Superintendent Laurrie’s COVID-19 Update for 3-23-20

Hello it’s Mark Laurrie, Niagara Falls
School District Superintendent’s YouTube video update. I thank you for watching,
thank you for listening and most importantly thank you for paying close
attention to what we have to talk about on these videos. First a big thank you to
a group that I haven’t been acknowledged enough, but I want to show my
appreciation to the Niagara Falls City School District Board of Education. Nine
individuals who have been completely supportive to the plans and work that
we’re doing insisting on food insisting on learning packets, insisting on proper
protocols but most importantly insisting on safety for our staff students and our
community. Thank you Niagara Falls Board of Education. If you go to any one of the
city playgrounds or one of our school district playgrounds and our school
district playgrounds you’ll see caution tape around them at the city playgrounds
that they will be closed – the mayor of Niagara Falls,
Robert Restaino, has closed all playgrounds in an effort to continue the
practice of social distancing. Tomorrow is the first of instructional packet
delivery day at the elementary schools and the prep schools. You can pick up a
grade-level packet for your child during the same hours as lunch, 11:00 to 1:00.
There will be no packets to be picked up at Niagara Falls High School for
elementary or prep school students. The Niagara Falls High School packets will
be ready on Thursday through a different process and only picked up at Niagara
Falls High School. The middle school packets, or prep school packets I should
say, only have the ELA materials in them. It’s, it’s coming down the line when we’ll
have more of our subject matter packets available. Please make sure that you take
your time and work through those packets, there’s a lot of material in there.
Please always put a lot of work into doing that to keep your skills fresh and
up-to-date. Packets tomorrow – all elementary and middle schools
pre-k to 8. The high school packet is forthcoming as well as additional Middle
School information. If you are picking up your musical instrument you must do so
with the schedule that Mrs. Custode has created. Please, Niagara
Falls High School students do not come at an off time, only when you’re
scheduled to have a pick up. A couple of athletic notes here. The
winter sports championships have been canceled by the Section and spring
sports has set a date of Monday, April 27th to have a determination as to what
is the future of spring sports during this school year, Monday, April 27th. We’ll
be sure to keep you posted. Remember get to the public library either in the
LaSalle branch or the downtown branch. The downtown branch on main is open 9:00
to noon Monday to Friday. The LaSalle branch is open 10:00 to 1:00. You must
call ahead two eight six, four eight nine four or two eight three, eight three oh
nine or go to their website and email them to get materials out of the public
libraries in the city. Essential staff for tomorrow: custodians, our food service
team that’s been working so hard over the last six days, our administrators
working hard over the last six days, making sure that everything’s set and
calm in your schools, secretaries called in only by Niagara Falls High School
administration – only those secretaries called in for the Niagara Falls High
School administration, our driver Mark Barone who continues to do a stellar job
for us, and no one else unless they were called by a supervisor or department
head. Please, I implore you, I implore you there should be no other staff coming to
the building. Whether it’s to drop off a form, pick up a form, please use email, use texting, use calling do not come to our buildings we are really stressing the
distancing from our schools and I’d ask for your cooperation in that matter.
Please I can’t stress that enough. If I didn’t mention it we had, distributed
2,676 meals today. I believe we have covered everything that we need to for
today. Stay tuned to these YouTube videos, your auto dialer call, there are separate
messages going out for individual schools with particular interest of that
school. Some are fun and we need some fun and relaxing during this time. Please
stay, stay safe, wash your hands, practice social distancing, please remain calm,
continue to work together as a community as we fight through this COVID-19 crisis
and virus. We’ll be better for it and we will be back to normal before you know
it. So, please continue your cooperation and again as the school superintendent I
say thank you very much for your attention and your work.
Take care.

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