Sustainable Landscape Horticulture/Horticulture Technician

Working with my hands, being outside, I love it, you can’t get any better than that. I own a design and installation company. Once you’re out in the field, you realize that there’s always more to learn. i’d love to get into the planting a little bit more and this education is going to bring it. The technical college we combine not only the information, the practical information that goes with it, but we also put that with practical skills we have a lot of service or what we call
service-learning where they actually go out and apply everything they’ve
learned in the classroom so they can see how it applies to the actual workplace.
There’s so much you can learn in the textbook but there’s so much more you
can learn in the field. You put those two things together and I
think you’ve got a very good solid strong program. Every single day I use this education. When talking to customers I can use the education to answer questions and things like that. I can do so much more now that I know all the things that they’ve taught.

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