Show Off Your Garden: Calling All Youtube Gardeners

Do you have a gardening channel on
YouTube? Are there any gardening channels you watch that you hope more people
would notice? To me one of the greatest joys of being a gardener is the joy of
being able to check out other people’s gardens. When I visit friends or family
who garden I invariably look at what they have growing, check out what is
working and what is not. It becomes an immediate source of
connection and fun. YouTube gardening is no exception to this and one of the joys
of a worldwide gardening community is the ability to check out what people all
over the world are doing in their own gardens. Of course sorting through the
web trying to find good videos and garden tours is not easy so I have a
solution. When I posted my garden channel reviews I was contacted by many smaller
gardening channels who wish there was a way we could let people know about them.
And now I have that solution. In addition to the content that I’m normally putting
up on my channel once a week, I will be showing off other gardens from other
YouTube channels. If you have a garden channel of any size and would like to be
featured here, please send me a video that you have prepared and edited that
gives a brief tour of your garden and discussion of your channel. Email me directly at [email protected] for more information. I reserve the right to further edit the video as I deem appropriate prior to posting but I encourage you to make the best reflection of your channel that you can. Please like this video and share it with anyone you know that has a gardening channel. Starting Tuesday August 21st, we will try to have a new garden tour every week. And if you do not yet have a YouTube channel, but thank you have an
outstanding garden that deserves to be shown off, feel free to pick up the
camera and send me your video, nonetheless. We’d love to see your garden. And
for everyone else, please remember to subscribe to this channel to see weekly
tours of other gardens, and to continue getting updates on our
garden. Let me know in the comments below. Do you like this idea? Do you check out
gardens everywhere?

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2 thoughts on “Show Off Your Garden: Calling All Youtube Gardeners

  1. I've had gardens and successful growing in Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand, Canada and Abu Dhabi (yes, a garden in the desert!) These past 12 months were exciting for me as I cleared bush from a piece of my Canadian property in an attempt to develop a hosta ranch and experiment growing a variety of hot peppers and tomatoes without breaking any of the original land. I built raised beds, developed growing mediums, germinated throughout the winter, transplanted into barrel containers and raised beds and watched everything reach for the moon. The major challenge was dealing with sunlight needs as the property is also surrounded by 50-80 foot pine and maple trees.Unfortunately, the history of these efforts and results are in digital pics only. I never expected nor probably deserve the success I've had!  I'll share a video history of next years garden for sure. (Maybe, there is an application for my Mac which would allow me to create a slideshow type video using the pics from the past 12 months? Suggestions would be appreciated.) Thanks! [email protected]

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