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Hi, I’m Christina Stembel and I founded Farmgirl Flowers. I knew I always wanted
to start a company, and I wanted to grow
a really big business. I started from my dining room
with one table, and now I’m in this warehouse with over 100 team members, turning out thousands
of bouquets every day. I use my Spark card for
just about everything, from flowers, to vases, to candy and goodies to professional services. I love my Spark card, and I’m not like
just making this up. I’ve been a customer since 2013. Back then, I never dreamed
that 2% cash back would grow to such
a big number. Last summer,
we were able to redeem $115,000 in cash back, which I chose to put back
into the business through digital marketing. It had tremendous results. Uh, we had 69%
year over year growth. Now, I tell everybody like get one of these cards
immediately. I’m super proud of Farmgirl because we have the best product and the best
customer experience and I expect the same from
my credit card. It feels really amazing to know that something that I created has brought so much joy
to people’s lives. What’s in your wallet?

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5 thoughts on “Spark Cash Card – Farmgirl Flowers | Capital One

  1. Saw this commercial on TV and thought that she looked familiar. After a while and catching the commercial again, I realized that she was on CNBCs the Profit! Guess she did pretty well for herself

  2. Why would a flower company "double" their marketing budget in the Summer? There are exactly ZERO flower holidays during that period.

  3. In order to earn $115,000 from 2% cash back she would have needed to spend $5,750,000 on her credit card (115,000/.02= 5,750,000) . She further claims "last SUMMER we were able to redeem $115,000." Thus indicating that she spent $5,750,000 in "LAST SUMMER." It is safe to assume what she is referring to as a summer would be equivalent to a fiscal quarter- thus one might further assume if she can do this in a quarter during the summer, she can certain pull this off during peak seasons when one buys the most flowers- such as Valentine's day or any other fiscal quarter for that matter. Furthermore, she implies she is receiving $115,000 per quarter multiplied times 4 at a $460,000 cash back rate. In order to accomplish this she would need to put $23,000,000 annually on her credit card. I do not believe this commercial one bit. Either she is misspeaking her numbers or "fudging" it to make her company appear much more successful than it actually is. Finally, she claims she had "69% percent year-over-year growth." How does a company grow EXACTLY the same 69% 2 years in a row. The odds of that are somewhat astronomical! I smell something in this commercial ad, and it sure ain't flowers…

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