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52 thoughts on “Second explosion at TPC chemical plant in Port Neches

  1. If it hits the right chemical this could be a small nuclear bomb. This could go VERY wrong!! Mother natures takin her revenge lol

  2. Fake News is at it's best! The black smoke in the background is not moving, so it's just a static picture. These people are worst than vomit!

  3. This is REAL and I know because I live in port neches and the refinery is 3 minutes away from my house the windows literally shattered in my backyard and there wasn’t just 1 explosion there was 2 the first one happened at like 1am and the second one at 3pm it was definitely traumatizing they were telling everyone to evacuate it was terrible

  4. Terrible accident and lucky the workers are all fine. Looking at the smoke plume, where's all this mambo jambo about carbon credits..??

  5. This is what happens when a government makes itself the whore of industry and fills its pockets with money from lobbyists, instead of governing and enacting effective laws for the good of the people and monitoring these laws.

  6. Another one in Texas?! Either Florida or Texas. Deregulation works, people. We will see the report on this on the USCSB channel and will know the lack of safety procedures (due to profits, expendability, etc.) was the cause of this accident
    A middle and high school nearby this plant? Really?!

  7. Did you see the size of that piece?! That was at least 50 ft of tower/smokestack. Damn. Too bad they didnt have a wider view.

  8. The Golden Triangle……They need that Land to store their Tar Sand from Canada…. Therefore they need that Land 1st they tried to flood you all out..Now they trying to blow y'all out..JADE Helm 15 experiment is still active! Ijs

  9. I was there, dropped my pants and ripped a huge fart after eating several large cans of beans. Now, boys and girls, you know the REAL cause of the explosion.

  10. I was actually In portnaches when the first explosion happened! I was at my cousins house and the whole house shook! A window broke and some of the roof came down

  11. If there is an explosion. Wouldn’t you have an S.O.P. in place to prevent a second explosion. Nothing seems to be going right for this country lately. Not to mention the rest of the world.

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