The Grass is Always Grindr Season 2 – Episode 2

[Sniffing] Joe: Oh shit, that’s strong. Leo: I get it from the hottest guy in Vauxhall. He totally fancies me. [Club music in background] Joe: I’ve got a boyfriend. Leo: A boyfriend? Leo: Wow, that’s so retro. Joe: Retro? Leo: Yeah, gay men – or I guess, my generation of gay men are free from all that ancient monogamy stuff. Leo: I’m sure it’s cool for you. Joe: Yeah, it is, actually. Leo: Cute. Leo: Trish said you’ve got a good Insta game or somehting. Joe: Just passed 10K followers Leo: Oh that’s sweet.
I remember passing 10,000 followers. Leo: It was a real milestone. [Traffic sounds] [Typing sounds] [knock on door]
[Ryan acknowledges the knock] Fab: Ryan, we’re all going for a drink at the coach if you want to join? Ryan: I’m snowed under Fab, but… thanks. Fab Fab: Hmm, hmm [Door closes] Eve: If it’s really bad, I’d take him to see a
psychosexual therapist Eve: Trust me babes, ten years in the industry,
you learn some useful tips. Adam: And, how do you deal with the haters. Eve: I send them a link to my pornhub channel. Eve: How else do you deal with haters. [Adam laughs] Adam: You own it. Eve: You’ve gotta own it, or they’ll own you. Eve: And if you suspect something with pretty boy…. Adam: Joe Eve: Joe. You’ve got to say it. Eve: Don’t let it boil up. Adam: The thing is…. Adam: I’ve got HIV, and Joe doesn’t mind, but what if nobody else wants me Eve: Babes, Eve: You need to decide whether you want him for him, or for your fears about HIV. Eve: Now, let’s get a selfie before I go. I love
boxers and you will go down a storm on my Twitter Trish: And don’t let that wanker in the
green in. Trish: I saw him try to molest my ex here last Thursday. Trish: Hellooo. Adam Hi… [er] Adam: Joe Harris should have put my name on the list. Trish: What’s your name honey bun? Adam: Adam Jones. Trish: Well, I can see why he put
you on the list [Club beat in the background] Trish: Have fun Trish: Thank you, next! [Club music] [Phone buzzes] [Club music] Adam: Did you have sex with someone else? Joe: Adam, I’m hosting. Joe: Just have have a drink and enjoy the party. Adam: Joe, can you just answer the question. Joe: Look, maybe monogamy’s a bit passe. Adam: Passe? Adam: Why didn’t you tell me? Joe: Oooh, Adam you’re so
straight-laced Joe: Come meet Leo! Joe: Leo. Meet Adam. Leo: That’s your boyfriend. Adam: Yeah, yeah, he’s like a boxer. [Club music] Leo: Oh my god, where are my cigarettes? Leo: Have you got them?! Adam: Mate, I don’t even smoke. Leo: Can you check his pockets Joe? Adam: Do you know what. FUCK this! [Club beat in the background] Joe: Adam. Adam, wait! Adam: Why didn’t you stand up for me
in front of that racist little prick. Joe: He’s nineteen. He is naive. Adam: Do you want to sleep with him? Joe: No, I want to sleep with you. Adam: You gave me chlamydia, Joe. Joe: Okay, sorry. Adam: You know how anxious I am
right now about my health. Joe: Do you not want to sleep with other guys? Adam: No I don’t. Joe: Adam, I wasn’t…. Adam: You weren’t what?! Joe: I wasn’t sober. Adam: Are you high right now? Joe: Yeah I’ve taken some mephedrone. Adam: God Joe. I didn’t think you were a junkie too. Joe: Junkie! Joe: Adam! I work in clubs. How do you think people have fun? Adam: We need to talk when you’re sober. Joe: Alright. Fine! Joe: Thanks for making my first night fucking tip-top, Adam! Leo: Oh my god, I hope that wasn’t my fault, was it? Leo: I just die. Joe: No, we just need some space. Leo: I’m getting you a drink at the bar, handsome. [High heels clicking] Trish: The party’s inside, honey. Joe: Don’t really feel like partying tonight. Trish: Things not go well with Joe? Adam [mumbles]: Well you could say that. [Bracelet clinks] Trish: Well I don’t want to jump into anybody’s
last season Topman shoes. Trish: But I’m just going to put this out there: Trish: I think you’re really cute. Trish: And I’d love to
take you for dinner sometime. Adam: I’m really flattered, thank you. Adam: I’ve only just started getting used to gay men. Adam: I don’t think I’m ready for drag queens yet. Trish: That’s me as a boy. Adam: That’s you! [Club music]

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