Spring Tips for Your Yard

(upbeat music) – Hey, it’s Nathan Fox, with Foxscapes, and as we go through
this Coronavirus time, we’ve kind of had a little bit of downtime between doing spring estimates and getting our equipment ready, and we thought it’d be
really fun to create a video. So Brian is here with us today, – What’s up?
– also. And we’re both college students and we don’t have a lot going on, so we thought it’d be
really fun to create a video for you guys of five things you could do to make your lawn look better this spring. – Let’s do it! – The first thing you can do is do a spring cleanup on your property. Picking up all the sticks, leaves, and debris left over from the winter, is really important to getting
your lawn ready for spring. The second thing you can do
is clean out your gutters. In the wintertime, they get full of all this crap, leaves and debris left over from the fall, and it’s really important
to get those cleaned out because it will erode your plants and it can also kill them
with all the spring rain. So that’s another thing you can do. All right, so another thing you can do is fertilize your lawn. We recommend using Milorganite, and then also a crabgrass
preventer, Scotts, anything you can find
at the store, really, will work for a lawn that
doesn’t have a ton of weeds, but something just to get
you started for the season. So another thing you
can do is plant bulbs, these are from my mom. She planted these last
year, or a couple years ago, and they come up every year, so they’re kind of cool
to have around your house, and they’re pretty neat. Trim your bushes. What we recommend is you just kind of
trim them back to a bud, so like right there, trim them back to a union, so where these branches will come out and this one just comes off. Another bush you’re going to want to trim is your hydrangeas. They normally are
trimmed back in the fall, but most people kind of forget about them and they like the cone
flower throughout the winter, it’s kind of a cool thing to have, but you’re going to
want to trim them back. The ones we have up
here are already trimmed but there’s a few that got missed so I’m going to show you
how to properly prune those. So the first thing you’re
going to want to do is you want to trim them back to a bud, or about six to 12 inches really, is what I like to do on hydrangeas. So trim back to a bud
union and then clip it, you’ll see that they
actually have dead wood, and it won’t ever grow back on that. So that’s what we kind of do with these, just trim them back, and that’s how you properly
trim your hydrangea.

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  1. Awesome video guys! Great tips and love the editing. Just subscribed and will definitely be watching more videos. 💯

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