The Fountain of Youth FOUND!?

(energetic music) – Hello. Welcome to the show. My name’s Matt Santoro. And this episode’s brought to you by teachers that really
don’t like cell phones. (speaking in foreign language) (crash) Scientists may have discovered the fountain of youth this week. Ok. Well not literally. But genetic scientists
at Harvard Medical School successfully reversed aging in lab mice. They were able to transform mice from the equivalent of an 80 year old to a teenager. The idea behind this research is that it might one day be possible for humans. Well that sure is good news. I’d like to get my (bleep) on. It’s pretty complicated, but essentially this is how they did it. There’s a special enzyme called telomerase that is found in both human and mice DNA. They modified the DNA of the mouse to be able to turn this enzyme on and off. When the enzyme was off, the mice aged rapidly. And when they turned the enzyme back on, they expected the aging to
slow down and stabilize. But what actually happened was the signs of aging reversed. Now old people shouldn’t
be too excited about this because it’s only theoretically possible for humans right now. But personally, I can’t wait
until it becomes possible for us, mostly because plastic surgeons won’t be needed as much, which means it’s much less likely for things like this go happen. (shudders) But one of the most positive things out of this story is that the enzyme also has regenerative properties. which means there’s
potential in the future for paralyzed people to walk again or cure people with diseases that were previously uncurable. There might even be hope for Hugo. – There’s nothing wrong with me. And I ate all your chips. – There aren’t any chips in the house. – Yea. The ones that say “paint”. (chuckles) – The next big story is that Google’s planning even stronger
copyright protection against the content uploaded
to the sites it owns like YouTube. The rules are already strict but now there’s the possibility that if you put anything in your video that doesn’t
belong 100 percent to you, your video could be taken
down within 24 hours. This is because between 2004 and 2009 Google recieved over 10,000 complaints from over 5,000 copyright holders. And that number just keeps growing. Now I get that Google has
to look out for itself. But this is just excessive. To me, it’s the classic case of a few people ruining it for everybody. Because the vast majority
of those complaints were due to people uploading songs and movie clips, et cetera. It’s stupid to censor people like me that put out unique content, but might want to use a picture from Google images here and there. As far as I’m concerned,
you’re just making yourself look stupid, Google. Oh, what? You’re going to start censoring my background now? I don’t care. I’m still going to continue the show. Go ahead. Censor anything you want. Wait. What? The lamb-sheep-ram? How is that copyrighted? Oh, nice. So you censor my face. That’s real nice. You know what? I don’t care. I’m still going to continue talking. Oh, nice. That’s what it’s come down to? Really? Really? I’m a pretty little girl. (stammers) What did you just make me say? Oh, you’re going to change my words now. Nice. That’s good. Well at least you can’t
censor everything, Google. (sucks teeth) Hm. That’s it. I’m investing Yahoo. (beep) (bass-heavy rap music) Well that sure is good news because I’d like to get my hump on. Well that sure is good news because I’d sure like to get all up in some punani. Well that’s good because I can’t wait for some rubbing. (laughs) The hell am I talking about?

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