogi weird not staying at the hotel all but no we’re staying at honeymoon package
united you didn’t tell me this is the fact that we are right that it’s a
wonderful cannot hotel was built that but it’s right next
door honeymoon that picture uh… come on wherein bird where king karen gi been resembled one in that room that do the room where we spent the
night think all of the double because it had a double bed as all of it always awesomeness while he slept
clearview’s make you didn’t mention the double bed jet you didn’t tell me about
that but i’ll tell you get a labor day will go to you about this all the time
you expect it was a sleeper nothing as u_s_ labor department leroy is the lucky one you’ve got a sleeping bag there lira included be hot doctors thinking that if you are not
acrobat and i’m sleeping lauren sidney unit not those guests of the walking on it dishonestly by their restaurant
pornographic stating that they really liked the could
be a little bit happening outside the windy here respected figure that out there brgds argument outgo here are playing prop i want to be more liberal belief aspects
of that that is way past jordon object go back to you the that with available and i’ll admit
there’s a drug as we drive all the way up here about it in twenty five miles
and let me get in the right way i’d give up let’s go to
bed go to bed not but they have been on the screen and
we try to sleep a little don’t like doug wilder all means normal managed the cool
like removals coming in to get a mock-up them off in the book trouble where you are going to bed how can i be having a dime falling out
of somebody’s audio uh… pipe down leroy pipe down while i’m in my bill over driving the
judge didn’t have any trouble he was asleep in no time will find earlier there was no that for
a couple of hours finally i began to goes off began the dream all day long highlighted like i’d killing person at a list of realty
required ads one week of alltel what and that the right now because we could
get it at a bad dream that the other there are a frightening thing on your
little tummy and try to keep your need on my face regan long struggle to get back to sleep i’ve
tried to think pleasant things replied that the government dead at the moment builder budgeting completely dipping to
wish you luck somali inquired memory instantly slovenly i mean someone i’ve never met
before routine you don’t need you neither of us that we’re because we don’t know where to meet you
seems to be known each other on time registered equipment we want to get it on an issue a ruling mission and uh… promoter till they let you
know that your wife c twenty-four your strangling me all you’re yesterday clapped and they had nothing where i go back to
sleep zin muslim women five thirty delight into regional issues reconsidered that up quietly began the bricks online wikiproject leroy tuebingen did not hear go back to town of sacrifice we could be
some remarkable amicably cocaine some right here them right buildings lead we could go to the door than would what americans want however will you
keep use for it reminder determine fleet marvel local wait a minute down and can only get
bored it’s already too you know dennis so respected found that goes on with you venneman badam five miles long but we didn’t really really right now
there are not at all my don’t believe it there we made wonderful time before we knew it there we were wants readable as uh… and that lady is why you never thought i did have a
submission donors doing about what’s going to have to go
inside yahoo website ever has and strawberries so that i carry a
possible got a battlefield and probing welcoming internet capability acted hero and i
reached members there that’s right are we going to do it right
now and uh… there until era clamp and never baby go places or be allowed
to do things and i don’t want to do mcbride and always do that sure is a bit of
assigned without being taught within distributed where the next week looks rerun are you feeling there were a lot i’m not sure who know everybody leroy
you come with me and the regulars leaders blamed by harold
arlen inadvertent but not a great man family reinvented by jack return this is john lang speaking for the
gravity of government and inviting you to let them in again next week all the
further adventures of the great elders lee harming mirror no something special we met very special kind of he’s full would women are finding so you would
call meal plan if pakistan the delicious cheddar cheese who with middle slices post and spreads to perfection there are a hundred tempting uses or
perhaps that and art religious brian golden have that and mental pamsmith
bible times for a variety of main dish and lunch in time for you if your grandparents that cheddar cheese
boo you’re shopping mara and demanding more broadly and governing one flap presents the great callously the
the that’s the correct elvis late start
house baraye brought to you applied prior lakers apart a bunch of and a
complete line-up that was funny because we realize who starts tomorrow and i wanted to get
to bed early unique justly startup of the letter g_ five or you can’t learn
arithmetic without energy replicate armenian electrolyte arithmetic is of
great practical value i use it everyday pastimes documents as events at all my life fights for respect leroy let’s not have
any more this nonsense to go to school tomorrow if you like it or not and you’d better decide to like it well we’ll see about that but before we
do here is a special message from craft whether you’re having ralston ears of
corn fresh from the glowing embers of the campfire a stack of golden brown
pancakes hot off the griddle or just a plain slice of bread it’s the spread
that makes follies good foods extra fine eating and there’s a spread that
millions preferred for its delicious flavor parquet margarine made by crack parquet as a favor from coast to coast
because it’s fresh delicate flavor is still unmatched try spreading party on a
near of roasted corn find house delicious it tastes melted
into a golden waffle and remembered parquet margarine is always delicious
unsatisfying spread on bread rolls and law firms sold by its flavor fresh
economical parquet ph are k_a_d_y_ arcadia margins from your food dealer tomorrow it’s made
by cracked now let’s return to the great killed his
sleeve and is absolutely wrong formally find a missile a deadlock over
the question of going for the movies tonight level and rejoin the family for a while
and i unki what is it might it on it side judges and i said what do you kids
growing up it led to getting back to school and i
think particularly that will do the road assessment is you’ve always been glad to go back to
school summerfield hires awfully good was very good school find additional
standards for teachers needed equipment its status the same until their marjorie
i don’t understand you must come over here alma how each polyester just hasn’t done it
again because my son my visit one of the act are somewhat gone away to school are
shot at hot spots are shot out now too use my phone book going away to school i
did he’s going to prep school and he but the
devil four uh… though you go to bed cattle seven say and there that this was the review joking anyone of you textures cereal territory okay physically would seem that at this not cream twelve k lacking that global who would not inside
you you want to make not conch shell thanks
bernie expecting that this family gets crazy
every day but not in this country i don’t know anybody good morning
children high good morning unki i’m glad to see you properly wash in cold my boy that’s it for you hadn’t had very often
the reunification are quite economic enough trouble what problems you got
that i haven’t got i’ve got all anyone can act like i don’t know next year cannot no what’s the matter with miss mckenna
legalizing abortion drama school at all about hard markers nahi he’s not not not
much yes leroy that’s just superstition there’s
no such thing as a hardware missile launchers x’s religious every teacher tries to be fair let’s go account maybe stay after school and i i
am domestic maker five hundred times i’ve never put them out in a pocketbook
told about that that you thought it was a good idea but it was a very good idea myself but
good you’ve got a pretty good everybody but me help or anything like that with only a
mechanic plot peaceable alcohol is in her class she
did you look and feel only so far doughnuts outlook anthony c there you have to bury my boys score of
nine right not only not party grandpa idea last night what does it look like want aftershock that mark dot peace in
our life hotline got cancelled yes i have to have it on
to like thomas yet history money look for or optional how much let it might look at a mostly notebook another alphabet set off twenty five
cents while the fed the best why are they the best expanded apache embossing ali thank you all see
adapted narcotraffic here’s a dollar an hour long commonly
will i will be late for clients we don’t know who that night when i’m not craig boy nexrad dot hospital i wanna ghostly
impact not craig i would think you have to stay home and play by yourself break starting school today i’m not really lynn italian wait a
minute leroy i promise missus board yesterday that
you take credit in the darkness more takin because craig fiato ill i was
going on there dot com removable the and really arrival at wanna know the go
today alice cooper how everything was fine hello i’m just finishing up my homework
if you have to haiti and tomato homework the first day is not unusual demand an outline britain got a fever eveyone i’m not sure print what’s the subjectivity how does that make a shit might not get has already you don’t say regularly stop picking i dont no i don’t have connection if that’s a
much better system remembered longer that way argyll right well office my ears five pages you say well choreographed won’t take long to read that right
pretty big i suppose you start reading it and we’ll see okay pastor style icy web get to the meat leroy
forrester okay taking a summer of nineteen forty five enzymol but useful some are i’ve tried to relax and not
unsympathetic to return to school in the fall at is one frontal education and i
was very anxious to make one of those he hasn’t by september i relax by playing baseball another amusement my second preference was to make my
vacation useful i think the answer first facts wells and waste paper since we
were at war at that time i’ve collected these objects and then on
to the people inside so might take a look at one time i just wanted to check
that side my boy i think this week and must be a
very remarkable right now your teacher if she’s produces magical effect simply
with the link the rubber hose i’m going up and got myself a piece of
it right now wherever he had a new teachers was sworn in when she like student darn good teachers she’s super kept whining plaques well how did that
happen she didn’t know anybody in the room so
she just said that chancery she says in the afternoon supply and a model student
besides do you think you can and lower i’m sure that time teams win is nice and half uh… comp lever well minister unity eric on march i certainly never saw leroy like this
before here’s my butt am but is a clear idea of
the republican required trying to finish my science report of temperatures in the financial dictionary
dick and science year just ask you a little my boy fear of physics near chemistry in
college or the qualify me to handle your difficult and brochure our knowledge half and half thousand feet than it is down here the like his opinion about my boy it’s a kind of
accountability that i cannot buy that that’s all it is to it which will be to get into all kinds of
complicated theories details that you wouldn’t understand rpm act i don’t know i married my morning will
last two years speculating about nobody in particular
that i’ll see you live well okay lakeview in it i want the library africa leroy busy okay doing his homework was
cool are you playing you know activites i didn’t like it at all lapland high cannot take it and after school tomorrow on what you want to do that or fee it just a camp as a saint select a lamp it has that not okay at what they have said leroy i don’t understand or elsewhere says if
that’s not a big tell us the extradited company background plan like that slow uh… i must be very a great deal mostly it will be back in
just a moment you know from coast to coast women are
praising the find fresh flavor of parquet marjorie that’s right and here’s
a letter to the point is that this is j_j_ kenya chicago some
of the f_b_i_ has please do i’ve tried several different strains even the most expensive with but for my
money islamic unless the delicious flavor of
parking garage and just grain and i know because i spent
parking on huffpost every morning sounds great but uh… does she say anything
about the freshness the delicacy of parties flavor meister our whole family like sparking margin because it always the suppression suite they like it too because it’s so easy to
spread thank you mrs kian for all those nice things you’ve told us about park in
margarine of course as you say the amazing thing
about parquet is that you get the french delicate flavor smooth texture easy
spreading and the splendid food values to for only about half the price of
costly spreads no wonder of millions of homemakers are
insisting on delicious economical parquet margarine prior to tomorrow by
parquet the r_k_o_ wide parquet margarine made by crack now let’s return to the great gilder
swinging lisbon entertaining judge corporate donors full of good food and good will almost
certainly head of the table beating up on his little family and his old friend
the judge that how about other helping api shortcake
there yesterday about it you know that you’ve
read it simply delicious but i couldn’t all problem here come on judge judy
deliverance happiness struck a chord suppressants pearl harbor he knew that’s
me with the right out of the contents are
added at the you know what happened to let you know
you just go away yes but i’m afraid of the day credibility that one of my way etc in it of brother montreal but you might have been started whittier you know i i guess up to you wheeler we’re going invite rocky it start you excuse my boyhood steve grandfather you it’s been nom nom idea bound by violence
do you do not deserve later that she needs you to morally
wrong hello advanced misled technology that’s that’s the scary scholarship latex users who might be a refused entry to guide judge school cafeterias csr s i’m actually beginning to believe that
leroy is growing up that’s the funny thing about children
one day their children for the next day they’ve grown up in the next meeting each other objects this has been going on for three
days it’s a whole new attitude for the first time we realize these
initial real interest in his work are beginning to think the boys the makings
of a stock that’s trying it is true kinda leading a i’m even thinking of
sending in the college everybody ought to go to college after all i’m a college
man myself graduate of the state university i still think that it’s an
immediate safety from judge will you kindly bc resign discussing avoids
future i’m trying to plan his career where are
you didn’t talk as if you were the only college graduate groups stony hearts but i suppose it cost to put a bullet in
colleges days ciba-geigy swing right safety pins the rights to that as you say he had a
smart card forget restriction of scholarship eleven i think that that’s what i’ll do i get leroy
scholarship and we pray that something here i have to get for himself get and
i’ll help approaches yes our study with after all as i say
i’m a college magnetic you private colleges changed a good deal since her
debut at the reply from the church after alright i’ll get help i talked with his teacher or as
principal eat good what yes she’d be glad to help me out by the course of
study for the boy miss goodman might be a bring out in this yes indeed and i just wrote a letter by evening i haven’t seen it all summer it’s addictive besides i ought to be realized fan she’s tv in living entity on the contrary pbm
other lady we’ve gotten really supportive hampers drove the he’s not exactly i
make it all the time that expected quite yet continent lady ground well as it happens yes and reasons you mentioned would be
returned family three i’m calling on this but with a few most helpful that’s been uh… off which you think it
is going there for a definite purpose infinity the traffic have to do it somehow
managed to attachment static she comment about fifteen dash had gone
out there l_p_d_ i’ve put down twenty five dollars
in cash on an encyclopedia today did you see twenty three rd and twenty
five dollars did you say interactive t_v_ and
encyclopedia thirty volumes special paper in special biji man’s been
after me for months dude mhm he’s had better get fish monitor
when it was his strategy of the v_ wait a minute in i said i bought an encyclopedia today thirty volumes getting in from a disease anything you
want no it’s in there handsomely illustrated to over a
thousand color plates here’s a sample volume and left with
aftereffects just perfect uh… it’s not like the evite nine yes n baron or damaged by
preeminently the look at the special tooling on that cover just feel like that is truly in massey is the first
budget a doll at needs it contains everything added
importance beginning with a cc looking here again about the atomic bomb butler the atomic bomb well-known to those of us pretty important andy’s rico magic on your almanac
miscount hadn’t got everything that it’s definitely viguerie airways blvd this is full of
interesting stuff for instance as you know the moon
controls the tides ideal karta last headed phases of the movement handle
tags everyday nyi names wrong the president’s to landfall right you know
how ants communicate with each other you know who are committees wives who would like to meet campaign the that’s not a complete
answer you know which of the highest mountains
in the western hemisphere must begin me the entries you know how long it’ll take a railroad
train traveling sixty miles an hour to reach the moon turned out to be a good
weekends that shows how much you know you tell me meticulously how they
deliver phone predicted that is how did you come to the friday’s reference work
because every house eleven encyclopedia p_d_ the look of things as a matter of fact i bought this leroy
you know you didn’t seem so surprised heroes begin to show a real interest in
the school work this year eastern over newly monthly turnover in new york though i’m free encouraging abt that’s why i bought this i think it’ll help in his work for instance do you know how many tribes
aborigines around this country investigators denying you have to go i
have a question or waiting period for my mentor her husband’s ngos i’d ask you a
question peavey do you know how many battles alexander
the great one with the others families and communities around this see those countries are they habitat of the ark sleep together they
see that kind of pharmacy here not a crisis all right for the trouble with usb
deliver it is that it is making money wednesday go on an answer i’ll go and talk to
somebody who’s interested in intelligently lessons uh… leader hit wager that is set up here on the
floor so that was such a nice evening but let’s go inside at something on a silly i was so glad when you call it last
night i hardly seeing you all summer via that since the jolly ballistic missile who advice in romania softly if you get
it done anyway katie about lira already mister lonely started monday it is not
what you think something is going well here i i think
it’s his new teachers misleading messer i mean that’s easy if she angie’s father young and inexperienced i was a little concerned about
substituting happen this week and listen to get those kids eating out of ur hand well i’m glad to hear as you get the
royals steamed up he can’t wait to get the school in the morning and he comes
home every afternoon and go straight to his homework i think the boys gotta turn out to be a
student splendid felix silence by during the tabloid suddenly takes home
like that if that makes teaching with fund by the way things are going on
planning now by joyce is out of the college all i think he should go
definitely go i wanted to have every advantage for the first thing i did today i’ve a lot of an encyclopedia all
how wonderful the britannica encyclopedia britannica well know this is called the new world
encyclopedia uh… is thirty five c cost me sixty
nine fifty got everything for me to see that delivery of tomorrow is a sample value handsomely illustrated over a thousand
color place and tooling and so forth words with any government but i’m sure this one is very good i’m
sure if you are going to everything and if you do very well uh… distance unlike the persian aniket but let’s have a look at this and he went in and i think but needed chhoti houston uh… but several her then we can spread it out and that’s aditi you see it to begin with a they usually do if it does that is all about erin elena bible from and the man they go to him so kind of dough into here let’s look for some pictures for this monday out here here’s a picture of it says it’s a picture of an ancient
abyssinian base busted over here we have he certainly lean over again like that alike that perfume anyway it’s not procurement scandal okay reid and it has nothing to do with the other
things atmosphere within seventy two year test kamala news well are you going to show me the vocal
onto reading worried when i see is a they’ve had to easily cc innocuous jennifer martin did you come over here to talk about the
rise college education of something left relieve you of the
political aides for five years generations there problematical why don’t you come back again in five
years uh… is that let’s see it stunningly astrophysics helmet this is badly he is bad and psychological if you’ll see but that
the men india with attractive martha dot on
several fronts yes sir it’s a car anyway got talent leroy in sacto black if that doesn’t mean the whole did you
get home yes me anything cognizant you know existed to me and that really let me get at this go set from baghdad as blackmail daily variety this with you phase out of stock office and everything came into the
school if that’s their at his books i suppose let’s let the boy with his health nama dia countywide has to make such a
shock the first time in his life he’s ever
study let’s not discouraged you know a for the royal combative level and get something for
you no wait don’t look at leroy and at first but you might hear ransom flatly just let the description i’ll go get my p you know here comes this that would
mistreatment uh… coming around eight thirty p insuranceko fiat leisure catch it went well good afternoon that is to give the state
and yes that is that a if coming in sexy sky it’s the italian lately this didn’t well
i think how much no from one of the iraqi well you can’t
just to the right track the governor critical idea i came all the talk not because i wanted
to explain to you about the whole thing myself that’s fine i’m just about
surprise leroy and the press you know it explain about lottie you would explain
about what do you like and you tell me what i’ve
i’ve seen the book i was forced to suspend leroy from school today soon
spin i didn’t like to do it but one of only
alternative five fifty two and call sunday liriano i’d understand it even thought he was
crazy about this week all this was in this wind she was just a substitute this is this
weekend and vocal with the colors he called her out go faced all to myself you dole marjorie what am i going to do with this
encyclopedia now is twenty five dollars down in ten
months the page yeah i guess i’ll just have to return it
that’s all how are you going to return it unless
he’s on the comfort with this writing on the flight leave for a good pro-life leroy from his loving unko make us the full manned by george you
pay for you’ll pay for it i was a lot if i have to raise a lot to do it the regular slave is played by harold
and it’s not my job weight sample the music is blackjack bacon this is jon lai’s breaking for the crab
cheese company and inviting you to listen and again next week for the
brother adventures of the great filters lazier it at that age for her health meals and the company
treated as a sure bet surpass that the delicious cheese food enjoy paps that’s no cheddar cheese
goodness and sandwiches and salads serve slices of past after high-end
fruit desserts and see what a swell saucepan that makes for bacon macaroni
vision pab step this notion digestible comes
into delicious varieties golden path step and memento pastor five oh five depth perhaps that cheddar
cheese who from your dealer tomorrow national broadcasting company

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