See the Good: Follow the Flower

what I think is incredible about what
we’re doing here is that we’re showing the world back it’s just another crop
it’s just another plant and we’re doing it in a way that’s sustainable we know that consumers are gonna want to
have choice right now the market is asking for high THC products and we have
a lot of really great high THC strains growing on the farm we also have a lot
of very balanced strains so some two-to-one CBD to THCs and three to
ones just to be able to give that variety we really believe that cannabis can be
recreational it can be medicinal but it’s always therapeutic so it’s always
gonna help you live your life in a little bit of a better way I’m really excited
to share with everybody as you can see in the background it’s
raining today which is good what we did was we went and talked to a lot of ACMPR farmers that are currently growing within southern Ontario and we use that
resource to help us pick cultivar strains that would grow well on our land
we’re looking for certain characteristics resiliency to the
weather and insect and pest resistance and we’ve picked good cultivars for us
to grow here we’re seeing a lot of pre flower starting on our plants right now
which is a very encouraging sign we expect to see them in full flower in
another couple weeks or so we are the only licensed producer as far as I know
growing an outdoor Sun grown cannabis for the dried flower market I feel like
we’ve come a really far way in terms of busting stigma allowing more people to
get access to cannabis and showing them what’s possible

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