Spiral Flower Originals Die by Stampin’ Up!

Our Spiral Flowers Original Die allows
you to create beautiful blossoms and 3D flower bouquets quickly and easily. Let me show you how it works. You want to
start with your Big Shot. If you don’t have a Big Shot yet, you’ll
definitely want one. This is our die cutting machine. Not only does it die cut, but it embosses
and allows you to do lots of fun paper crafting techniques. This is Spiral Flowers Die and it is
a steal ruled die. We have a wide selection of dies,
but a steal ruled die is perfect for flowers because it will
allow you to cut out multiple pieces at once. I just put one sheet of
cardstock in there but you could try up to three or four. With just one pass through the Big Shot
machine you’ll have multiple flowers. You can also try cutting out different
types of materials like felt or foam, or really anything sturdy
enough to hold the shape of a flower. This is our flower shape. We are going to start curling it at this end,
where the pedals are the smallest, and curl it towards this end, the inside, and
that is going to create the base of our flower. To get started I’m going to use a
Bone Folder and just kind of break down some of those paper fibers. This starts it curling a little
bit and it also will prevent any creases or folds. Here’s one that I have gone all the way around and just curled with my Bone Folder. Let me move this away so you can see a little bit better. Now I’m going to start curling at the at the
center of the flower and just rolling that around. Sometimes
it’s easier to grip if you start curling it around a pencil or a paintbrush. You’ll just want to
spin that flower all the way around. Here’s one that I have kind of already started. You can see that I have a tighter curl. The tighter you curl it the smaller your blossom will be. That inside circle creates the bottom or a base for your flower. You can adhere your little flower to that base with many Glue Dots or liquid adhesive or even a glue gun. Here’s one that I have glued down ahead of
time. You can see that perfect little flower.
So these blossoms work great as accents on a card or other paper crafts or they look so cute bundled together
as a little bouquet of flowers in a vase like I this.
They’re even better than the real flower because you can choose any color
you want they’ll last for ever. So visit our store today to look at all
our die cutting products and purchase the Spiral Flower Original Die today.

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