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Hi guys, Joe here from Lawn Solutions
Australia welcome to spring. Spring is a great time of year for our gardens as temperatures start to increase. Your lawn starts to green up and grow again.
Stretching its legs after a cold dry winter. As a result of this your lawn may
not be looking its best so here are our top tips to get your lawn in good shape
this spring. Aeration helps air, water and nutrients get down into the soil. Creating a healthier root system and a healthier lawn. The easiest way to aerate
your lawn; with a pair of aerator sandals or a garden fork. Before you apply
fertilisers during spring make sure your lawn is actively growing and your mowing
regularly. After you’re done applying make sure you water it in well to avoid
the fertiliser burning the leaf. Coming out of winter you may have found a few weeds and managed to fight their way through your lawn. The easiest and most
effective method of removal for most weeds. Is to simply pull out by hand. When
you have an abundance of weeds or others that are a little bit tricky to kill, try
a specialist herbicide. Just make sure the herbicide you use is effective on
the weeds that are present and also won’t harm your lawn. Once your lawn a started actively growing it can be a good time of year to
apply a top dress. Top dressing helps correct any uneven parts for the lawn
and also helps to thicken up bits that may have thinned out over winter. Before
you do top dress remember to give your lawn a nice low cut and apply a
fertiliser. The best stuff to top dress with is a nice sandy soil or even
something like coarse river sand does the job as well. When applying the top
dressing be sure to never cover the full leaf so I can still get some sunlight. This will give you a lawn a nice kick for the months ahead. By following these
tips you ensure your lawn is in tip-top shape for spring. For all your turf needs in Brisbane visit www.jimboombaturf.com.au

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