Hello guys and welcome back to Til
Vacuum Do Us Part. Today I’m going to be sharing with you my spring cleaning
series part 3 and this is gonna be working on my patio and a front porch.
They both need a refresh they both need deep cleaning especially this back patio.
George has been running around here all muddy so we’ve got some serious stuff we
need to work on I’m gonna go ahead and show you a before picture so you can see
what I’m working with and we’re gonna get straight into today’s video okay before I can begin decorating and
refreshing this space I definitely have to deep clean it this back porch is way
worse than my front porch just because George is back here and he plays in the
mud and then he loves to like run circles on the sectional back here so
we’re gonna work on just taking this all apart getting everything off the porch
so I can like powerwash it and just deep clean it before we put it all back
together so here is an up-close look at the sectional without the cushions I’m
not gonna lie it wasn’t horrible but there was a lot of Leafs on it and bugs
so I definitely want to get that cleaned off before summer when we’re out here
hanging out I feel like that’s what spring cleaning is all about it’s
cleaning those areas but if you just don’t just over the winter and just
giving it a nice refresh luckily the sectional does come apart into two
pieces but I’m having chase help me just so I don’t mess it up and it’s kind of
heavy so you’ll see chase pop in and out
helping me here is what the ground looks like you can see one side where my
coffee table was and then one side the sectional that turning part in the
middle was our walkway and you guys always want me to put a rug down here
but it just gets way too dirty to have a rug out here our back porch with our
dogs and the rain so I’m gonna go ahead and just start by sweeping this all off
because there was just lots of bugs and grass and all of that and I want to get
the grounds nice and fresh I want to thank JCPenney for sponsoring
today’s video and while I finish up sweeping I wanted to let you know that
the JCPenney home cell is going on right now until March 25th and I found some
amazing pieces I’m going to be showing you how I use these on both the front
porch and the back patio so it definitely stay tuned until that part
I’m also going to let you know some tips and tricks for decorating along with how
to shop their cell so don’t click off yet because I have some good information
coming your way when you’re sweeping the ground don’t forget to go up high we get
a lot of webs and bugs and just different things dirt and your broom can
clean it so easy especially on my white house I have to do this kind of often
but it’s so nice to do it when everything’s cleared off so before you
grab your hose if you’re doing like a deep clean like me just definitely grab
that broom and get as much off as you can before you start spraying I wish the camera would have been on my
face when I picked up this doormat I had no idea how much grass was being stored
in that thing it just did not look dirty at all so I’m gonna work on getting all
that swept off but I seriously had no idea so note to self I’m gonna start
shaking that rug out a whole lot more often but I seriously just have no idea now I’m gonna work on my sectionals and
for these I just don’t want to get wet because they are wicker and I don’t know
how long that’s gonna hold up so I’m just gonna take my broom and sweep all
of it off it did take a little bit of work just because of the wicker but it
wasn’t that much effort I’m so glad it’s clean I guess I could have vacuumed
these if I thought about it but it was cleaning that fairly easy so I just went
to both pieces and just swept off as much as I could next I had a chaise take off like our
speaker and our decor off the wall I am gonna go ahead and take the hose and
wash all of this off and I didn’t want any of those items to get wet so we went
ahead and got the hose and the nozzle on it I put it on the strongest setting
that I could and hopes to like power wash it I need to actually probably get
a power washer one day but this works really well and I just start spraying it
it’s hard to see from the camera but Braun was running down like all my white
paint so it was a dirty but the main purpose was to go ahead and just do the
ground it was so dirty and muddy just from George and us walking around so I
was focusing on all those areas just so it would be nice and clean and I was so
thankful I ended up doing this because the next day it ended up being like 82
degrees and my whole family came over I would have been so embarrassed if they
would have come over and it was how like originally so I was so thankful to have
gotten this done but funny note the day after it was 82 and up only being like
50 degrees so at least we got to enjoy this beautiful back porch for one warm
day I told you with that as you can see it George did not miss a
thing I was freaking him out when I was
spraying the door with water it was scaring him you could tell he didn’t
know what was going on I could not let him out here with the water he would not
have left me alone he would have been playing in the mud so he just had to
watch from inside I let him out when I was finished cleaning it but he was
right there supervising me the entire time okay now I’m gonna start working on the
outside of the windows if you guys have seen my part 1 and part 2 I told you
guys I would be headed out here if you haven’t watched either one of those
videos yet definitely check them out after watching today’s video
but I even show you on the inside how I like open it up and clean the windows
because on that bottom part there’s a screen there so it’s really hard to
clean it unless you open it from the inside so if you want to see how I do
that go back and watch those videos but I’m just gonna be working on all the
glass and getting it nice and clean I’m so excited to have this part done too
just because the inside is nice and clean but now the outside will be so
when I look through the windows it’s just gonna be nice and crystal clear and
I’ll be able to see my beautiful clean porch now we’re slowly gonna begin to start
putting this porch back together which makes me excited because it means we’re
closer to the decorating part and I’ll share some tips and tricks with you guys
so definitely stay tuned for that right now we’re just gonna put the sectional
back in its place this is fairly easy to do they’re not too heavy at all so it’s
just easy to pick up it is like a two-person job though or at least with
me I’m sure chase could do it by himself and it’s easier for him to help me so
we’re just gonna lock those into place and then we’re gonna go ahead and bring
in the coffee table back as well originally I had it in front of this
sectional but I’m gonna put it back over here by the window I’ve had it here
before and I just like I like the location better sometimes I move it you
guys know me I rearranged this back porch just like I do the rest of my
house and then I’m gonna put these cushions here for now but they get moved
later on too shocker I know and then I’m gonna go ahead and wipe down this table
just because it was dirty as well to me putting cushions back on a
sectional is like doing a puzzle let me know if you guys feel the same way this
one is a lot easier than the one inside because it’s actually labeled like some
of them say corner so I know where those go but it’s always just like trying to
fit them in together and make sure they’re in the right spot tags do help
that was really nice on the corner pieces just to make it fit a little bit
better but I think we still put them in wrong and later you’ll see me go back
and fix it so if you see a pillow that’s messed up don’t worry I’ll fix it later now I’m gonna go ahead and vacuum the
sectional as quickly as I can as you can see flus I sped it up but I am gonna go
ahead and wash this with like Sophie hot water but before I do that I want to get
as much off of it as possible so I did use different attachments just to get as
much off in those creases and stuff it already looked better just vacuuming it
so if you don’t have time to do a deep clean at least vacuum it but this was so
Brown from George like I said I just filled up a bucket with soapy hot water
and then used an old rag and it cleaned up so well I was super happy with how it
turned out it didn’t take long at all so sometimes it’s just like getting out
there and giving it a deep clean then when we go to decorate everything looks
nice and new and pretty you definitely don’t want to go out and just put all of
your new decor on a dirty space you’ll be so thankful that you took the time
just to get it nice and clean and fresh so you’ll have to let me know it down
below in the description box have you started your spring cleaning it and if
so have you done your outside yet I know we’re all really good and focused on
cleaning the inside of our houses but it’s always so nice to get the outside
done before it gets super hot and humid I love to do it when it’s just nice and
cool as you can see I have a long sleeve on and pants but the weather was
absolutely perfect so let me know down below in the comments section have you
cleaned your outside yet okay now we’re gonna be heading on to
the best part of today’s video which is the decorating I know that’s why all you
guys are here JCPenney is just a great place to stop for all your spring
refresh needs I was so excited with everything I walked out with and I just
got some amazing sales so don’t forget they have two JCPenney home sale going
on right now until March 25th and then another tip when it comes to
decorating is sometimes you can’t find outdoor pieces that you love I shop
indoor items and yes I’ll have to bring this in if it storms or get super hot
but I love making my outside patios feel like a part of the house we don’t have a
huge home so I love just drawing those rooms out and making our home feel
larger so I will actually shop in door decor and pillows table runners get
creative and put those on the outside and it just makes your house feel so
much more grand and so much bigger and those faces will look so cozy and homey
and another reason that I like to shop indoor decor for outside sometimes the
outdoor decor is all colorful and bright and that’s fine if you love color but
you guys know I like to keep it neutral so I’ve just learned shopping the indoor
stuff then I can kind of mix and match so if I buy a piece and I don’t end up
loving it for the outdoors I can just move it inside so I try to do my
decorating like I do my capsule wardrobe is just make it where anything can go in
any space and then I can rearrange as much as I want to so here is how my back
patio turned out I absolutely love it yes there’s no color but it makes such a
statement with the pieces I’m so impressed how it turned out but now
we’re gonna head to the front of my house to the front porch this one isn’t
near as dirty first off George isn’t up there running
around when he’s muddy plus I tend to work on this one a little bit more often
just because when guests or company or friends come over I like for it to be
nice and clean but I am gonna work on it just a little bit I’m gonna get all that
dead grass off and get it nice and clean before we decorate this space causing me mad now I’m gonna grab my
vacuum and work on this rug I love having a rug out here it seems so homey
and Savannah loves to come out here and like have snacks or lunch or play with
her dolls I just love that it creates like an extra livingroom space but I
will say I feel super funny when my neighbors dry by or they’re waving at me
and I’m vacuuming at my rug and then you have to think I also have a camera
pointed at me so good thing all my neighbors know what I do for a living
but they were watching me over from their driveways so it’s always funny
when I’m filming videos like this for you guys strangers okay the next space I’m gonna
work on are these windows so on the other side of these windows is my living
room and we don’t have your traditional blinds so we actually pull those shades
up and you see the whole window so I really like for these to be clean
because there’s no like Buddha blind slats hiding dirt and so the cleaner
these are the more shiny it is and brighter in my living room so I like to
just go ahead and get them nice and clean because I keep them clean from the
inside but sometimes the outside just gets really dirty it gets really windy
here in Oklahoma so a lot of dirt will get stuck to them so I’m just gonna get
them nice and clean so when I’m looking out from the inside I can see straight
through them another tip when it comes to decorating
as a think outside the box don’t stay just in the home section walk
around and try to get creative this tabletop had gotten messed up from being
outside I could repaint it I could do contact paper but I was walking through
and found this adorable little rug and it had these cute tassels and I thought
what a cute little table runner it would be for that nightstand and that is an
old nightstand just so you know so I definitely try to get creative and use
pieces and new ways so this is a candle that I love I had an old neighbor
introduce them to me and I loved them I was so excited when I found them at
JCPenney but all you do is open them up and put a battery in it and then it has
a timer on it so I don’t have to come out here in the e means and turn it on
and off it does it all on its own but it has this a flicker and it makes it look
so real I’ll be showing you guys here and a little bit how it looks at night
so definitely stay tuned so if you want to see how it looks lit up but then I
was thinking that tray that I put on the back patio would look a beautiful up
here so that’s just what I do I rearrange until I get the spaces perfect
so I went ahead and brought it up here and I’m so happy with how it turned out
it doesn’t take many pieces just to make a space feel fresh you just need a few
new ones that’s all it took for my front porch and I’m so happy with it okay I’m sure you guys are curious what
I did with the back porch now so since I took that tray I just spaced out these
candles this is just like the one in the front but they’re shorter they had all
different sizes all different sets seriously guys I love those oli burns
show them to you inside my house here in a second you can use them anywhere
they’re great gifts so definitely look into those if you stopped by JCPenney
but I just put it out and once again that’s a table runner that I have on the
outside of my house so it’s just a finding and neat pieces and using them
in new ways but here are how the candles look lit they look so realistic
especially when you’re just like a few steps away and not right up on them such
a cool invention I seriously love those things so much okay and here are how the candles look
inside I think they’re gorgeous thanks again to JCPenney for sponsoring today’s
video don’t forget to shop them on line I’ll have the link down below in my
description box and their cell is good and now through March 25th thank you guys so much for watching
today’s video I hope you enjoyed this if you’ve been stuck inside and you have a
warm day coming up definitely head on outside to your patio porch it feels so
good to get this done and it was so good to get some vitamin D so I encourage you
to get that fresh air freshen up your porch I hope you guys have a wonderful
week and I’ll see you in the next one bye

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