Terberg YT 182 Yard Tractor by Cranes Etc TV

In this review we’re going to look at a
special vehicle. It’s a Terberg YT 182 yard tractor. The box
is Terberg branded but there’s no indication on it as to who the model
maker is, so Terberg probably arranged it themselves directly with a Chinese
factory. The two trays are factory sealed, so a quick knife cut does the job,
and there we see the YT 182 patiently waiting to come out. There is no assembly
because this model is complete out of the box. This is a detailed model and looking
underneath we see the engine and transmission and there are thin tyres on
the wheels. The cab has got very thin windscreen wipers and handrails on the
outside, and things are really good inside the cab with a highly detailed
console. Behind the cab there’s a nice exhaust, coiled lines and textured
walkway surfaces. The model is small and quite light and that is because quite a lot
of it is plastic that includes obvious areas like the grab rails, but also the
exhausts, the walkways and the fairings, and the wheel arches at the back are all
plastic. Let’s see if the YT 182 is nippy
running around the yard, and because it’s not so heavy it’s not particularly free
rolling. Let’s now have a look and check out the steering and you can’t move the
steering much before the wheels foul on the wheel arches and that’s a pity
because a feature of the real yard tractor is its high manoeuvrability, but
this model won’t be turning sharply in the display case. It does have a tilting
cabin that works well because it tilts forward to a decent angle and that lets
you see the nicely detailed engine underneath. But the main feature of the
real yard tractor is its elevating fifth wheel. This works on the model although
the hydraulic rams that control it are very stiff and it achieves a good height.
The reason the real yard tractor does this is so that it can easily move
trailers about and it doesn’t need the landing legs of the trailer to be
raised every time. So the yard tractor backs into the trailer and then lifts it
up with the elevating fifth wheel. This is a little difficult to show on the
model so we’re using a giant hand and screwdriver and there you can see the
trailer lifted off its landing legs and then the yard tractor can move the
trailer around. This is an unusual little model and it’s
very nicely detailed. Part of the reason for that is that it has a relatively
high plastic content but the main feature of the yard tractor has been
replicated so you could display it doing its job. In summary it’s a nice model
that is rated very good.

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14 thoughts on “Terberg YT 182 Yard Tractor by Cranes Etc TV

  1. Another great vidieo. Like the blue Conrad trailer, have managed to obtain 2 of the sets containing that trailer. It looks good with the matching tractor unit.

  2. Yeah spotters have an insanely tight turning radius. You’re in America you might see Ottawa yard spotters. But also there may be regular day cabs and have hydraulic fifth wheels. Like to see you do one with a twin drive set up

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