(SIMPLE!) Felt Flowers Wall Hanging/Door Hanging – Cardboard Crafts – #DIY Felt Flowers Wall Decor

Hello everyone! Welcome back to S Nuraeni channel. In this video, I’m going to show, How to make felt flowers wall decor. Simple and Economical felt flowers wall hanging. Best home decor. Stay tuned… Click the SUBSCRIBE button below, then activate the notification bell. Prepare pieces of felt fabric with this size. Fold it in half. Then cut to form felt leaves. Make 6-7 pcs. Put the wire in the middle. Then give glue on it. Fold and press. Next, cut to form large felt leaves . Then cut the edges, becoming jagged. Make 6 pcs. Cut the corners. To form a circle. Here are needles and threads. Sew the edges. This is the remaining piece of felt fabric. Put it as a field. Prick with scissor so that the wire is easily inserted. Cut the corners. To form a circle like before. Cut and divide into 8 parts. Cut the corners. Like this. Give glue on it. And stick. This is a yellow crayon. Color the edges. Back and forth. Cut without break. Give glue on the bottom. Then stick it around the circle. Fold it in half. Then cut the corners. And twist. Open it and fold it in half. Sew in the middle. Give glue on the bottom of the pistil. Then make waves by slightly pulling the edges. Do the same thing as before. Pull the edges to form a waves. Give glue. And stick it between the petal before. Then cut the wire. Make 3 pcs. Here is piece of cardboard. I cut it in a circle shape. And the diameter is 9 cm. Prepare piece of dark olive felt fabric. And cut with a space of about 2 cm. Give glue. Then stick it. And cut into pieces. So it’s easy when attaching the rest. Give glue on the edges. And stick it. Prepare piece of felt fabric again. Then cut according to the circle shape. This is floral wire no. 24 Roll it into a pen/pencil or you can also use your fingers to roll it. Use one and a half floral wire for the two sides. And two floral wires for the center. Then pull the floral wire. Connect the wire. Then give glue. And attach the small felt leaves to connect the wire. Give glue on the bottom of the small felt leaves, Then stick it to the floral wire. Stick it one by one the small felt leaves. Stick the long part in the middle. And 2 other sections on the right and left. Give glue and stick the felt leaves one by one on the edge of the circle. Next, stick the felt flowers one by one. Cut the hemp rope approximately 10 cm. Give glue on the back. And stick the hemp rope. Next, Give glue the circle. And stick the circle piece. Done. Thank you for watching. See you in another tutorial… Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE~

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