The Clodhopper Report, Episode name: “Yard Appliance”

How ya doin? Come on back
I’v e got something to show ya. Ya know one of the great things about
the pace of life up here north of 64 is that a man feels free to execute
his projects in stages. Exhibit A. This old dryer quit working
about 5 years ago. And I just lugged it out of the
basement this winter. “Lugged”, sometimes a man just has to
lug something. Anyway the project is in currently in storage phase
and I’m storing out here in the back yard. I don’t want to store it in the front yard,
that’d be ostentatious. ♪ Well I tore off the big 220 volt cord off this thing
and gave it to a guy in town who collects copper and sells it. He’s a recycler. He doesn’t have a ‘think green’ bumber sticker
or a pair of hemp shorts but, he’s a recycler. You know, speaking of recycling.
You could refurb this baby, paint it green and gold and bingo, you’ve got lawn statuary. Or other things. You could use it for a minnow tank or
a worm farm. Dog house, carp smoker, tool repository.
Any number of things. ♪ You know… ♪ It’d take a little engineering, but could turn this
into one of them change sorters, like they’ve got down by the bank. Of course a guy would have to do a little bit
of riggin. ♪ Could slap a couple of straps on it and donate
it to the high school marching band. “bang”, “bang”, “bang”, “bang” Of course the high school football team could
always use an other tackling dummy. You know, the bottom line is
I’m just grateful that I live in a place where a man can through his used dryer out
the back door and nobody finds it all that unusual. ♪ There’s gotta be 47 cents worth of change in here. Hey, there’s a grey sock in here. ♪

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3 thoughts on “The Clodhopper Report, Episode name: “Yard Appliance”

  1. Coming to these late, but I made it. Being unemployed I Run scrap. I found the greatest thing in the world awhile back. Nov. 14, 2014 to be exact. I found the love of my life ( so far ) a ginger feline that wandered off from our neighborhood. Anyway, I found a dryer once, every time I moved it while taking it apart, change fell out of it. I had a two pound butter bowl about half full. Kind of anticlamtic but there you go.

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