Scarifying a lawn

What about you! Robbie from Premier Lawns, the
lawn care company based in Belfast Northern Ireland We’re just doing a real quick scarifying
job today so stick around We have done our double scarify, but more came out the second pass. There wasn’t too much in this lawn.This is more just a maintenance scarify. We do it once a year to keep the thatch and the moss at a
good level, not too much. So, let’s get the blower out and start into this material. So you can see , good pile out, wee bit more than I expected to come out of the lawn. This’ll just keep the moss and the thatch down to a minimum.
Keep the lawn in really good order and help it breathe,
so as whenever we get a lot of rain here at Northern Ireland, in Belfast that
moss intact isn’t sealing the surface. If you enjoyed this video if you could
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15 thoughts on “Scarifying a lawn

  1. Hey Robbie. Great video as usual! I had a new lawn seeded 3 weeks so still a while before it will be ready for the first cut. For rear roller mowers I was just wondering if you had any recommendations? I was thinking about the MOUNTFIELD SP425R as it has a Honda engine and fits in my budget of 500. Also what treatments would you recommend in the first season of the new lawn. I was thinking about the seaweed that I asked you about in a previous video and maybe something else as well. Iโ€™m led to believe I have to be careful Iโ€™m the first season with what I apply to new grass.

  2. Hi Robbie, lawn really needs a good scarifying, I've put weed killer down and it's doing a good job, can I scarify with the dead weeds in the lawn? Or do they need removing first? Loving the channel ๐Ÿ‘

  3. Hi Robbie I do love your videos.i am new to the game and I was wondering what moss killer you use because if I put moss killer on after scarily it leaves black I doing something wrong

  4. Good one mate.. that will help the old green stuff out.. hooray your doing good mate and keeping safe.. all the best from the other side of the water

  5. I just moved house, see moss patches out the back so done the weed feed and moss killer and will rake out the big black clumps of dead moss to see what grass is left. Do you have set dates in mind for the autumn scarification, as I want to do mine say a week into the period so I can get new seed down

  6. Hi Robbie, you recommend a maintenance scarification annually. But what would you say to aeration? How often and what time of the year? Thanks

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