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11 thoughts on “SAQ: Mayor Nirenberg answer your questions about ‘Stay Home, Work Safe’ orders

  1. Construction??? So the rich still need their endeavors built. VOTE NIRENBERG OUT OF OFFICE✊ VOTE NELSON WOLFF OUT OF OFFICE🙇‍♂️🙇‍♀️ VOTE ABBOTT OUT OF OFFICE✊

  2. Great order 👍 awesome! Thank you Mayor Nirenberg!😊. People may not like it but it's for everyones saftey

  3. Awesome mayor!! Great job! No one's life should be sacrificed! Hope everything will get back to normal soon!

  4. Lesson learned from Italy and New York! Although we sacrifice the economy temporarily, but we will beat the virus faster than other places so the economy in San Antonio won't suffer in the long run. Support our mayor!!

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