Sesame Street: School Pageant-Flower

[KIDS SHOUTING] GIRL: The Sesame Street Little
Theatre takes pride in presenting “A Flower Grows.” [CHEERING] GIRL: Oh, welcome dear viewer,
to our little play. We’re ever so glad that
you joined us today. And now it is time for
our drama to start. Whoops. For here comes a young man
who calls himself Bart. ERNIE: No, actually,
I’m Ernie. You know, I’m not Bart at all. But in this play, I’m pretending
to be Bart– GIRL: Ernie, what
are you doing? ERNIE: Because that was the
way it was written when– GIRL: Shhh! ERNIE: Hm? GIRL: Just do your lines. ERNIE: Oh, oh! Oh, look, look, dear viewers,
at what I have got. It’s right over here, a
great big flower pot. See? [GIGGLES] With hard work and labor and
good honest toil, I have filled this pot up with
some lovely rich soil. To grow a nice flower, here’s
what just you need– uh, what you just need. GIRL: Go ahead, Ernie. ERNIE: OK. A pot and some soil and
a small flower seed. [GIGGLES] How’s that? GIRL: Ernie, you forgot to
plant the flower seed. ERNIE: Oh, oh yes. OK, here. Here we go. Thank you. GIRL: The seed’s in
the ground, but our story’s not done. For to grow a nice flower,
you also need sun. HERRY: I am the sun, and
I shine in the sky. I’m warm like a fire and
round like a pie. I shine on the little seed
planted right here. The warmth will soon cause
a nice plant to show up. Uh, I– I mean, appear. GIRL: Very nice, Herry. HERRY: Oh, thanks. Oooh! [THUD] [CRASH] HERRY: Sorry. GIRL: [SIGH] The seed has some soil and some
warmth from the sun, but still its dear life has
just barely begun. For a flower needs water,
like you and like I, and look what I see. It’s a cloud in the sky. Hm. And look what I see! It’s a cloud in the sky! ERNIE: Go on, Cookie. That’s your cue. COOKIE MONSTER: No, no, Ernie. No. ERNIE: Go on. Get out there. GIRL: Where is he? COOKIE MONSTER: Me scared. GIRL: Cookie, say your lines. COOKIE MONSTER: Ahem-hem. I am the rain cloud. I bring the nice rain to
water the plants on the mountains and plain. Oh, gently, so gently, the
spring showers flow, and tenderly nourish the
flowers below. [SPLASH] COOKIE MONSTER: Ernie,
me do it! ERNIE: Wonderful, Cookie! COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, me do it. GIRL: Maestro. Soil, sun, and water is all that
we need, so now see the flower that grows
from the seed. ERNIE: Wow, look at that. Wow. COOKIE MONSTER: Gee. BERT: Ahem-hem. I am the flower, and I want you
to know how thankful I am that you helped me to grow. I once was a seed planted deep
in a pot, but with sunshine and rain, I grew up a lot. I sprouted these petals, so
fragrant and gay, to gladden your hearts. And thus ends our play. ERNIE: Oh, neat, Bert. You really did a good job. What a lovely costume that is. BERT: Yeah, I feel
like a fool. ERNIE: Hey, did you make–
what did you make those leaves out of? BERT: Out of lettuce leaves
or something. COOKIE MONSTER: Lettuce! Oh, boy! Hey, Herry, lettuce leaves! Oh, delicious, try ’em! BERT: Hey, leave me
alone, you guys. GIRL: Guys! COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, petals
are nice, too. Delicious. GIRL: Oh, brother. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, delicious. HERRY: Yum, yum. GIRL: And so my dear viewer,
our playlet is through. I hope you had fun and you
learned something, too. BERT: Hey, come on, you guys. Hey, come on! [CHEERING]

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74 thoughts on “Sesame Street: School Pageant-Flower

  1. I have such wonderful, vivid memories of this – and I couldn't have been older than five. Thank you so much for posting. 🙂

  2. This reminds me of the Christmas pageant one where they grew Bert into a Christmas tree. Actually, that's what I think I thought this was. Oops! Wonderful, all the same.

  3. lol Prarie is Sesame Street's equivalent of Kermit's role on the Muppet show …she has to manage the stage and rein in the madness. and ernie is like the fozzie bear…

    i love cookie's gravitas …. prarie is so tiney,,,, i fear for her safety.

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  5. @causeiuhgotta: She's still around. Most recently, she was in skits with her rival and good friend, Cookie Monster.

  6. @KEATON459 Not at all, she was mine too. My wife is pregnant and if the child is a girl her name will be Prairie with her first middle name Dawn

  7. very cool! It seems that I bit of this was improvised, which is cool actually! Makes them seem even more realistic, And I miss Prairie Dawn and Harry!

  8. I wonder if some of that was improvised. It sounded like it. 🙂 I really like it though, so it's fine.

  9. I wonder if some of this was improve, like Dawn messing up and saying "oops", Ernie messing up his lines. and Harry running into the flag at the end of this part. 🙂 Still and awesome lesson!

  10. Never cared for 4:51 onward, as Cookie and Herry start attacking Bert, once they  find out Bert's costume actually has FOOD on it(the lettuce for the leaves, of course.)Also, back in the days, when "gay"could still be used to mean "happy,"or "cheerful". I think this is from 1974, at any rate, it is from the 1970s, saw it many a time, as well as the make a face pageant. And you can just TELL, that Bert does not like his part AT ALL,the way he claims he "feels like a fool," even after Ernie tells him he did a good job.

  11. I'm pretty sure this is from Season 6(1974-1975), I definitely remember seeing it then, at age five and in kindergarten.

  12. Again Cookie steals the show with his campy raincloud performance and dramatic theatricality of furry gesture. I actually burst out laughing at the rain outfit!

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