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So the permaculture gardener uses all kinds
of vertical structures. Whether fences, high or low, trellises, arbors, pergolas, to grow
the crops up is the goal. Now these fences don’t need to be constructed of very powerful
lumbar in order to be strong. If you take a bunch of weak sticks and lash them all together,
and pressure fit them against each other you can create a serviceable fence for peas, or
maybe some flowers. I don’t know if I would trust you know, a hundred pound tomato plant
on this fence. However, this is very serviceable for some of the smaller crops. My main tools
for building these fences are fleece scraps, and hardwood slats. And like I said some of
these slats are pretty weak. But when we lash together Indian style, if we lash these together
the sum effect of this fence is way stronger then it needs to be. And a little bitty fence
like this, this might just last four or five seasons. Oh well maybe two or three.

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