The Flower of Heaven | Book Launch Trailer

– There is an incredible mystery that is calling you to be known. And all of existence is
seeking to awaken you. All of existence is
seeking to reveal to you the power, and the glory, and
the beauty of who you are. And if you’ve ever felt this call to know who you really are, and
what you’re here for, and what we’re all here for, then I invite you to read
“The Flower of Heaven”, and discover and learn
about the invitation on how you can interact, not only with your friends and family in the world, but also with the deeper
levels of yourself, and your connection with the divine. And so in this book, it’s
a beautiful invitation, a direct invitation from the divine, how to open and surrender
to the power of you, and the connection with the divine, and the love and connection
that you can have with others. It’s a way that you can
assist to transform the world, and your relationships with
your family and friends, as well as the way that you
interact and perceive yourself. And so use the teachings in this book to open yourself up deeper to you, to experience an incredible connection that leaves you feeling
satisfied in your life from a place of knowing that you matter, and the people in your lives matter. And that all of existence has a purpose, and is here to both serve you, and for everyone to serve each other. (gentle music)

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