Testing Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beatuy 💙 I Am Kristin

hey guys it’s Kirstin so in today’s
video I’m gonna be testing and reviewing flower beauty which is by Drew Barrymore
I just really wanted to try it out because I’ve seen her
you know like on takis Channel and a few others where she is kind of explaining
her product and the beauty gurus who were like do this for a living and like
are fully into the beauty community you know they really have these glowing
reviews about it and I kind of wanted to see as like an average non beauty guru
how I like it so this is her illuminating primer and then I got the
seal the deal spray and this is like a finishing spray if it would focus so I
kind of wanted to get something for the starting point and the finishing point
cuz I have a lot of products I really like as far as concealer and foundation
and lipstick and eyeliner and yeah it all that stuff but I don’t have really a
good primer and a finishing spray now as a bonus I also got this for free and so
it’s the mix and matte lip duo so it’s I’ll show you this in a minute
but pretty much it has matte on one side and like a glossy on the other but I am
gonna start with this illuminating so it’s flower in your prime and luma
nating primer so this retails for only 1099 which is a really really good deal
and I got mine all myself at Ulta so it’s got this little like a little mini
squeeze end so a lot of you would probably use like a sponge or a brush or
something but I tend to put this stuff on like it’s lotion so that’s what I’m
gonna do here now from what I’ve been told you do not need a try to use the
mirror that actually set up you don’t need a ton of this although when you
watch Drew Barrymore apply this herself she uses a ton of it so I’m gonna start
off with a small amount because I don’t know how this is gonna be I don’t know
if it’s gonna be too much or you know if I’m not gonna have enough it’s the first
time I’m using it so we’re just gonna start with a little bit now the first
thing I notice is it’s really like creamy there’s really no smell which is
good because sometimes when they add a scent or something and then if you don’t
like the scent it’s not good it feels really lightweight I don’t feel
like I have anything on my face and I don’t know if you can see but it is like
shimmery excuse the brown bags but you can see
like there’s a little bit of a like a glisten I guess to my skin which I
always love so this actually feels really good like my skin feels really
soft and it’s I like this okay so now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pause for
a second I’m gonna do my makeup like I normally do because like I said I’m just
reviewing the like primer and then the finishing spray so I’m gonna do all my
makeup like I normally do and then I’ll be right back alright so I’m back this
is kind of my like everyday go-to makeup I am wearing foundation just a little
bit I don’t normally wear foundation I usually just do concealer but in order
to do like a true test I feel like I need to have concealer on so I can see
if it stays or not and then the last thing is I usually do tinted chapstick
but I want to test out the little lip dual thing that I got for free so with
this this size is let me see this is called honey nude 0.12
when you open this up one side it’s like a normal lipstick I’ll show you that and
this is the matte side and then this side over here if I unscrew it this is
gonna be like the gloss side I’m not a big fan of gloss I just personally my
hair sometimes will get my face and they get stuck to my lips and I don’t like
how sticky so I’m interested to see how this works but let’s try the mat first
I’m have to look in the mirror already loving the color cuz it’s almost exact
same as my skin tone which is a little darker mmm that’s creamy oh I like that
it just gives my lips like an extra little bit of color but this is that’s
really pretty it’s something I would totally wear on a regular basis because
I’m not a big fan of bright colors and this looks just like my skin tone just a
little darker okay so now my question is do I put them together or I’m guessing
so it’s called duo so let’s do it I’m gonna try them together and then I might
take this off and try to just the lip gloss so I can see the difference ooh
look how pretty oh that’s really pretty does not feel sticky so it’s a little I
think it put too much on because it’s almost like a bronzy color if I get in
closer so it’s a little looking a little metallic I guess I mean I think I might
have put too much on let me get in Kleenex nope still look for duller so I think I
just I don’t know if I put too much on or that’s it if it is actually like a
metallic e you can kind of see it let’s do it let’s do a test on how strong this
lipstick is actually let’s see if I can wipe it off so it does came off pretty
easy but I feel like my lips are still stained a little like the color let’s do
just the gloss side now maybe let yeah it still looks like copper metallic
something you might love this which totally I can see it’s like really
creamy feels really good like it does not feel sticky at all
I personally not liking this like super glittery I guess shimmery color but it
is a really good quality lipstick so I think I’ll probably just stick with the
mat next normal lipstick side and then probably won’t use this maybe if I have
to go somewhere and like a special occasion or something but it does like
you can see I’m like wiping it and it’s still on my lips so I feel like this and
I only have this on for like what 20 seconds so if you like if you have this
on for a while it will stay like it’s not gonna come off and my lips do look
stained still from it so I think it I think it would last a long time now the
last thing is is the seal the deal finishing spray it says hydrating
setting spray technically so let’s try this I always feel like I’m gonna get it
like stuck in my hair and my ears and they all sticky so let’s see I don’t
know how far oh oh it’s really oh I wish you could see this right now wow that is
really nice I was like fighting to get like blasted in the face and it was like
such a fine soft easy miss like I didn’t even think it was on my face
mmm smells good smells fresh okay so my face is a little bit wet right now so
let’s just give it a second yeah I was totally expecting the last one I use
when you spray it it kind of like shot me in the face that’s why I was like
waiting for it but this really just went off like really soft it was actually
kind of like floating in the air a little bit I really like this so it says
it locks makeup and locks and makeup and hydrates protects from pollution
particles moisturiz moisture boosting it says use the mist two to three times a
day so you know I might if you are going somewhere where you need to have makeup
on for the entire day then you’ll want to apply this again what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna wait like let’s say five six hours and I’m gonna come back to you
guys and we’re gonna see what state my face is in now because I wear this
makeup all the time I know how it acts when I do not have primer on and how it
when I don’t have a setting spray on I’ll be back for you guys it’s gonna be
like a split second for me it’s gonna be like six hours so I’ll see you later all
right so I’m back it’s been almost six hours and I feel like everything’s
holding up really well it looks better than what it normally does after six
hours like usually my the this crease will be like a line here of makeup cuz I
don’t know if it’s the eyeshadow I’m using but I need to like switch it but I
think it’s holding up pretty good the other thing I noticed is that my skin
even right now like if I rub it here it doesn’t feel dry like it actually feels
like I just put moisturizer on and so that’s one thing is it stayed like
moisturize I guess all day like you’ve been down on my neck so I like that cuz
it makes my skin like not dry now I didn’t spray again which I should have
done just to because it does say the spray is like two to three times a day
so this is just with one misting if you guys are interested in getting this and
again I’m not making anything off this but just if you are interesting getting
these I’ll make sure to link those below as well as the lipstick that you can get
that’s like a combo so all this does below but that’s pretty much it I just
wanted to test these out cuz I got them and I was really excited and I was like
you know what I’m gonna just test them on camera and see how it goes and share
this with you guys so that’s it today’s video I hope you liked it and if
you did please give me a thumbs up also don’t forget to leave me comments below
so I know you were here and if you are new to my channel don’t forget to
subscribe and then hit this Bell see you’re alerted when I upload a new video
and I’ll talk to you later

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2 thoughts on “Testing Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beatuy 💙 I Am Kristin

  1. I often wonder how much involvement these celebrities have on the product outside of putting their name on the package 😉

  2. Thanks for this video Flower has just come to Australia, so i'm super excited to try these products, i have the eyeliner that i havent tried as yet, but i think i might go get me some primer and spray and lipstick duo. Great Price …which left me wondering how good the products are..again Thank you Kristin

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