Stay at home challenge Covid-19

the debut of Chelsea’s American star
Christian police on the social media site tick-tock
did not go as planned well what I do know is he would get a
lot of likes and views but George can you imagine this is your debut on a site
a big big site I guess what usually you faked it was to
get laughs and to make it go around you didn’t fake that pretty comes yeah
definitely all right let’s continue all I turn to social media these past few
days as the world comes together to stay away from each other so you can just sit
on your couch drink soda eat chips and watch TV while we’re socially distancing
and staying at home but there’s a better way to spend the time it’s called as a
stay-at-home challenge hashtag stay-at-home change retired English
footballer Jamie Carragher took part let’s take a
look what time and nothing to do let me have one land thought about its I
thought it was difficult but he he was getting the hang of it toward the end
maybe should have seemed to tackle the toilet rule because that’s what he was
good at he was a central affair he was known for any skill or finesse on the
ball there was just a very good tackler and ended up the tackler football there
Tory – even better well we only went with not so much times on our hands
let’s look at jamaican-born football Ian Bailey Bailey
he also took part all right so he is about to do his challenge she see the
difference this is a winger this is a fair player a skilled player he rolled
it across both arms on his chest I look at hiding the toilet roll this is this
is top these are top skills nuns look at that top skills but you know in school
we used to we you the juggle cotton boxes yeah so and he
wasn’t barefoot like characters yeah so it would his difficulty level appears to
be more yes this is the streamlet skill for young man Toby Liam Billy as the
song says yes this is impressive but this is the this is the display that a
skilled player theory will be expected to perform with the toilet roll it is
impressive I want that one a frank in our part sighs I wonder I hope in my
time they used to juggle um bottles shall be bottles you know yeah yeah the
bottom uses trinitarian yeah yeah all right let’s continue with the NBA season
suspended for at least a month players and fans alike are going to be
challenged with staving off boredom on triage Twitter account Monday evening
the old star guard posted a video of himself sharpening his shooting three
two one go SOT yes sir money right I spent a lot of time do that as well
yeah so on maybe I was lazy I’m not wanting to walk to the dustbins and so
on that’s it recreating the three-point
challenge at the all-star weekend lead at the ball in rules so he lead the Hoos
are socks or whatever it was yeah it wasn’t any Adam on Iraq the whites-only
yeah yeah so it was a recreation of that which is where you have the whole
starters you see when this school bit 19 has done everybody is going to thank God
for getting back to normal life I was saying that to my brother today because
he’s extremely lazy right and um apparently no because of Korver 19 he
doesn’t have to work anymore which he doesn’t like to do so he whom he has to
stay at home right and he’s telling me like you know he’s so bored and what
nothing like but this is what you wanted so you asked for this and you have it I
hope you enjoy it if I were your brother I’d sue you why you giving him ideas you
interested I said he not working when you just described it as lazy continue
Kristie bug rationing no leveling grass Jim illness born out of this world this tremendous I’ve never seen anything
at ease in my life the man is so bored he takes a ruler and a pair of scissors
and he’s out on his lawn and he’s ensuring that each bit of us is the same
people are counting on my screen studio and somebody posted at the best if you
think Messi Ronaldo is skilful then watch this bastard boy Sepideh Sarajevo time for the bowl time for the ball for the ball PETA a candle on Tara yeah which which non-christian producer gave
us that video that’s not good advert for Christianity I don’t intoxicated I don’t
know no we’re the exception of the pasta I don’t know what my considering it was
this better not be at it right now social distancing all right come talk all right
want to play tennis there is another solution so this is in Italy they’re in
quarantine my issue is what if you can’t play as good it’s so like if you’re now
living dependence what every two minutes it gonna run down for the ball or you
want to just have like a whole pack and just no I have to come in when the ball
can’t be reused with the both of you and one would have to touch it and the other
one touches it by the way on a serious note Italy 475 definitely so I mean
that’s this thing more more debts than China yeah but that’s in China that’s it
from us just remember to stay healthy stay safe do the right things we have to
go by hope I’ve got some brothers got out

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