Surinam Cherry Tree – eating in the yard

chef buck here hope everyone is taking
SuperDuper care of themselves hope everybody as well and doing fine camera
girl and I are fine we are back in Florida returned from Mexico and we’re
bunkered down hunkered down here at my mother-in-law’s which is a good thing
but we’re a little short on supplies but my mother-in-law said I could come out
and eat anything that I could find in New York so I thought I would show you
the Surinam cherry tree which is also called a Florida cherry as well but I
remember these from when I was a little kid I don’t know if you’ll recognize
this if you’re in the southeast I don’t know are they in Georgia or Alabama
they’re little pumpkin shaped fruit they’re not actually scientifically
cherries although they’re called cherries but I don’t know what makes a
cherry a cherry it’s small and it’s red but these are about the same size but
they’re edible and they’re delicious you know they can be very tart but they bear
fruit in the spring and in the fall and you can see there’s all different colors
of fruit on here you’ve got them from very pale green to orange to light red
to an even darker red and you want to eat these when they are SuperDuper dark
now you see this here this orange one like I can eat that but it’s gonna be
very tart now this green one here you know you don’t even want to eat that
I’ll pull it off here so you can see and it’s got a little tuft on the end but
it’s okay to eat that too but it doesn’t look too buggy so I’ll pop it in my
mouth now this here you don’t want to eat ah that is not a great one to eat now
I’ll pull an orange one off here and see I gotta I kind of hadn’t pull it a
little bit there kind of pulled away so if it doesn’t come off easily you don’t
want to eat it but even an orange one hmm
and I’ll show you the PIP I know you’re very frilled to see something that came
out of my mouth but it’s kind of a large pit and you can plant this you know if
you’re a farmer type and you got some mad farming skills you could plant this
and grow a new tree but I’m not so I’ll just throw it down there and and we’ll
see what the the good Lord has planned for it maybe it’ll be another tree but
now this here one is a super red one that’s kind of big and I’m pulling on it
it doesn’t quite want to pull away mmm that one doesn’t either you want to look
for a cherries that come off in your hand very easily see that one now I
hardly had to touch that one at all that one probably would have fallen on its
own pretty soon if I hadn’t have grabbed it this is what you’re looking for it
actually feels soft hmm just so good oops see while I’m
eating to carry something else is eating me but the pit looks the same
boom but that was a really tasty one see if I can find another one up here now I
was asking my mother-in-law you know if this was a lot fruit and she said it
wasn’t at all she’s used to the tree bearing war a fruit then it has this
year but it’s been very dry see how easily that one came off
she said it usually has a lot more fruit on em miss ups look at that see us start
squeezing in a little bit and it just the skin started to rupture yeah this is
going to be a really good one mm-hmm it’s silly how good these are hmm look at that that one had two pits in it
but these are always remind me of being a kid I remember when I was a little kid
we used to run around and eat these things although I didn’t really I don’t
think I really knew it I can’t really remember it but I remember that taste
this one came off pretty easily and these here little Tufts you can eat that
you know you got to look to make sure there aren’t any worm factories going on
there or any rants ants running around in them some people really don’t like
them because they have such a distinctive flavor that one came off
super easily I could just eat the heck out of these but you can use these and
you know make a sauce you can make ice cream you can make jams jellies you know
anything you could do like with a regular berry so if you live in a
tropical area Florida or Hawaii I don’t know that they have these in California
I know they’re big uns Central and South America and Islands and tropical places
but I don’t know I don’t know how prevalent they are in other parts of the
United States has anybody ever tried any of these here I don’t think you can
really go to the store and buy them I don’t know if they really sell them
commercially I don’t know if I’ve seen them sold commercially I don’t know
enough about trees to tell you what it looks like but you know the fruit is so
distinctive you know it has such a distinctive shape oh that one came off
so I guess I gotta eat it but you know if you have one of these in
your yard and you didn’t think it was edible you know do some research I’m not
telling you to go out and eat anything red in your yard because that’s not a
good idea you know what is that they say red equals dead so if you go out and
start eating red stuff you know it might not be a good idea I remember they used
to be everywhere when I was a kid or it seemed like him or maybe I’m getting
them mixed up with some other red thing but Surinam cherries are very tasty and
my mother-in-law says I can eat all of them in the backyard that I can find
anything I can eat in the backyard she said I can have she’s got these big ol a
mango trees here but there’s no mangos to be seen she probably forgot there’s a
lime tree here maybe I’ll pluck off a couple of these
limes but anyway I hope everybody’s doing all righty camera girl and I like
I said we’re doing SuperDuper take care of yourself I haven’t you know we kind
of just got back so we’ve been hunkered down eventually I’ll get out to a
grocery store and get some stuff and start doing some cooking again but until
then I’m just eating what I can find in the yard take care of yourself and we’ll
see in the future bye-bye

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25 thoughts on “Surinam Cherry Tree – eating in the yard

  1. I remember eating berries or cherries from a tree in New York long story short I found myself at the ER! Maybe they had worms red equal dead Lol Enjoy yourself

  2. Mexico to Florida? Chef Buck I've been following you for a couple years I'm praying for you hard. Stay safe & clean brother.

  3. Your travel and food adventures from Mexico were delightful, though I’m glad you and CG are safely here. It would be interesting to hear details about returning home on Slowpoke Travel.

  4. I never knew about these I have never seen these in the stores. Looks good and tasty. I truly enjoy you and camera girl videos. Be safe and take care.

  5. Hey chef .. good to see you spinning your good vibes to the wonder web .. stay safe all you people..
    From Aussie Andy

  6. Greetings from Corpus Christi Texas. Good to see you, Chef Buck. Glad you and Camera Girl are hanging tough, making videos and eating Surinam Cherries. Take care of yourselves & stay well.

  7. W E I R D….was just telling someone about these yesterday !! We are blessed with tons of these. They are incredibly prolific. We have 3 main trees & then lots of babies popping up everywhere. We've pitted them, mashed them & made ice cubes out of them for rum punch or even just seltzer water. These things are truly a gift from above 🙂

  8. In Israel we call it Pitango and it usually grows in private yards (It's not sold on the market). The origin of this name is from Brazil, where it's a popular fruit, they call it Pitanga…

  9. Thank you so much my friend I enjoyed the video it made me laugh I really needed to laugh. Please say hi to your wife. Stay safe and god bless.

  10. I’m from Southern California I’ve never seen or heard of those ever before. Glad I learned something new today! Have a great and safe rest of your day ❤️

  11. Houston Texas is considered sub-tropical, but the Surinam Cherry will not even thrive there. They can not tolerate any frost at all, and must have a tropical environment to thrive and bear fruit. I started life in Tampa, and I remember they were abundant there in hedgerows. I live in Arkansas now, and I miss the wonderful exotic resinous flavor of the Surinam Cherry very much. I do wish someone would commercially ship some up this way. Very good video! Thank you!

  12. Surinam cherries are super refreshing to eat when they are ripe. They're considered something of an invasive plant down here in Florida, since they grow readily and can crowd out local plants if left unchecked…but I wouldn't mind if a few more popped up in my mother-in-laws yard. Hope everyone is doing okay, and we'll see you next week!

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